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Everything Google as presented at the 2012 Kansas Association of REALTORS® Education Conference and Expo.

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Everything Google

  1. 1. EVERYTHING Well, not quite everything! John Ringgold REBR.com john@rebr.com
  2. 2. Google has many tools to enhanceyour real estate business.You don’t have to use every one ofthese tools, but lets look at thepossibilities.
  3. 3. Google has many tools to use for FREE!…and there may be more than you know!
  4. 4. So much more!!!
  5. 5. What will be covered today…
  6. 6. Google offers many additionalfeatures… Look for the gear!
  7. 7. Google Mobile Apps m.google.com
  8. 8. Google on the go…
  9. 9. Google Alerts alerts.google.com
  10. 10. Why you need Google Alerts!Get an email notification when your search term is found on the internet. alerts.google.com
  11. 11. When was the last time you Google’d yourself?You should do it regularly to monitor your online reputation! alerts.google.com
  12. 12. Google AlertsHere are some search term ideas; Your Name Your Name (misspelled) Your Company or Brand Name Your Listing Addresses Your Competitors alerts.google.com
  13. 13. GMail mail.google.com
  14. 14. Multiple Email Accounts and willcheck your POP3 account If you email me at John@REBR.com, my reply would come from the same address, but I actually sent it from Gmail! mail.google.com
  15. 15. Make Gmail your online outlook! If anemail doesn’t fit perfectly in one folder,label it with as many labels as you need!Filters can be created to automaticallymark incoming emails with theappropriate labels! mail.google.com
  16. 16. mail.google.com
  17. 17. mail.google.com
  18. 18. Gmail is NOT a contact managementsystem. However, there are some tools tomake working with your contacts easier.Take the time to setup GROUPS! mail.google.com
  19. 19. mail.google.com
  20. 20. To view the contacts in agroup, simply click on thegroup name on the left. mail.google.com
  21. 21. Simply type the group namewhen sending an email toreach the entire group! mail.google.com
  22. 22. Tweak your gmail with Labs!My Favorite Labs Message Sneak PeekCanned Responses Pictures in chatDefault “Reply All” Right-side chatGoogle Calendar Gadget Send & ArchiveGoogle Docs previews in mail SMS (text messaging) in ChatGoogle Voice player in mail Undo SendInserting images mail.google.com
  23. 23. Custom Signatures with thisChrome Extension mail.google.com
  24. 24. Make Gmaileven MOREpowerfulwith… mail.google.com
  25. 25. How did you ever live without it? Google Calendar calendar.google.com
  26. 26. Google Calendar How did you ever live without it?• Access Everywhere• Share your schedule• Reminders in many formats• Invite others to events calendar.google.com
  27. 27. • Multiple Calendars• Shared Calendars calendar.google.com• Tasks Lists
  28. 28. Adding an event• Choose a time zone• Easily add recurring events• Choose a calendar• Reminders by SMS, Email or popup• Easily invite calendar.google.com others
  29. 29. Google Voice voice.google.com
  30. 30. • One number rings everywhere• Voicemail transcription• Save voicemails voice.google.com
  31. 31. voice.google.com
  32. 32. Voicemails transcribed toyour email voice.google.com
  33. 33. voice.google.com
  34. 34. Google Docs/Drive docs.google.com
  35. 35. STOP PAYING for Microsoft Office, you don’t need it! docs.google.com
  36. 36. docs.google.com
  37. 37. = MS Word = MS Powerpoint = MS Excel= MS Publisher docs.google.com
  38. 38. Live multi-user editing! docs.google.com
  39. 39. Simply throw documents into your desktop folder for easy cloud storage!docs.google.com
  40. 40. Google + plus.google.com
  41. 41. What! Not another Social Network! You might want to reconsider once you learn how Google+ can give you better search engine positioning with awesome Google Juice! plus.google.com
  42. 42. Completing your Google+ Profile is a must! plus.google.com
  43. 43. plus.google.com
  44. 44. +1’s are the “like”on Google+The more +1’s thebetter it will rankin Google Search plus.google.com
  45. 45. Google HangoutsHangout with up to 10people online at once!FREE alternative toonline meetings!Share videos, docs, anmore! plus.google.com
  46. 46. Once you are hanging out – invite others, chatwith IM, watch a YouTube video, record a video,mute mics and more!
  47. 47. Google Image Search google.com
  48. 48. google.com
  49. 49. google.com
  50. 50. What will be covered today…
  51. 51. For weekly sales tips and tolearn about technology tools foryour real estate business, visit… John Ringgold REBR.com john@rebr.com