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In this project I was able to explore many websites and gain an insight on my resources I will have when I begin to teach.

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  1. 1. HYPERLINK "" Literature Learning Ladders<br /> (Webquest)This website is an interactive website with webquests. It is seperated by grade level clusters but it is completely literature centered. <br />Language Arts Web Quests<br /> (Webquest) This webquest is specifically for language arts purposes which is the subject area I will be teaching. This website gives links to over 100 webquests that are seperated by types of stories. <br />Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators : Webquests in Our Future - Kathy ...<br /> (Webquest) I did not know what a webquest was, so this guide will be very helpful to teachers who have heard about them but do not know what they are. This website presents examples of webquests, answers questions, explains why they are important, and shows you how to complete one. <br />Webquest- first grade<br />(Webquest) This webquest actually has a list of possible webquests to complete seperated by grade level. Having these seperated by grade level will save the teacher time in having to go in and decide which ones are too hard for their grade level. <br />Elementary WebQuests<br /> (Webquest) This webquest offers many activities that go along with stories that are taught in language arts. It also offers activities to go along with math, science, and geography lessons <br />Wimba<br /> (Other)Wimba is an online interactive classroom. This could be used in the computer lab to give children resources to technology. Students and teachers can interact in many different ways whether it be a video message or instant messaging. <br />ENCHANTED LEARNING HOME PAGE<br /> (Other) This website allows teachers and students to complete and derive numerous activities. This vast range of activities covers every subject possible and goes beyond the norm of reading and math. It provides fun facts and activities that work with subjects such as astronomy, geography, seasons, and animals. <br />Teaching and Learning Strategies<br /> (Other) This website offers tips and learning strategies for teachers. This could really come in handy for new and unexperienced teachers. It provides many good strategies for many different brackets of learning such as thinking skills, literacty, and learning capabilities. <br />Language Arts - - Free Games for Kids<br /> (Direct) This website presents many free games for kids that are very educational. This could be a good actvity for children who arrive early in the mornings. It covers many areas such as reading, math, typing, and science! <br />Free printable first grade worksheets<br /> (Direct) This website offers free printable worksheets and lessons for the grade that I am going to be directly teaching. It offers worksheets in various areas and subjects and is easily accessable. <br />Interactive Websites<br /> (Direct) This website is used for tutorials for teachers and students. The website splits it into groups based on subject and grades. It will be very useful for students who have free time in the classroom that want something fun, yet educational. <br />Welcome to Discovery Education's Puzzlemaker! Create crossword puzzles ...<br /> (Puzzles) This site allows teachers to create different kinds of puzzle such as crosswords and word searches that can be used during different assessments. They can be saved and shared with others. <br />The lesson plan builder<br /> (Other) This website allows teachers to make lesson plans and save them if they want to come back to them later. It provides a number of sample lessons that the teachers can choose to use if they want. <br />Ning lets you join and create new social networks for your interests ...<br /> (Communication/Networking) Ning lets you create a site and communicate with whoever is in your network. Teachers can create a network with their students and parents that allow each to post comments, send messages, and view homework assignments. <br />TaskStream - Advancing Educational Excellence<br /> (Communication/Networking) Taskstream lets teachers create lessonplans and grading rubrics as well as portfolios. The teachers can create a network and share their lesson plans with each other and see other people's work as well.<br />FREE antivirus software with spyware protection: avast! Home Edition<br /> (software) This site provides free antivirus software to download. This will be helpful to put on all the computers in the classroom without spending a fortune! <br />Teaching Language Arts with Technology<br /> (Target Content) This website directly shows how to teach langauge arts at a variety of grade levels while intergrating technology. It provides a huge selection of potential lessons, books and stories to read, and resources. <br />NC Standard Course of Study<br /> (Target Content) This website shows the educator exactly what they should be teaching at each grade level. It displays the North Carolina standards for each grade and subject as well as the computer and technology standards<br />Teaching Resources, Children's Book Recommendations, and Student ...<br /> (Other) This website presents the opportunity to buy books that are designated for each grade level. It also presents many educational resources like white board activities, strategies on teaching, and a teacher's store <br />The Teacher's Corner - Free Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans<br /> (Communication/Networking) This is a website that offers online colaboration projects with other educators. It also provides online lesson plans, worksheets, and blog posts <br />