Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement

The undersigned (quot;Recipientquot;) hereby agrees that all financial and o...

                                  Contact Information:

                                 Jesse R. Litc...
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary                                      1
    Business Opportunity
    Promotional Plan

7. Operating Plan                           22
THE WING FANATIC                                                                                 1

1. Executive Summary
THE WING FANATIC                                                                              2

     floor plan, furnish...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                                   3

  1.3 Current Busin...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                                4

2. Company Background
THE WING FANATIC             5

     Litchfield Family 20%
     Pagonis Family 20%
     Plaza Family    20%
THE WING FANATIC                                                                               6

3. Products
  The Wing ...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                                 8

  3.2 Competitive A...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                               9

     for The Wing Fanat...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                               10

4. Services
  The Wing...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                               11

  4.1 Service Descript...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                              12

5. The Industry, Compet...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                              13

  5.4 Customer Profil...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                              14

6. Marketing Plan
THE WING FANATIC                                                                                15

     This strategy wi...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                                16

     (Buffalo), Spicy...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                               17

     quot;There's som...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                              18

     quot;We were in h...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                               19

     Restaurant Revie...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                              20

     boasts. He has don...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                             21

  6.4 Feedback
THE WING FANATIC                                                                            22

7. Operating Plan
  The W...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                              23

  7.3 Operating Equip...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                          24

     regulations as they pe...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                              25

8. Management, Organiza...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                           26

  8.4 Ownership and Boards...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                                 27

9. Goals and Strateg...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                                 28

  Liability Reviews...
THE WING FANATIC                                                                           29

