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How to Enhance Your Elder Client Cases


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Your liability is great but clients are over 65. Here are a few valuable tips on how to increase the value of this type of case.

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How to Enhance Your Elder Client Cases

  1. 1. How to Enhance the Value of Your Elder Client Cases
  2. 2. 2,807,597(People Over 65 US Census/65 & Older in Florida) Click Here
  3. 3. BLOW-OUT The Carriers’Life Expectancy Tables
  4. 4. Don’t Let Them Tell Their Own Story With Actuary Tables
  5. 5. Tell Your Clients Story With Video
  6. 6. Non-Active
  7. 7. Active
  8. 8. Find Photos & Videos
  9. 9. Ask Family Members,Friends and Neighbors for Footage
  10. 10. Put it All Together to Educate the Carrier AboutHow Active Your Clients Were Never TOO OLD? Click Here
  11. 11. Works Great For Mediation or Trial Even aCaveman Will Settle Your Case “The JURY will see those exhibits!”
  12. 12. Call Us to Get the Most Value for Your Case800.888.5879 Click Here to go to Our Website