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A compilation of gear resources available to clients for events involving Audio, Lighting, Video, Staging, Special Effects, Power Distribution, Rigging, Sets, Set Design and more for any type of event including Corporate & Professional Meetings, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Receptions, Fahsion Shows, Festivals, Concerts, Gala\'s, Not for Profit (Non Profit) Events, Graduations, Ground Breaking\'s, Grand Openings, Movie Premiers, Trade Shows, Conventions, and Party\'s of any kind.

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PDA Production Resource Guide

  1. 1. resource guide production design associates Lighting sound Video sets & staging design sales rentals installations • • • • • • • 843.554.3466 2799 three Lakes road n. charleston, sc 29418 www.pdastage.com • •
  2. 2. about pda production design associates has been serving the entertainment and production industry since 1991. pda began as a garage operation with very limited gear and a single delivery van. However, over the last decade our company has experienced consistent growth each year that has sent our crews all across the country. pda’s president, Jeff Nickles, attended the College of Charleston where he majored in theater with a focus on theatrical lighting and staging. because he has been able to work within his chosen field his entire professional career, he is able to provide clients with the value of his experience and creativity. We believe that pda’s success is a testament to the benefits of our hard work and leadership within our company and the community. pda has consistently been active in local fund-raisers and charities. We provide our clients with only the latest equipment and technology that this industry has to offer as well as the technical support needed for successful corporate or private events and presentations. pda was awarded the honor of providing our services at the 2005 presidential Inauguration in Washington, dC, and since has continued working with the White House on many of their events all over the country. pda also provided technical services for the 2004 G8 Summit in Sea Island, Georgia. additionally, pda was privileged to be active in the planning and the production of the events to celebrate the opening of the arthur Ravenel Jr. bridge, in which pda received international acclaim. pda also provided production for the CNN Youtube debates in 2007 and 2008. We believe strongly that continued success is based on our drive to develop long-lasting business relationships, in which communication is our key element. How can we help captivate your target audience? Whether you need to rent a pin spot, purchase a sound system, hire for full production, or simply need consultation; pda is one of the most prepared, innovative, and flexible companies available in today’s production event industry. pda Lighting and Sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  3. 3. ExpERIENCE pda - tHE totaL pRoduCtIoN SoLutIoN pda is a full service lighting, audio, visual and special effects provider specializing in state of the art pro- ductions and installations. the company consists of five divisions — Show production, Sales, Installations, Video production and Repair. our inventory includes a large and comprehensive array of conventional and intelligent lighting, a broad spectrum of audio gear that ranges from powered speakers to concert sound, and a variety of sets and staging. our state of the art Cad design suite provides a visual representation of an event before it happens. From the first consultation all the way through to the completion of an event, pda professionals work to deliver creativity and consistency. While large events are no problem for pda, the company also offers equipment and services to small and medium sized events. Whether you need to pick up a small sound system for your wedding reception or you need a full production for your company’s annual meeting, we’re the ones to call. paRtIaL CLIENt LIStING the 2004 G-8 Summits at Sea Island, Ga the White House at&t Shareholders Meeting 6 (of the total 9) presidential Inauguration balls in 2005 the barnum and bailey Circus the John Kerry for president Campaign the Family Circle Cup (official announcement Ceremony) the Spoleto Festival uSa John McCain 2008 presidential Campaign the american Modeling and talent Convention John Edwards 2008 presidential Campaign universal Studios Escape tour Mitt Romney 2008 presidential Campaign the dixie Chicks Force protection the Charlie daniels band CNN travis tritt Vought / Global aeronautica bMW Corporate Lexus Camel Corporate South Carolina State ports authority Winston Corporate touchstone television the 1996 Republican National Convention (key events) Nucor Steel the 1996 democratic National Convention (key events) Red bull Izod Corporate South Carolina Governor’s office Ginn Company SYSCo Food Services LpGa Verizon Wireless Family Research Council Lee Greenwood WE pRoVIdE pRoduCtIoN FoR tHESE EVENtS: tradeshows Corporate Meetings Fashion Shows Weddings Festivals Wedding Rehearsal dinners political debates Conferences New product Launches Conventions Concerts Charitable Events Ground breakings banquets Grand openings Fundraisers dedications bar and bat Mitzvahs tV Shows press briefings pda Lighting and Sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  4. 