10. Financial Assumptions
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Wing Fanatic Bp

  1. 1. Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement The undersigned (quot;Recipientquot;) hereby agrees that all financial and other information (quot;Informationquot;) that it has and will receive concerning THE WING FANATIC is confidential and will not be disclosed to any individual or entity without prior written consent. The Information shall remain the property of THE WING FANATIC and shall be returned to THE WING FANATIC promptly at its request together with all copies made thereof. Recipient acknowledges that no remedy of law may be adequate to compensate THE WING FANATIC for a violation of this Agreement and Recipient hereby agrees that in addition to any legal or other rights that may be available in the event of a breach hereunder, THE WING FANATIC may seek equitable relief to enforce this Agreement in any Court of competent jurisdiction. _______________ ________________________________ Date Signature This is a business plan and does not imply an offering of securities.
  2. 2. THE WING FANATIC Contact Information: Jesse R. Litchfield, President The Wing Fanatic Sports Theatre & Grill The Locker Room LLC 7373 Comfort Inn Drive Warrenton, Va 20187 (540) 703-296-3932 Jessica Pagonis, Vice President The Wing Fanatic Sports Theatre & Grill The Locker Room LLC 7373 Comfort Inn Drive Warrenton, Va 20187 (703) 499-5820 This document contains confidential information. It is disclosed to you for informational purposes only. Its contents shall remain the property of THE WING FANATIC and shall be returned to THE WING FANATIC when requested. This is a business plan and does not imply an offering of securities.
  3. 3. Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 1 Business Opportunity Product/Service Description Current Business Position Financial Potential The Request 2. Company Background 4 Business Description Company History Current Position and Business Objectives Ownership 3. Products 6 Product Overview Competitive Analysis Suppliers and Inventory Research and Development 4. Services 10 Service Descriptions Competitive Comparison Service Delivery Research and Development 5. The Industry, Competition and Market 12 Industry Definition Primary Competitors Market Size Customer Profile 6. Marketing Plan 14 Competitive Advantage
  4. 4. Pricing Promotional Plan Feedback 7. Operating Plan 22 Location Facility Operating Equipment Suppliers and Vendors Personnel Plan General Operations 8. Management, Organization and Ownership 25 Management/Principals Organizational Structure Professional Consultants Ownership and Boards 9. Goals and Strategies 27 Business Goals Keys to Success Future Plans 10. Financial Assumptions 29
  5. 5. THE WING FANATIC 1 1. Executive Summary Locally owned and operated, The Wing Fanatic Sports Theatre and Grill was founded on the love of three things: wings, sports and fun. The Wing Fanatic is an existing restaurant located in Warrenton, VA. The purpose of this business plan is to support its request to reestablish tenancy. Along with this plan we will supply our supporting financial review. The Wing Fanatic is a viable company and with strategic changes and renewed partnerships, we feel that we can move towards a successful future. 1.1 Business Opportunity The Wing Fanatic offers a unique concept by incorporating casual dining with a fun atmosphere for all ages. The restaurant is equipped with 42 plasma TV's showing the latest sporting event, NTN Trivia, board games, table side video games and a private game room with some of the latest interactive video games. 1.2 Product/Service Description The Wing Fanatic is only wing restaurant in the Warrenton area and was voted Best Wings for 2008 by Warrenton Lifestyles Magazine. The unique sports theme brings expectations of an upbeat, cozy and family friendly atmosphere. The Wing Fanatic's
  6. 6. THE WING FANATIC 2 floor plan, furnishings and TV's have been designed to ensure these expectations are met. Our restaurant’s main specialty is wings. The wings are fresh and jumbo size and our menu offers 26 sauces that are truly mouth watering. The sauces range from the traditional mild, medium, hot to unique blends such as, Teriyaki and Jamaican Jerk. In the future, we plan on bottling our secret recipe sauces and selling them. In addition to our great selection of food, we offer our customers an opportunity to enjoy some competitive fun via trivia, board games, video and arcade games. Each table in the restaurant has access to trivia and some tables have Playstation available. The private game room has a pool table and larger interactive games, such as Pop-a-Shot, Air Hockey and Golden Tee. The Wing Fanatic is located right outside the town of Warrenton. The area is in a prime location for businesses and car dealerships. The U.S. Post Office is scheduled to move in next door in 2009. Below is a picture of the interior:
  7. 7. THE WING FANATIC 3 1.3 Current Business Position The Wing Fanatic is still in the start-up phase. Its principal stockholders in the company are Mr. Jesse Litchfield, Mrs. Jessica Pagonis and Teresa Plaza. Additional managers include Mr. George Pagonis, Director of Operations, and Mr. Sam Ata, the Head Chef and Food and Beverage Director. The business has positioned itself around experienced and knowledgeable personnel. 1.4 Financial Potential The Wing Fanatic continues to assemble great marketing plans to assist in increasing sales. The Wing Fanatic has not been immune to the effects of the economy but it has been able to maintain strong sales. The restaurant has been averaging $26,000-$27,000 a week. Research conducted with other similar established restaurants in the area are averaging the same if not less. As the economy pulls through we anticipate our sales will increase significantly. 1.5 The Request Although we have seen steady sales in this weak economy, the restaurant industry is highly competitive and it is often difficult for a new restaurant to survive. We want to position The Wing Fanatic to be able to ride out the murky waters of the struggling economy so that the ultimate goals of expanding and franchising can be reached. Based on financial projections, The Wing Fanatic requires cost cuts to fiscally be in a better position. Therefore, we are seeking investors to invest or a partner(s) to take an equity position in the company. For investors, depending on the amount and repayment terms, we can offer interest in the range of 10-15%.
