Cloud in 2013


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Comments, views and analysis of evolution of Cloud Computing from mid 2012 to mid 2013

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Cloud in 2013

  1. 1. Cloud Computing. Last year evolution. (from mid 2012 to mid 2013) Joaquín Rincón
  2. 2. Agenda Some things that happened in the last year Cloud Computing is connected with everything happening today Some futurist thinking Come back to reality
  3. 3. Speaking at OracleWorld (2008), CEO Larry Ellison sayd: “the computer industry is more fashion- driven than women's fashion and cloud computing is simply* the latest fashion” CNet Business Insider * Enphasis added by me Translation: As I don’t have this, this is nonsense
  4. 4. “Cloud computing is a fantastic opportunity for technology companies to help customers simplify IT” June 2012 YouTube Oracle Translation: Now that I have this thing, cloud computing rules! (And the competency sucks)
  5. 5. Google Compute Engine Google starts to offer IaaS
  6. 6. Microsoft starts to offer IaaS
  7. 7. We can see that PaaS is not taking off as expected*, but there’s big opportunity in IaaS, where Amazon is showing the path. *PaaS has not moved in the Gatner hype cycle in the last year
  8. 8. Dell stops its IaaS offer…
  9. 9. Dell stops its IaaS offer… Showing that IaaS is more than just having the hardware and the data center. You need people, processes, tools, … Keep an eye on IBM & HP…
  10. 10. Microsoft canibalices itself (finally!)
  11. 11. In fact, my opinion is that Cloud Computing is going to save Microsoft. Now there’s a business model: selling services instead of licenses. If you keep trying to sell licenses, somebody will do it for free sooner or later, and you’ll be out of business. Open Source is bigger every day.
  12. 12. Open Source Cloud reach maturity
  13. 13. Joaquín’s cloud
  14. 14. Music Photos Contacts Messages Documents Applications …
  15. 15. Mobility IS cloud
  16. 16. Big Data IS cloud
  17. 17. WSJ: Why Software is eating the world
  18. 18. The picture is what a Google car “see” around
  19. 19. Of course, there are problems… What did you expect?
  20. 20. It’s easy to create chaos
  21. 21. It’s not so easy to control expenses
  22. 22. But this is not going to stop… …Cloud Computing is a better model and Darwinism will make it’s selection
  23. 23. ¡¡ Thank you !! Joaquín Rincón @jrincon photo Thanks to the Simpsons!
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