4. EquIpMENt a paRtIaL EquIpMENt SuMMaRY LIGHtING VIdEo pRoduCtIoN JVC GY-Hd110u Cameras Martin and Coemar Moving lights LEd pars & Striplights bogan pro Video tripods EtC Lekos Camera Control units (Zoom and Focus) EtC pars Wireless Sennheiser Microphones EtC par bars Grip and Lighting packages pinspots and pinspot bars GLIdECaM V-25 professional Camera Fresnels Steady Cam System uplights Final Cut pro Editing Suite Cyc Lights SpECIaL EFFECtS Followspots dimmers airStar Lighted balloons Consoles airStar Cones power distros Foggers Chain Motors Low-lying Foggers trussing Cryo Jet system Lifts Hazers Mirror balls (3’ to 16”) audIo Strobes powered Speakers and Subs Confetti and Streamers EaW 730 Line array (32 boxes) blacklights EaW 850 System Kabuki Curtain drop EaW Sb 1000 Subs LEd panels and Centerpieces Midas, Yamaha and Crest Consoles MISCELLaNEouS ItEMS EaW Monitors Shure, aKG, and Samson Wireless Mics Sets Clear Com System podiums 360 Instant Replay Staging/Risers Curtains (black, beige, blue) VIdEo Spandex (circles, triangles, rectangles) LCd projectors (various sizes) Inflatables (fly guys and air flames) plasma Monitors Cable troughs tV Monitors (various sizes) Searchlights Video Switchers uS Flags (all sizes) Screens (various sizes) pda Lighting and Sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  5. 5. lighting intelligent lighting We have a large selection of top of the line intelligent moving lights and color changers. they vary in size, brightness and features. Our inventory consists of hard edge lights (able to project patterns), wash lights and stationary color/gobo changers. We can spec in the right light for your event depending upon your needs. etc sOurce FOur par cOeMar striplight etc sOurce FOur lekO this flexible led fixture offers infinite colors, requires little power consumption and generates virtually no heat. great for use as cyc lighting, wall uplighting and footlights. led pars theses color fading fixtures are weatherproof and produce a low power draw—only 36 watts each! 66 units can be plugged into one circuit! they produce no heat, and can be used right on fabric. amazing light output, similar to a 600 watt etc par in color. they fit inside a 12”x12” truss, best of all—unlimited colors. expand yOur event With Our led accessOries What about trying out a fresh idea for your centerpieces, such as our led eggs? these frosted glass eggs are battery powered and operated by remote. these are excellent eye catchers that are sure to add pizzazz to your next event. pda lighting and sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  6. 6. audiO systeMs Mackie 1801 suBWOOFer 18“ powered sub. eaWsB1000eF eaW730 line array pasO systeM suBWOOFers speakers indoor or outdoor use. direct radiating, high output, compact and ideally suited for Battery operated. large-format subwoofer system venues where space is limited, cd player and wireless micro- proven in complementing yet has high output for its size. phone included. high efficiency, full-range it’s also equally effective ground- loudspeakers. stacked as it is flown, making the system extremely versatile. FBt Maxx 4a Mackie 1530 Fender passpOrt systeM pOWered speakers three way powered speaker. includes a microphone and speaker stands. pda lighting and sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  7. 7. videO videO prOductiOn pda’s full service video production facility offers a one-stop shop for video content, including iMag and content for meetings, design content for plasma displays, music videos, corporate marketing and training films, tv commercials and lifestyle videos. Final cut prO plasMas prOjectOrs editing suite. We offer both 42” and 50” We offer a wide range of projec- plasma displays. tors from small to 5k lumens. larger sizes also available. screen sizes (additional Options are available) 6‘ x 9‘ • 7.5’x10’ • 9’x12’ • 10.5‘ x 14‘ • 96” to 100” Tripod ask about our dress kits and skirting to add a polished look to your event. screens can also be flown from ceilings. pda lighting and sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  8. 8. MiscellaneOus set gear truss style BistrO taBle set & Bars looking for on stage props or a nice addition to your trade show booth? these Bistro table sets and Bar add a stylish look with an industrial flare. truss Bar Quantity 3. custom made truss Bar perfect for lighting effects and ties in well with truss structures and pieces. Quantity 2. display MirrOrs perfect for cooking demonstrations, these mirrors allow your audience to clearly see what your presenter is creating. Quantity 4. kaBuki drape do you want to really surprise your group with that “ta-da” unveiling? available in solid gray, this drape takes light very well and will fully drop within seconds to reveal a new product, an entertainment stage, etc. this drape provides 20’x48’ in coverage. austrian drape FiBer Optic curtain Our fiber curtain will make any event spectacular. Measuring 20’ high by 40’ wide, this classically elegant, Black velour drape that has the ability to change colors working drape provides a dramatic event backdrop. and twinkle, projecting star-like effects. it is made of ultra light weight brushed beige Quantity 2, 16’ x 20’. material which has the ability to take light extremely well and will reflect any color. pda lighting and sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  9. 