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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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  1. 1. AUTONOMOUS POST-MATERIALIST<br />Certain characteristics of this tribe describe my consumption habits, I do happen to be part of the Canadian population and a single student, so I do consume the products that that people like me are suppose to buy (textbooks, beer, cheap food)<br />Being self governed I like to buy things on principle (good commercials) Products that are the same as others or are boring are things I am less likely to buy.<br />Having a sense of self-fulfillment I am more likely to spend money on myself to get to where or what I want to be. Unless its has to do with my family or friends<br />Products or services with contracts or stages that are meant to keep you as a customer, either than warranties, are against my thoughts of what a product or service should be, if its good enough I will keep coming back.<br />People with my traits tend to make it in life by inventing product that are different from the rest and usually done by themselves or with a few people. Some of the people who are said to be my icons I would never compare my self to, even if I like what they did or who they are.<br />I live in the moment, I am spontaneous but have a very strong set or morals even though they are very different from most peoples.<br />People like me are bent on having the money to do whatever they want whenever they want and not having to worry about the money it will cost. But I would save what I don’t spend, I wont spend money on something that I don’t really want or need.<br />I would rather spend money on things that will make me happy in the short term but have no problem spending my money on long-term investments.<br />I would not steal<br />If I had to give it away or had enough to give it away I would most likely give it to a charity that would help with peoples health.<br />I don’t like being put in category’s because they don’t reflect real life or me in all situations.<br /> <br />