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Forensic Case Media Checklist


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Finding forensic media for your cases is critical. Surveillance footage of accidents, newscasts and internet media can not only prove the facts of your case, they can increase their value exponentially.

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Forensic Case Media Checklist

  1. 1. Helping Paralegals CASE MEDIA CHECKLIST WHERE TO LOOK & WHAT TOAcross the Nation is ASK FOR Our Mission. POLICE/FIRE DEPT _____ Still photos + video from SURROUNDING ACCIDENT SITE ____ Intersection camera accident/incident report footage/DOT _____ Still photos + video from ____ Surrounding businesses’ fire department surveillance footageThe enclosed checklist is a _____ Other police/fire video (dashboard-cam, helmet-cam FROM CLIENTgreat way to ensure all of video/audio from police, fire & paramedics ____ Still photos + video of your bases are covered FROM INTERNET accident ____ Still photos + videos inwhen looking for media to ____ Search and save on Google images hospital, therapy, before & after prove the facts of your ____ Search and save on Google video TV STATIONS, NEWS & MONITORING SERVICES case. ____ Search and save on YouTube ____ Video of newcasts ____ Raw footage of accident WHEN REQUESTING VIDEO FILES, ASK FOR COPIES IN THEIR NATIVE FORMAT. INSTRUCT NOT TO CONVERT OR EDIT THE FILES. IF SPECIAL PLAYER IS REQUIRED, BE SURE THEY INCLUDE THE PLAYER SOFTWARE ON THE DISC. IF YOU NEED HELP IN ENHANCING OR CONVERTING ANY OF THESE IMAGES OR VIDEOS, GIVE US A CALL. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU 24/7 904/396.7744 800/888.5879 Click Here to Print WWW.VIDEOS4LAWYERS.COM