  8. 8. THE WING FANATIC 4 2. Company Background Jesse and George have extensive experience in restaurants and have numerous years of successful management experience. This combination of experiences gives The Wing Fanatic the right formula for success in the restaurant industry. 2.1 Business Description The Wing Fanatic is owned and operated by The Locker Room LLC, a Virginia limited liability corporation . Specifics of the corporation can be found in the operating agreement, a copy of which can be obtained, if requested. 2.2 Company History The Wing Fanatic is an inexpensive, casual-theme style restaurant serving an array of American dishes. The service style of the restaurant is table service featuring a professional wait staff. The restaurant should be perceived as a quick service establishment appealing to adults, families, business clientele, college students and multiple demographic segments. The average length of the dining experience at lunch is typically 30 minutes and 1 hour for dinner. The menu, service style and ambiance of The Wing Fanatic has been created to appeal primarily to the carefree and traditional diners, while also appealing heavily to adventurous diners as well. Our concept attracts all levels of income diners with a predominance blend of single and family households. 2.3 Current Position and Business Objectives Our company is dedicated to its customers, employees and owners. This commitment is reflected in The Wing Fanatic mission statement, which is as follows: quot;To build a lifelong relationship with raving customers, team members, and stockholders.quot; The reason for our request was our inability to consolidate debt in time, inability to absorb high start-up costs due to declining market over the summer, and unexpected equipment replacement costs. 2.4 Ownership The Wing Fanatic is owned by three principals: Mr. Jesse Litchfield, Mrs. Jessica Pagonis and Mrs. Teresa Plaza. The Wing Fanatic in agreement with all Officers of The Locker Room, LLC will be willing to give a 40% offering in the company.
  9. 9. THE WING FANATIC 5 Litchfield Family 20% Pagonis Family 20% Plaza Family 20% Investor 40%
  10. 10. THE WING FANATIC 6 3. Products The Wing Fanatic offers a complete sit-down dining experience for those persons desiring a relaxing and enjoyable meal. In addition, The Wing Fanatic offers those persons desiring a quot;quick bitequot; or any after work drink in a comfortable and vibrant setting. The Wing Fanatic maintains $15,000 of inventory and consumables at all times to meet customer demands. The principals of The Wing Fanatic expect customers to be drawn to the concept immediately. Consumers are always quot;hungryquot; to try what is new. This gives us a tremendous opportunity to capture market share. The general public will be able to either stop in for lunch, a quick beverage after work or bring the family for an amazing dining experience. 3.1 Product Overview The Wing Fanatic offers a menu mix to satisfy every customer. Below is a copy of The Wing Fanatic's menu:
  11. 11. THE WING FANATIC 7
  12. 12. THE WING FANATIC 8 3.2 Competitive Analysis Currently, there are no wing or sports themed restaurants anywhere in Warrenton. The Wing Fanatic is the only full service restaurant capable of hosting private parties of 50 or more. We have multiple holiday parties and year end team parties on the books for the month of December and January already. 3.3 Suppliers and Inventory All food, liquor and supplies inventory are obtained from local suppliers. The Wing Fanatic maintains an average of $15,000 inventory on-hand at all times. Based on industry information and the menu mix, this amount provides the necessary quot;cushionquot; to meet customer demand. Inventory shall consist of food, liquor and supplies. Below are the suppliers information
  13. 13. THE WING FANATIC 9 for The Wing Fanatic: Performance Food Group (PFG) - a local supplier of quality assured foods Pepsi - a local supplier of non-alcoholic beverages J.W. Sieg - supplier of Anheuser Busch products Fredricksburg Distributing Company (FDC) - supplier of Coors Light products Premium - supplier of Miller Lite products Premium - a local supplier of wine VA ABC - local supplier of liqueur Virginia Linen - supplier of clean linens Coastal Produce - supplier of fresh produce Dade Paper - a regional supplier paper products Periodically, The Wing Fanatic shall compare prices and re-negotiate contracts to ensure it is receiving the best pricing possible. 3.4 Research and Development The Wing Fanatic principals and management team will be constantly evaluating new menu ideas, wing recipes and promotional ideas. This information will be gathered from foodshows, site visits and from monitoring the pulse of the restaurant industry.
  14. 14. THE WING FANATIC 10 4. Services The Wing Fanatic is an 8000 square foot venue that appeals to the sports enthusiast but it is also a fun establishment for families. The restaurant hosts 42 plasma TVs scattered throughout the building, a game room equipped with 1 pool table and arcade games and a private dining area that seats 40-50 people. We are one of the few restaurants in the Warrenton area that has a large private dining room and since opening in 2008 we have booked parties from rehearsal dinners, private meetings to High School Reunions. Currently, we are averaging 8-12 parties a month for 25-50 people each. These parties help increase our exposure to new people, both inside and outside of the area. The Wing Fanatic has also increased it's exposure to families by actively marketing to the younger generation of athletes in the area. We currently host Liberty High Schools Coaches's Corner every Tuesday night. We have reached out to the local schools to market our honor roll program with the athletes that excel in their academics as well as on the field. We've approached local schools with fundraising programs that are being considered and we had a very successful quot;Coach of the Yearquot; program with the local sports leagues over the summer. Within the community, The Wing Fanatic has also established itself as a fun, safe place to hang out. The Wing Fanatic won two Warrenton awards in 2008, The Best Place to Watch Sports and Best Wings We have several patrons that come on a regular basis to watch sports and simply relax.
  15. 15. THE WING FANATIC 11 4.1 Service Descriptions The Wing Fanatic's service is presented in a manner like no wing restaurant in the area. In addition to it's superb food, friendly service and fun atmosphere, The Wing Fanatic specializes in family gatherings. The Wing Fanatic is becoming known in Warrenton as the place to go on your birthday, for team parties, business meeting, special event or other social gathering. Every customer who comes in on their birthday receives a FREE dessert of their choice. 4.2 Competitive Comparison The Wing Fanatic competes with numerous other restaurants for customers. Many of these competitors are corporate or fast food whom provide similar services. However, The Wing Fanatic believes that its reputation for quality service, and its long-established relationships with our regulars, will allow it to maintain and expand its current level of sales despite the increasingly competitive environment. 4.3 Service Delivery The Wing Fanatic has approximately 141 seats in the dining room and another 28 seats at the bar. Additionally, The Wing Fanatic has banquet facilities to seat 40-50 guests for private functions. Other service we offer is catering, we intend to see if delivery service will be cost affective for us. 4.4 Research and Development The public relations department is handled by Vanessa Litchfield and she is responsible for identifying community organizations such as churches, sports teams and other clubs located in the market. The Wing Fanatic has an active role in the promotion of these organizations through participation, donations and sponsorship. Representatives of The Wing Fanatic is available from time to time to take active leadership roles when feasible
  16. 16. THE WING FANATIC 12 5. The Industry, Competition and Market 5.1 Industry Definition The restaurant industry is expected to enjoy its 17th consecutive year of growth in 2008 with an anticipated 4.4 percent increase in sales to reach $558 billion, according to the 2008 Industry Forecast released by the National Restaurant Association (NRA). Full-service restaurant sales are projected to grow 4.3 percent to end 2008 at $187.4 billion. On-premise dining has not been severely affected by gasoline price fluctuations because of ongoing household income growth, according to Hudson Riele, NRA senior vice president of research and information services. Real disposable income is on the rise, which is an important indicator of restaurant growth because consumers have more cash on hand and are looking to spend it in restaurants, Wings restaurants soar despite economy Associated Press updated 5:04 p.m. ET, Sun., Aug. 3, 2008 o 5.2 Primary Competitors Listed below are The Wing Fanatic main competitors: 1. Molly's Irish Pub 2. Applebees 3. Outback Steakhouse 4. McMahons Irish Restaurant 5. Ruby Tuesdays 6. Grandpa Groovies 7. Fosters Grille We are the only wing restaurant in Warrenton, featured around sports. 5.3 Market Size
  17. 17. THE WING FANATIC 13 5.4 Customer Profile The target market during lunch and the early dinner hours encompasses a wide range of customers, including families. Although all customers 21 years of age and older will be welcome, it is anticipated that after 10 pm, the customer base will primarily be more of a 30 to 45 year-old crowd. However, we have seen and continue to expect that families will dominate the evenings .
  18. 18. THE WING FANATIC 14 6. Marketing Plan Below are the Four P's of The Wing Fanatic's marketing plan: 1. Product (Great food, Great Drinks, Great Time ) - American foods and drinks, including a wide range of options and tastes. 2. Price ($6.00 to $15.00) - Affordable menu and bar items to suit any budget. 3. Place (The Wing Fanatic, Warrenton, VA) - A unique sports theme restaurant that's upbeat, cozy, and friendly. Located in a thriving Fauquier County with an excellent atmosphere for starting and growing a business. 4. Promotion (Newspapers, local publications, schools, etc.) - A host of different marketing mediums will be used to reach potential Warrenton customers. In house marketing will be heavily promoted at The Wing Fanatic. Management will constantly find methods to promote the restaurant to our guests on a daily basis. Our staff will be trained for and encouraged to promote suggestive selling techniques. Upselling to our customers will be emphasized. 6.1 Competitive Advantage The competitive advantage of The Wing Fanatic is its atmosphere and our unique concept. No other restaurant or bar in Warrenton will be able to match our layout, fixtures, service, menu, or prices. The success of The Wing Fanatic will be achieved by serving great food, providing friendly service and employing an aggressive marketing plan to build customer traffic. Today’s market requires more than just good food and service to make a restaurant successful. At The Wing Fanatic we will constantly strive to enthusiastically win more customers by being proactive rather than reactive in our marketing efforts. The following exemplifies one of the tactics we will use to drive more sales. Email Campaign We anticipate capitalizing on our customer database by instituting an effective e-mail marketing strategy. We will give our customer the option to receive e-mail communications from our restaurant. Customer’s privacy will be protected and we will not e-mail our customers without their permission. Our e-mail marketing strategy will include an awareness not to inundate our guests with e-mail. Promotional content will be developed with the goal of enticement versus quantity.
  19. 19. THE WING FANATIC 15 This strategy will include promotions such as; sending a birthday card to our guests; sending anniversary invitations with R.S.V.P.; monthly coupons; monthly or quarterly newsletter; catering promotions; etc. The program should incorporate tools to measure effectiveness and customer satisfaction. 6.2 Pricing The Wing Fanatic's pricing strategy is simple. Offer great food and drinks at reasonable prices. Since there are no direct competitors, we have the flexibility to set prices without comparison. However, the Warrenton market will only support a moderate price point. Both food and liquor costs average 30 percent. As pricing fluctuations exist with suppliers, menu prices may be slightly modified; however, as a general rule, menu prices will be reviewed quarterly. 6.3 Promotional Plan The Wing Fanatic will reach potential customers via the following marketing channels: 1. Newspapers - Advertisements will be placed in the Fauquier Times Democrat. These advertisements will be used to create awareness of the restaurant and generate excitement for bar promotions and events. 2. Local Publications - The Clipper Magazine and Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine will be used to communicate The Wing Fanatic's name and atmosphere. 3. Press releases - Press releases will be mailed to area publications and businesses to announce the re-opening, and on an on-going basis to promote new menu items, bar promotions, and special events. The Wing Fanatic will continue to sponsor the FBR Little League baseball teams and will hold quot;Family Night Wednesdays,quot; where a % of the sales go back to the team. Below is a recent article written about The Wing Fanatic, by The News And Messenger, a paper distributed to the Manassas/Gainesville area: Warrenton restaurant reopens with wings Mark F. Sypher/For The News And Messenger Warrenton’s Wing Fanatic Restaurant currently offers 26 different kinds of sauces to accompany your chicken wings. Some popular favorites include, from left, Mild and Hot
  20. 20. THE WING FANATIC 16 (Buffalo), Spicy Bleu Cheese, Garlic Pepper Parmesean, Spicy Ranch, Sweet and Tangy Mild and the Jamaican Jerk. By Josh Eiserike Published: November 26, 2008 Want to try the Code Red wings at The Wing Fanatic? You'll have to sign a waiver in order to test your palate against the spiciest wings on the menu. Seriously—the owners of the Warrenton-based family restaurant had an attorney look it over. quot;It's still a gimmick, but we don't want a little 14-year old to eat them,quot; Wing Fanatic director of operations and co-owner George Pagonis said. Indeed. Taste just a drop of Code Red and you'll be feeling the burn long after you've moved onto another of The Wing Fanatic's flavors—soon to number 30. quot;They're fresh, they're jumbo,quot; Wing Fantastic president and co-owner Jesse Litchfield said of the wings. quot;All of the sauces, they're made in-house.quot; The Wing Fanatic won Best Wings and Best Place To Watch Sports this year in Warrenton Life-style Magazine. Actually, it's the best place to watch anything—the restaurant has 42 flat screen televisions, from big displays over the bar to individual monitors at tables.
  21. 21. THE WING FANATIC 17 quot;There's something for everyone that comes here,quot; said George, 36, of Bristow. quot;There are Playstations on each TV, there's trivia for the older adults, there's Texas Hold'em on every TV.quot; In addition to owning the restaurant, Jesse and George are brother-in-laws. George's wife, Jessica, does the paperwork and bookkeeping. Jesse's wife, Vanessa, does fundraising. Their in-laws are silent partners. But the business is essentially George, Jesse and food and beverage director Samer Ata. Originally from Ramallah in the West Bank, Samer, who goes by Sam, became friends with George while they both worked at Buffalo Wings University. quot;I love (Jesse and George), they're my brothers,quot; Sam said. quot;They're good people. They have a good heart. They're good businessmen, they're fair men and they keep on top of everything.quot; He added that each day of work in the restaurant business is a challenge and he's always planning for the future—including bumping The Wing Fanatic's roster of sauces up to 30. The Wing Fanatic traces its history back to George's days working his way up through wing restaurants in the region, including Buffalo Wing University in Fairfax. In August 2006 he decided to go into business for himself. quot;I called Jesse out of the blue and said 'Let's open a restaurant',quot; George said. quot;He convinced me,quot; said Jesse, 33, of Warrenton. quot;I was working in telecom for the longest time and it seemed like a good change to me.quot; This was somewhat out of the blue to George's wife, Jessica. quot;Oh, sure, honey, no problem,quot; Jessica said to him, trying to be the supportive wife. Literally, three weeks later, the opportunity to buy the Warrenton property fell into their laps. quot;It's the American dream,quot; Jessica said. quot;Everyone wants to own their own business… it's a family business, we bring that sense of family, that close-ness.quot; The building had been vacant for eight years. George said it was a Western buffet prior to that. quot;The only things that were here were the existing exterior walls,quot; George said. With spiders, old table and chairs, it was quot;certainly not a place to bring anyone.quot; quot;We gutted this whole place,quot; Jesse said.
  22. 22. THE WING FANATIC 18 quot;We were in here night and day, going to Home Depot, going here, going there,quot; George said. All together, they spent six months renovating the property. The original idea was an upscale sports bar. In its first incarnation the restaurant was called The Locker Room, which served muscles, oysters, seafood and steaks. There were some wings, but not like today. It was supposed to be a family restaurant, but The Locker Room sort of took on a life of its own. On weekends The Locker Room became a night club, with patrons driving in from Charlottesville and Culpeper. quot;We were getting home at three, four in the morning,quot; George said. Only problem? The place was dead Sunday through Thursday, Jesse said. Business was decent, but they could do better. quot;We had so many people come in and say if this pace was in Fairfax or Tyson's it would've done a whole lot better,quot; Jesse said. Last Christmas, Jesse and George knew it was time for a change. They wanted more of a family atmosphere, and they wanted to specialize in something they knew and loved—hot wings. Added bonus: George said the closest wings place was Glory Days in Gainesville. Plus, George said there's no other video arcade in the area either. They shut down The Locker Room for two weeks, just after this year's Super Bowl, and started their renovations. quot;It's like Buffalo Wild Wings meets Dave & Buster's,quot; George said. quot;Everybody loves wings. Football and wings.quot; But with over two dozen sauces, including Cajun, Bayside and Garlic Pepper Parmesan, where to start? quot;I like the honey barbecue, but these guys are all about the hot,quot; George said. quot;I eat 'em all day long. Our kids? Now, they can put away some wings.quot; Staff writer Josh Eiserike can be reached at 703-878-8072. with_wings/25307/
  23. 23. THE WING FANATIC 19 Restaurant Review: The Wing Fanatic y MARY ANN KAUCHAK/For the News & Messenger Published: November 26, 2008 Head chef Samer quot;Samquot; Ata looks like a wrestler and loves watching WWF, but also loves to cook. The 38-year-old Ramallah-native runs the kitchen at The Wing Fanatic with a seven-person staff. He studied carpentry in college before coming to the United States on a visa 16 years ago, originally to visit his uncle, who ran a Pizza King franchise in Woodbridge. He fell in love with the restaurant business and never returned. quot;I love to cook… . I cook at home, I cook for friends, I cook all the time,quot; he said. Ata's chicken wing experience came from running and growing a family franchise called Buffalo Wing University in Fairfax. He ran the kitchen and grew the business for four years, where he met George Pagonis, now the co-owner of The Wing Fanatic. Pagonis encouraged Ata to join the ranks when The Wing Fanatic opened in January 2008. The restaurant offers 26 sauces for its wings and Ata takes credit for quot;making them original.quot; After sampling a smorgasbord of the tasty snacks, I found the traditional hot wings a bit boring when up against selections like Garlic Pepper Parmesan, Spicy Ranch, Sweet Thai and Carib-bean Glaze. It was difficult to pick a favorite since all the quot;fresh, never frozenquot; wings were meaty and cooked to perfection—not over fried or too crusty. These popular munchies were quite addictive. I must admit, Ata's unique recipe for Jamaican Jerk was a hit with me. Done in a dry style, I loved the flecks of rosemary and basil that coated the tender skin. I was pleasantly surprised to discover not all wings are dipped in a basic red hot sauce before being flavored. The intriguing assortment—we must of sampled a dozen or more—taunted our curiosity. I wasn't disap-pointed with any flavor and found bleu cheese and ranch dressing dipping sauces unneces-sary. For the daring, a challenge to eat 10 wings coated with quot;Code Redquot; sauce, denoted on the menu with two red chile peppers. This sauce is quot;500 times as hot as Tabasco ™,quot; Ata
  24. 24. THE WING FANATIC 20 boasts. He has done it, but admits few have followed in his footsteps. They're so hot, the restaurant requires patrons to sign a waiver before even attempting the 10-wing challenge. Ata said the best way for him to put out the fire after eating his over-the-top sauce is to consume bread dipped in oil. Wings are definitely the number one food item, when you hear numbers like 35 to 40 cases of wings sold each week. Depending on how large the chickens are, a case of wings is anywhere from 270 to 280 count. Wings are sold in increments of 10 for $7.99 a plate and served with cel-ery and your choice of ranch or bleu cheese dressing. Ata admits to cutting it close one night a few weeks ago. quot;It was 9 p.m. and I was down to one case, but I made it,quot; he said. If you don't like chicken, and wings aren't your thing, no worries, the menu has many other offerings. How about a one-pound Double Bacon Cheeseburger topped with thick slices of sizzling bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion for $10.49? Wraps, salads, quesadillas, hot dogs, fajitas, pulled-pork (made in-house), gyros and even fish and chips join this ample menu of sports-watching fare. Chef Ata said the quot;Triple Decker Club,quot; with turkey, ham, bacon, and Swiss cheese, is a crowd pleaser at $7.99 My biggest regret is not leaving enough room to sample the quot;Snickers Blitz,quot; from the dessert menu. This pie, which eats