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Mobile Apps for Hospitals and Healthcare


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Axial Mobile is a branded application for hospitals and health systems. Axial Mobile supports both iOS and Android and can be customized to fit the distinct needs of hospitals and health organizations. Designed with input from physicians at the Mayo Clinic, Axial Mobile is the leading mobile solution on the market today.

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Mobile Apps for Hospitals and Healthcare

  1. 1. Branded mobile apps forhospitals and healthcareinstitutions 2
  2. 2. Health system information at a patient’s fingertips It is easy to get lost in hospitals. Floor plans, Many hospital maps, and directions help encounters involve new patients find their way diagnoses and related around. tests. Patients need a convenient and trusted means of understanding what it all means. Diabetes Patients need the ability The future of healthcare to reach out to their involves greater patient Obesity providers. With click- involvement in their to-call functionality, care. Patients need a Heart Disease patients have access to means to track such the health system staff items as cholesterol via their phone. levels, glucose, weight, etc.
  3. 3. Current Product Features Way Finding for all Locations Locate particular buildings and floors. Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  4. 4. Current Product Features Click-to-Call by Department and Specialty Access physician directory ranging from specialists to geo-locating a medical facility or clinic. Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  5. 5. Current Product Features Research Conditions with a Full Medical Library and First Aid Info Complete a-Z health information provided by Mayo Clinic ranging from diseases, health tips, first aid, tests and procedures. Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  6. 6. Current Product Features Track Personal Health through a Suite of Health Trackers Health trackers that focus on the most common ailments ranging from weight management to monitoring intake of meds. Synched and saved information. Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  7. 7. Current Product Features myWeight Track weight with ease. See statistics and graphs of your progress. Easily share to your medical provider. Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  8. 8. Current Product Features myPressure Track blood pressure with ease. See statistics and graphs of your progress. Easily share to your medical provider. Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  9. 9. Current Product Features myGlucose Track glucose levels with ease. See statistics and graphs of your progress. Easily share to your medical provider. Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  10. 10. Current Product Features myPills Track med intake for multiple people, reminders and notifications so you dont miss an intake, and easily share med history to medical provider. Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  11. 11. Current Product Features myMigraine Track migraines by location, triggers, symptoms, and run reports based on outcomes. Share them in email with others. Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  12. 12. Easy to use back-end system - Dynamic management system for app to make changes on the fly to all platforms with one click Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  13. 13. Easy to use back-end system - Add branding elements on the fly - Change app color on in real-time - Can make changes to app without resubmitting to app stores Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  14. 14. Easy to use back-end system - Add way-finding objects like building photos and maps Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  15. 15. Easy to use back-end system - Editing and add departments and physicians into directory Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  16. 16. Easy to use back-end system - Editing and add locations to be placed on map. Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  17. 17. Easy to use back-end system - Editing and add content feeds for news and information Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  18. 18. Easy to use back-end system - Geo metrics for usage numbers and by device Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease
  19. 19. More than 50% of Americans own smartphonesU.S. Adoption Smartphone Rate: 75% Diabetes Cancer Obesity Depression 50% Heart Disease Hypertension 25% Q1 2010 Q1 2011 90% Q1 2012 Q1 2013 Feature Phone Smartphone Source: Nielson
  20. 20. Apps = 80% of mobile use Time Spent Between App and Mobile Browser: 2009 2012 20% Browser 36% App 80% App 64% Browser App BrowserSource: comScore
  21. 21. Patient Demand is Here86% of patients like the idea of remote health careservices61% of them indicated they would like it delivered viamobile deviceSource: PricewaterhouseCoopers - 2011
  22. 22. MDs are ahead of the curve Own Smartphone Own Tablet Don’t Own Smartphone Don’t Own Tablet 23% 45% 55% 77% 21% intend to purchase smartphone in 33% intend to purchase tablet in 6 months 6 monthsSource: MedData Group
  23. 23. Health apps on 1 of 3 phones by 2015 Diabetes Obesity Heart DiseaseSource: Neilson - December 2011
  24. 24. Why Axial?• Mobile Experience:The technical team that designed Axial Mobile has produced mobile apps for over 300 enterprisecustomers.• Health Care Expertise:Axial specializes in healthcare solutions for health systems. Our platform gives you expansion options.Axial also has a strategic relationship with the Mayo Clinic for oversight of our clinical content andapproach.• Ongoing Support & Updates:A subscription to Axial Mobile means that you will not have to worry about how you are going tosupport new releases of Apple iOS and Android. We take care of all of that for you. Also included inyour subscription are new features and functionality. This means that your users will always have aworld-class mobile experience.
  25. 25. Meet Our ManagementTeam
  26. 26. Meet Our ManagementTeam Former Director of Former Red Hat COO Product Management at EVP Red Hat Health Care Red Hat Former CIO Previously with MIT idealab! and CitySearch UBS Investment Banking IT MBA from Harvard 30 years experience Business School. growing companies using Matt MattoxJoanne Rohde disruptive business VP ProductsCEO & Founder models. Leadership at Nortel Former EVP UBS Networks, Fujitsu & Investment Bank, VP, Sumitomo. Equity Capital Markets, Start-up experience DLJ Securities Aegis, Videoserver MBA – Wharton School Leadership in standards 20+ years experience in bodies, ATM Forum, Corporate Finance and DAVIC, DSL Forum and OperationsMark Ragusa the IEEE John CaseyVP Business VP Ops & FinanceDevelopment
  27. 27. Blue Chip Financial Backing + Medical ExpertiseCanaan  Partners:-­‐  Founded  1987-­‐  $3.5  billion  under  management  -­‐  Offices  in  California,  Connec1cut,  India,  and  IsraelDr.  Stephen  Bloch:-­‐  Canaan  partner  suppor<ng  Axial  Exchange,  Inc.-­‐  Former  CEO  of  Radiology  Management  Sciences-­‐  Trained  as  an  Internist  at  Lenox  Hill  -­‐  Cornell  Medical  School-­‐  Trained  as  a  Radiologist  at  MGH  -­‐  Harvard  Medical  School Stephen  Bloch,  MD Canaan  Partners
  28. 28. Clinical Advisors from theMayo Clinic Dr. Nathan Jacobson Dr. Paul Takahashi Assistant Professor of Family Medicine Associate Professor of Medicine Mayo Graduate School of Medicine Mayo Graduate School of Medicine Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN Rochester, MN
  29. 29. Thank  you  for  your  :me  and  considera:on  Please  visit  our  website: For  addi:onal  ques:ons  or  to  setup  a  call Donald  Pierce Sales  Vice  President   Phone:  919.576.9988 Email: