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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Love Thy Neighbor!Futuristic Idea or Today’s Reality
  2. 2. What Brokers want from theirMLS• Standardized rules• Consistent rules enforcement• Localized data feed for their office• Complete and accurateMLS data for their market area
  3. 3. The problem is…Brokers and agents MUST join multipleMLS’s to get complete and accurate data• Additional costs• More paperwork(simulated offices & waivers)
  4. 4. The problem is…Boundaries and Jurisdictions are grey lines!
  5. 5. The problem is…Merging or Regionalizing is not easy!
  6. 6. So, what are the options?Someone could create a……STATEWIDE MLS!!!!
  7. 7. The Statewide MLS optionPro: May be able to reduce member cost(discount for quantity)Con:MLS means the offer of cooperation andcompensation - are you ready for that?
  8. 8. Member only IDX Website
  9. 9. Member only IDX WebsiteWhat would the benefit be overZillow, Trulia, and• Agents can already search thesesources for active info.• Solds?• Off Markets?It would have a fee!
  10. 10. So what is the answer?DATA-SHARING
  11. 11. Data-SharingIs a way for brokers and agents to accessMLS information without the challenges ordelays of mergers or regionalization!
  12. 12. Data-SharingYou’re already sharing data with Zillow,Trulia, and 100’s of other sitesthrough syndication……Why not sharewith yourneighboringMLS’s?
  13. 13. Data-Sharing• No offer of cooperation and compensation• Could offer reciprocal display ofactives, solds, and off-markets• Enhances security by eliminating the needto provide data access to non-participants
  14. 14. Data-Sharing• Positive alternative to merges orregionalization• Protects the independence and identity ofeach MLS• Ensures accurate MLS information
  15. 15. Data-Sharing• Open search would retrieve listings frommultiple MLS’s• Members have the opportunity to stay moreinformed than their buyers• Find more listings with the availability tosearch across boundaries• More accurate CMA’s with more dataavailable
  16. 16. Data-Sharing• Offers more exposure for every listing to abroader geographic market
  17. 17. So, what are the options?• Corelogic• IMAPP• Move, Inc.Isn’t there a option?
  18. 18. Compilation of• Your MLS data• County tax information• Census data• Demographics• School info…and more
  19. 19. RPR offers the data-sharing platform as afree member benefit to participatingMLS’s• It’s NOT a way to integrate neighboringMLS data into your own MLS platform• It IS a way to search participating MLS’sdata mixed with your own in the RPR!
  20. 20. • Discuss these ideas with your MLS leadership anddetermine if your members can benefit from data-sharing• REBR can help by answering any questions yourleadership may have• REBR will provide an agreement for all MLS’s thatwish to OPT-IN• Each MLS would notify RPR of the MLS’s theywould like to share data with!How to get started…
  21. 21. YES!It can be that easy!