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Gozadera web


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Gozadera web

  1. 1. Popular games and “Gozadera” FestivalNew ways to teach and learn across the game
  2. 2. Context. In a region called "Valle del Cauca" in Colombia, there is a special community,from another coastal area, located in a place called "Rio Nima". Most of the population arechildren, and although they have access to school, children have developed many populargames to promote education among them and their families and neighbors.
  3. 3. The project. A group of activities to teach the popular games in a dynamic that involvesthe entire population in their own homes, including adaptation of the games according tocertain cultural features of the community. At first the adults teach children, and thenchange roles to get the festival called "gozadera popular games," promoting the binding ofthis region to another as part of the township, but no socializing between them.
  4. 4. Design role. promote service to the community to unite around the games, and then the projectcan develop autonomously. Providing options to form links between those involved.