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University of the Arts London AL Opportunities


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A collection of presentations given at a UAL Associate Lecturers Opportunities Event at Chelsea College of Art in March, 2011.

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University of the Arts London AL Opportunities

  1. 1. London Artscom Limited
  2. 2. London ArtscomLimitedThe commercial company providing the business arm of University of the Arts London.Working within the Colleges for the CollegesOverall objective: to produce a profit from its activities, which is ‘gifted’ back to the Colleges to supplement their budgets.
  3. 3. What do we do?Semester & Summer Study AbroadSummer School CoursesPortfolio Preparation CoursesTerm time and vacation Short CoursesStudy tours for international collegesCustomised training & consultancy for industry
  4. 4. Vital statistics£10m turnover, £2.5m profit??,000 students per yearOver 90% find our courses stimulatingOver 95% rate the teaching as very effectiveOver 95% leave the course feeling ‘inspired’
  5. 5. Why shortcourses?Build portfolio for application to degree courseTaste of full time art educationImprove or update art and design skillsProfessional development or career changeOpportunity to express creativityA unique experience for corporate clientsThe tutors
  6. 6. CCWOrientation to Foundation course + 5 pre foundation coursesStudy Abroad in the very specialist subjects at CamberwellSummer School – from jewellery to photography to conservationPrintmaking courses in the largest facility in the UKBespoke courses
  7. 7. CCWSpecialist subjects….
  8. 8. ChelseaNew - Stand alone Study Abroad courses in Graphic Design and Interior & Spatial DesignOver 20 Summer school courses in Interior Design aloneStudy tours & Bespoke training located next door to Tate BritainEnglish Plus coursesNew Orientation to BA and MA courses under development
  9. 9. Central Saint Martins11,500 students from across the world annually1000 short courses running throughout the year255 tutors to choose from70% of advertised courses run7 full time portfolio preparation courses1 point of contact for agents
  10. 10. London College ofFashion 400 short courses per year Study Abroad programme E-learning Customised programmes for industry clients, UK and overseas. One day masterclasses for industry Study tours for international groups Pop-up LCF in Dubai
  11. 11. London College ofFashion Brand Strategy, Brand Management Marketing communications Buying & Merchandising Visual Merchandising Footwear Garment technology Product development, the design process Make up Fashion styling
  12. 12. WimbledonNew summer school courses for the UniversityNew specialty bespoke courses in Theatre Costume, Film and Set designNew Orientation to Foundation Course4 Portfolio preparation coursesNew location for Study Tours
  13. 13. Our tutors areoften ….Industry professionals & practitionersLecturers on degree programmesAt the cutting edge of their practiceUsed to teaching at different levelsPrepared to work with us on new course ideas and innovations
  14. 14. Our tutors arealways…..AdaptableInspiringMotivating
  15. 15. Is this anopportunity foryou?Courses delivered outside standard College hours E.g. 1 evening per week/ Saturdays/ day times during vacationsOpportunities for overseas travelAdditional income
  16. 16. Contact UsSend your CV and any ideas for courses you would like to offer to Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon:  Roberta Bonfield Central Saint Martins:  Liz Adams London College of Fashion:  Barbara Bell
  17. 17. Centre for Learning & Teaching in Art & Design• Regular Workshops• CPD Framework in Academic Practice• The Learning Studio• Development projects
  18. 18. Regular Workshops • Scheduled 1-3 times per term • Often held at Richbell Place • 2-3 hour workshops • Non-credit-bearingRegular workshops include:• Progressing with Assessment Marking Criteria• Introduction to the Blackboard VLE: how to create the basic structure for a course/organisation site• Introduction to Podcasting: how to create and publish your own podcasts• Finding and Using Images in Learning and Teaching
  19. 19. CPD Framework in Academic Practice in Art, Design & Communication• Select from a range of units• Blend optional and core units for a named qualification• Funded places available through colleges• Carry forward existing credits• Flexible part-time study• 1-2 day workshops plus online activities
  20. 20. PG Certificate in Academic Practice 60 credits Choose two from: 701: Learning and Teaching in Art & Design 702: Teaching Development Project 703: Learning and Teaching in Art & Design in FE 704: Teaching Placement …plus optional units totalling 20 credits
  21. 21. PG Diploma in Academic Practice 120 credits Choose two from: 701: Learning and Teaching in Art & Design 702: Teaching Development Project 703: Learning and Teaching in Art & Design in FE 704: Teaching Placement Optional units totalling 60 credits 705: Research Methods in Education
  22. 22. MA in Academic Practice 180 credits Choose two from: 701: Learning and Teaching in Art & Design 702: Teaching Development Project703: Learning and Teaching in Art & Design in FE 704: Teaching Placement Optional units totalling 60 credits 705: Research Methods in Education 714: Dissertation
  23. 23. Other Units• Introduction to Academic Reading, Writing and Research skills for Postgraduate Study (10 credits at level 6)• Supervising Research Degrees in Art, Design and Communication (10 credits at level 7)• Supervision Portfolio (10 credits at level 7)• Academic Citizenship: Governance, Practice and Service in the University (20 credits at level 7)• Inclusivity: Diversity, Widening Participation, Internationalisation (20 credits at level 7)• Topics in Innovation and Enhancement (20 credits at level 7)• Negotiated Study: a Unit of Independent Guided Study (10, 20 or 40 credits at level 7)
  24. 24. The Learning Studio• ‘Barcamp’ events with cake and pop• Online networking & discussion• Focus on technology in learning and teaching• Next event 4.30pm tomorrow at LCC M401!See videos from the previous session…
  25. 25. Other Things• MyBlog• Equipment loans• Curriculum Development projectse.g. Education for Sustainability
  26. 26. Contact Check our website!
  27. 27. Learn-ITPhilip RatcliffSenior Consultant, Development & LearningIT & Project Management
  28. 28. What are we trying to achieve?• A co-ordinated approach to IT skills improvement• A staff confident about using IT in all aspects of their role• Overall improvement in IT skill level• Improvement in student satisfaction related to staff IT skills• A pro-active partnership with IT implementations• Improved collaboration on IT training across the University November 2010
  29. 29. Learn-IT: Reduce Frustration November 2010
  30. 30. Learn-IT: A Flexible Approach November 2010
  31. 31. Learn-IT: Offer & InvitationOur offer to you Our invitation to you• Regular introductory and • We are looking for ALs with intermediate courses in Microsoft specialist experience of using Office and Adobe Creative Suite Adobe Creative Suite applications applications in technical environments to• Floor-walking and surgery deliver courses to other staff as sessions to help you with specific part of our programme IT application related difficulties • Talk to us about your area of• Phone and computer based expertise so that we can find out support to help you with urgent IT what level of interest there might application issues be within UAL for a course November 2010
  32. 32. Development & LearningPersonal Management &Development Leadership Development• The Art of Remote Management • Introduction to Staff Management• Communication Styles • Managing Equality and Fairness in Selection• Dealing with Pressure• Networking Skills • Managing Probation and Induction• Assertiveness Skills • Managing Planning Review and Appraisal• Dealing with Difficult Situations • Effective Absence Management• Fairness in Selecting Students • Managing Performance• Grammar, Punctuation & Proofreading Skills • Dealing with Staff Misconduct• In the Big Chair• Making an Impact at Meetings • Managing Staff in Times of Change• Managing Workload • Achieving Results through Others• Minute Writing • Leading your Team• Negotiating & Influencing • Award in First Line Management• Pre-Retirement Workshop • Award in First Line Management• Presentation Skills• Report Writing • Effective Manager Programme• Welcome Event • Aspiring Managers• Written Communication Skills • Project Management November 2010
  33. 33. 1954Scientists from the RAND Corporation have created this model to illustrate how a “home computer” could look like in the year 2004.However, the needed technology will not be economically feasible for the average home. Also, the scientists readily admit that thecomputer will require not yet invented technology to actually work, but 50 years from now scientific progress is expected to solvethese problems. With teletype interface and the Fortran language, the computer will be easy to use…
  34. 34. A Joint International Initiative ByArtscom & Knowledge ExchangeWhat do we offer?We work with the colleges to provide services in India and Chinawhich are a blend of academic and industry expertise focusing on:- Consultancy and research & development- Executive education programmesWhat benefits can we bring to ALs?- In line with Artscom and KTP;- A deeper working relationship with international industry partners;- Profile raising and access to international and emerging markets.NOTE: International projects do not qualify for UK Government funding and are commissioned on theircommercial viability.
  35. 35. India OpportunitiesPartnership with Tata Elxsi – a part of the Tata GroupProviding design services to corporate clients in India and Europeand to the wider Tata GroupOpportunities:- Innovation workshops & consultancy- R&D services offer by CSM’s ceramics division to Tata Ceramics- Design Against Crime pitch to Tata Elxsi- R&D offer around sustainability, innovation & experiential designOthersAlso developing relationships with fashion and textile groups inIndiaNote: Offer is driven by both – client requests and by access tospecific IP/ R&D expertise that might be relevant
  36. 36. China OpportunitiesArtscom- £220,000 sales in the past 6 months;- Current projects include • Executive education in fashion management, media and animation management; • Consulting projects in luxury branding and fashion brand development;- Future opps could include • luxury branding and design • Brand development • Spatial and interior design • Executive educationKnowledge Exchange- Current opportunities exist in textiles, footwear and womens lingerie sectors;- Setting up a Textile Research Centre in one of China’s textile hubs, a project which will be partially funded by the Chinese Government;- Future opportunities could be in new material, ceramics R&D;
  37. 37. China OpportunitiesWe are looking for the following ALs for China:• Senior textile designers and researchers – open opp.• Experiences fashion designers - open opp.• Footwear technical design specialist – open opp.• Luxury branding consultant and product designer• Senior researchers in new materials
  38. 38. Contact UsFor more information please contact:Amogh Kalyanpur (India) Livia Li (China)e: e: 020 7514 9874 t: 020 7514 1893
  39. 39. Knowledge Transfer PartnershipsGovernment funded initiative to subsidise the costs to businessesof engaging with the UK’s knowledge base.Exchange of knowledge with mutual benefits: Improving the competitiveness of UK businesses through access to latest academic thinking Enhancing teaching and research through access to live industry case studies Helping talented graduates to fast-track their careers
  40. 40. Basic Ingredients Company with a strategic business development need Recent graduate University with relevant skills and with relevant academic industry experience expertise Projects must have a strong R&D quality, with real potential for innovation and impact (economic, social, political, and/or cultural).
  41. 41. RequirementsAll KTPs require: A business case with clear financial benefits to the company Created knowledge is embedded in a sustainable way Benefits for the academic(s) and graduate(s) e.g. research outcomes, professional experience, etc Company cash contribution* - 35% to 40% for SMEs (less than 250 employees) - 50% to 60% for larger companies*based on a standard 12 mth total cost of approx. £60K
  42. 42. The Press AssociationPurpose: To enable the PA to stay ahead of developments in the industry, byoptimising the management and use of its digital content, and enhancing theinformation that it produces through the use of data visualisation techniques.Outcomes include: A bespoke new CMS, allowing the PA to extract significantly more value fromtheir content, and to create innovative media ‘products’ for new markets New user-oriented on-line interfaces for staff and clients accessing PA content Creation and adoption of a range of new social media tools to enhancebusiness performance, client relationships, and content creation & distribution.
  43. 43. Why is KTP relevant to AssociateLecturers?A KTP can provide the opportunity to gain: Additional hours – 0.5 days per week Income for your College and course – to fund other activities New research material for publication/dissemination A deeper working relationship with an industry partner, potentially leading to other outcomes Mentoring experience, and to help a graduate progress in their career
  44. 44. So how do I get involved in KTP?Most KTPs result from an existing academiccontact/relationship with a business/organisation.If you are interested:Firstly - ‘sound out’ your client contacts about their potential interest(we can provide details of the scheme to send them)Secondly – contact the Knowledge Transfer team to arrange a jointmeeting with the client. We can discuss the scheme and itsrelevance to their business development needs, andhopefully develop a successful application.
  45. 45. Knowledge Transfer TeamBrent Holder Katie Mills020 7514 2006 020 7514 Aldous Jill Kovacs (Communications )020 7514 9366 020 7514 Li (China) Amogh Kalyanpur (India)020 7514 3918 020 7514
  46. 46. Welcome to UCUHourly Paid Lecturers (A/L) Associate Lecturers
  47. 47. Key facts• Refer to the ‘Security of Employment Agreement’ which can be found on• Al’s under the Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment Act (2006) should not be unfairly discriminated against vis a vis Full-time staff.• What this means is that Al’s should not be treated as casual staff but as proper employees.
  48. 48. Your rights• Also refer to the Associate Lecturer job description on (under annexes to framework agreement)• If you work 90 hours or more you have, after 2 years, rights to be a permanent member of staff.• Al’s are contracted to teach, and this should be defined as in the job description above.
  49. 49. Hourly Rate• The hourly rate includes ‘preparation and administration’ (an extra 1.25 hours for every teaching hour)• This is not ‘contribution hours’ that can include all sorts of other things (we have had a case of AL’s being asked to clean sinks.)• Any queries email Richard Osborne•