like a candy bar, left me with visions of caramel, peanuts, fudge brownie and cream cheese filling—now that's my remedy for putting out the fire in your mouth! Oreo™ Cookie Bash (a cream pie with chunks of Oreo and drizzled in dark chocolate), Brownie Sundae (layers of brownie with cool ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry) and Big Apple Pie topped with crunchy granola and cinnamon-apple-cider sauce round out the dessert menu. All desserts are a great value for only $5.99. A $4.99 kid's menu offers mini-burgers, quot;kids' mac,quot; chicken tenders, corn dogs,and grilled cheese served with applesauce and waffle fries. Grab the family, pick a night, and with more than 40 televisions, (even in the bathrooms), games and plenty of food, you're guaranteed to have a fun-filled evening at a great price. Mary Ann lives in Lake Ridge. Send questions or comments to . natic/25306/
  25. 25. THE WING FANATIC 21 6.4 Feedback The Wing Fanatic will employ several methods of measuring customer service and receiving customer feedback. These methods include: Comment Cards: Every restaurant customer will receive a comment card along with his/her bill. This card will allow the customer to provide immediate feedback on their Wing Fanatic experience. At the bottom of the card will be a place for the customer's contact information, along with an quot;opt-inquot; for future contact. Table Checks: Every customer dining in the restaurant will be personally visited by a manager at least once during his/her visit. Not only will this establish a rapport between the customer and the manager, but allow a customer to share opinions and comments with management. In addition, it will allow the manager to correct any customer inquiry or concern on the spot. Personalized Loyalty Cards: Utilizing cutting-edge database and web-enabled technology we promote repeat business, develop long-term customer relationships, enhance your customers' experience every time they visit, and improve your business's bottom line performance. Customers receive 1 point for every dollar spent. In return we send out gift certificates and free menu items when our customers reach a certain point amount. YTD we have over 140 customers signed up for our reward program.
  26. 26. THE WING FANATIC 22 7. Operating Plan The Wing Fanatic is operated in Warrenton, VA. The restaurant is in a 7,900 square foot free standing building. 7.1 Location The Wing Fanatic is within walking distance of the new Warrenton Post Office and the Comfort Inn of Warrenton. 7.2 Facility The Wing Fanatic offers over 6,000 square feet of restaurant and bar space. The remaining 2,000 square feet is for the kitchen, coolers and storage. Below is the layout and of The Wing Fanatic Sports Theatre & Grill
  27. 27. THE WING FANATIC 23 7.3 Operating Equipment *A detailed equipment and planned purchases to re-open will be provided on request. 7.4 Suppliers and Vendors All foods and beverage suppliers will be subject to change due to poor quality or poor customer service. If the situation were to arise that one of The Wing Fanatic's suppliers could not fulfill an order, any shortages could be filled through a secondary wholesaler. 7.5 Personnel Plan Labor costs are estimated at 25% of sales. Annual personnel expenses are estimated to be as follows: Year 1 - $141,188 Year 2 - $155,306 Year 3 - $170,837 The Wing Fanatic employs between 22 and 30 employees, which consist of wait staff, bussers, bartenders, cooks and dishwashers. All employees are extensively trained to ensure a quot;qualityquot; experience for all customers. The restaurant operates using a wide range of age of employees to reflect a youthful and family-oriented image. 7.6 General Operations Hours of Operation: The Wing Fanatic hours of operation will be: Sunday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. and Friday to Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. VA Health Department Regulations: At all times, The Wing Fanatic will comply with the Virginia Department of Health
  28. 28. THE WING FANATIC 24 regulations as they pertain to restaurants and bars. All managerial personnel have extensive experience in this area, making compliance inevitable. The Wing Fanatic is an equal opportunity employer.
  29. 29. THE WING FANATIC 25 8. Management, Organization and Ownership The Wing Fanatic has an experienced management team. Next is a detailed description of the management team, principals, and supporting quot;castquot; required to re-launch and operate. 8.1 Management/Principals The Wing Fanatic is family owned and operated business, with the principal owners consisting of Jesse Litchfield, Jessica Pagonis, and Teresa Plaza. The Wing Fanatic was the vision of George Pagonis and Jesse Litchfield, son-in-laws of Teresa Plaza. The three families have come together to put this vision into reality. Daily operations of The Wing Fanatic is managed by Jesse Litchfield and George Pagonis. Mr. Litchfield holds many years of successful management to include the management of a high occupancy, local 5 star hotel. Mr. Pagonis has extensive experience in the restaurant industry, having worked in several capacities for many local sports bars and restaurants in the area. Each family member has strong attributes that will contribute to the success of the restaurant: Jessica Pagonis has worked as a senior level event planner for 8 years, with responsibilities including but not limited to marketing, budget and fiscal management, and personnel management. Mr. and Mrs. Plaza have many years of outstanding business and financial successes by acquiring a multitude of real estate properties. Mr. Plaza also has 20 plus years of working in the restaurant and catering industry. 8.2 Organizational Structure Jesse and George will be primarily concerned with managing the daily operations and staff. George and Sam will be in control of cost of goods and inventory. George and Jessica will share the financial aspects of The Wing Fanatic. Jessica will handle the accounting, financial tasks and will handle The Wing Fanatic's tax liability due to her existing knowledge. Jesse will take control of the purchasing of the liquor inventory and bar needs, staffing and help maintain overall profitability and vision. 8.3 Professional Consultants The Wing Fanatic has retained legal advice from Vincent J. Keegan, Esquire of Keegan & Associates, PLC, of McLean, VA. All tax preparation and accounting services are handled by Miller Musmar CPA, out of his Manassas office.
  30. 30. THE WING FANATIC 26 8.4 Ownership and Boards The Locker Room LLC (dba) The Wing Fanatic is divided into thirds, where each owner owns one-third of the business. Jesse Litchfield is the Chairman and President, Jessica Pagonis takes the position of Vice President, and Teresa Plaza acts as Treasurer.
  31. 31. THE WING FANATIC 27 9. Goals and Strategies The plan for The Wing Fanatic has been meticulously prepared over a 12-month period. Every aspect of the business's operation has been examined by multiple professionals for their opinion. It is the belief of Mr. Litchfield & George Pagonis, that The Wing Fanatic has considered all the possible scenarios and wish to re-launch as soon as possible. All the critical factors such as industry trends, marketing analysis, competitive analysis, management expertise and financial analysis support this conclusion. Also seeking other revenue generating opportunities such as; the continuing sales of our Wing Fanatic sports tumbler, logo t-shirts, hats and sports memorabilia. Looking to enhance and add convenience to our carry-out business by allocating 3 parking spots for curb side pickup. Management Controls Management will practice sound management procedures in order to control costs, insure quality of product and provide friendly customer service. The following systems will be used by management: Operations Checklists. The restaurant will be managed with the use of various checklists. Consistent use of checklists will help to maintain quality control while ensuring that established procedures are followed. Checklists will be used by various personnel for customer service, purchasing, receiving and storage, preparation, cleaning, shift changes, opening and closings. Order Guide. The restaurant will use an item specific order guide to track order history and maintain designated levels of product in inventory. Weekly Inventory. Management will conduct a weekly inventory to determine valuation for use in the preparation of weekly profit and loss reports. Daily Inventory Tracking. Daily inventory will be taken on specific items. Movement will be compared to sales data to ensure designated products have been properly accounted for. Cash Audits. Management will conduct periodic cash audits for all cashier stations. Surprise shift audits are an effective tool to determine cashier/bartender under ringing. Mystery Shopper. The restaurant will engage the service of a secret shopper service from time to time. The mystery (secret) shopper is an effective tool to get a customer’s perspective of the average guest experience. Feedback will help management to constantly improve customer service. Safety Reviews. Periodic safety assessments will be performed to ensure that employees and guests are not exposed to dangerous or harmful conditions or actions.
  32. 32. THE WING FANATIC 28 Liability Reviews. Periodic assessments will also be done to evaluate the liability exposure of the restaurant. Alcohol awareness, employee relations and guest treatment will be scrutinized from time to time. 9.1 Business Goals The Wing Fanatic is projected to reach profitability within 27 months and significantly grow its profitability for the subsequent years of its projection. The Wing Fanatic's first three years' projected financial performance will be provided in a separate workbook. 9.2 Keys to Success There are several keys to The Wing Fanatic's success: 1. Strong management team - Key individuals must have strong hiring, training, management, and operating experience and skills. 2. Quality product - The food and liquor and its preparation must be of high quality. 3. Consistent service - Every customer should have an identical experience each time he/she visits The Wing Fanatic 4. Tight cost controls - The Wing Fanatic must run a quot;tight ship.quot; Unnecessary or excess inventory can lead to unnecessary cash requirements. Going forward we are going to use the help of both Vanessa Litchfield & Jessica Pagonis on our busy nights as hostesses to assist in lowering our payroll. Our goal is to employ as much of the family we can to lower costs and add family presence to our family runned establishment. 9.3 Future Plans If growth continues, which we have all the confidence it will. The Wing Fanatic would like to expand into franchising and selling franchising rights to The Wing Fanatic in neighboring counties.
  33. 33. THE WING FANATIC 29 10. Financial Assumptions The financial projections for The Wing Fanatic are based on conservative sales and industry standard expenses. These projections allow for long-term loan repayment and adequate cash flow. The following information explains the financial projections for The Wing Fanatic: PROFIT & LOSS ( a complete PNL will be provided in a separate workbook ) Cost of Sales: Food & Liquor Costs: 30% of sales. Labor Cost: 25% of sales and payroll burden of 25%. Operating Expenses - Based On Industry Standards, Except: Advertising: Estimated to average 6% of sales, slightly higher for a new restaurant. Lease: Amount negotiated with owner of building. BALANCE SHEET ( a complete Balance Sheet will be provided in a separate workbook ) Other Costs of Sales: Labor Other Expenses: Operating expenses