9. specialty items cRyO Jet stagiNg the cryo-Jet is a cryogenic effect system We offer all aluminum non-skid stag- capable of making plumes of cryofog ing. the platforms are 4‘ x 8‘, and up to 30’ high. it produces a white, are available in 12” and 24” heights. jet like blast that dissipates instantly. Black skirting is standard. Other heights are available and the cryo-Jet system can be used with can be custom ordered. the high pressure liquid co2 tanks or refrigerated liquid Dewar tanks to caNDle hOlDeRs add to its versatility. this effect can be used for many applications from We have custom aluminum candle theatrical shows to Night clubs. it holders. these holders are available is a great effect for stage entrances, in three different heights, are silver in and dance parties. color and can hold up to a 3” wide candle. these are useful for religious ceremonies, set décor, and parties. seaRch lights two models available, a 4k and a 1.2k. these units will project a moving beam of light into the air that is visable miRROR Balls for miles (distance varies according to ambient light and weather conditions). available in sizes ranging from Both require power, the 4k needs a 12” all the way up to 3’. add an 208v connection and the 1.2k uses a intelligent light to change color standard edison outlet. and you got a great centerpiece for a room. cONfetti & stReameRs We have a large selection of confetti and streamer launch- ers. these can be fired remotely, and can be packed with custom colors. you can also launch other paper items such as money, coupons and certificates. ameRicaN flags We have flags in many sizes ranging from 3’x5’ to 30’x50’. pDa lighting and sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  10. 10. pODiums the “plaNtatiON” WOODeN pODium the traditional style of this lectern adds a touch of southern elegance to any event. Quantity two. the “executive” mahOgaNy pODium provides the speaker with an optional side resting place for a laptop, various presentation aids, etc. Quantity two. the “visiON” acRylic pODium perfect for corporate and political events where you wouldn’t want to detract from the speaker or the background. Quantity two. tRuss pODium attractive modern styling that can be tied into truss set designs. two styles available. Quantity two. pDa lighting and sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  11. 11. spaNDex set pieces RectaNgle spaNDex great for backdrops or even as a projection surface. these spandex pieces take light and images very well to insure you are getting the greatest potential from your event lighting. tRiaNgle & ciRcle shapeD spaNDex pDa carries a wide variety of sizes in the triangle spandex shapes, and several circle shapes with form frames. these spandex shapes provide a creative way to warm up a large space and add interest. these pieces take light and images wonderfully, too. pDa lighting and sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  12. 12. sets st1 aND st2 spaNDex sets Both spandex sets are made with our décor truss and custom spandex pieces. you can enhance the set with moving and or leD color changing lights. they are easy to set up and have a big impact on a room. they are much less expensive to rent and set up than a conventional hard set. the dimensions of the st1 are 16’ high x 100’ long. the dimensions of the st2 are 15’ high x 38’ long. the flex set the flex set consists of metal frames with interchangeable inserts. the pieces come in 4’ x 4’ metal frames and can be connected together in various configurations to form large sets. With proper lighting, they form a very impressive set. flex sets can also be used individually for entrances and stage/room décor. pDa lighting and sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  13. 13. sets the iDea set the idea set consists of a wall system and is flex- ible in design allowing for customized paint, fabric and textures. it ice flOe set can also be customized with logos. this spandex set is a combination of several pieces given shape by their aluminum frames. there are several different ways to position these set pieces; creating various creative looks. this is a perfect backdrop or ceiling treatment for corporate events or concerts. the chaRlestON RaiNBOW ROW haRD set this replica of the signature block of charleston homes is 12’h x 32’l. this is certain to be the perfect backdrop for your next corporate meeting, charitable event or banquet. this set can be divided into multiple sections. pDa lighting and sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  14. 14. iNflataBles aiR flames & fly guys these whimsical products are brought to life by 16” fans, so they are an excellent choice for outdoor and indoor events. Our air flames are available in solid gold or silver. Our fly guys are available in solid red, blue, or green. aiRstaR cONes airstar’s cones are air-filled and aiRstaR BallOONs provide 360 degrees of non-glaring light. they can be used indoors airstar’s helium filled, floating or air filled, or outdoors. perfect as decor for ground supported sphere products provide events or can be customized with 360 degrees of illumination that are so dis- your company logo. thet are avail- tinctive that they have been used all over the able in 9' and 13'. world for corporate & private events. emits soft, non-glaring light. customize with your company logo, or ask about our selection of decorative covers. pDa lighting and sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  15. 15. tRuss stRuctuRes & pieces custom truss structures are perfect for tradeshow booths and décor elements that reflect the industrial style look and feel. We have many different configurations available. stick of truss on a base, with colorful lighting, and custom spandex sock. available in 5’ to 20’ in height. using a leD par in the add a leD paR for stick of truss creates colorful infinite color changing effects. lighting and tones its shape. pDa lighting and sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  16. 16. set pieces Jelly fish these decorative fiber optic bundles have the ability to change color, twinkle, or flash. Jelly fish can be hung or draped over items such as bars, truss towers, buffets or florals. a unique addition to most any function. Quantity 4. phOeNix cOlumNs these modern, free standing columns are 8’ tall and made of spandex with an internal support system. phoenix columns are great for set pieces, room décor and entrances. they take light extremely well, and will reflect any color. Quantity 4. sky cOlumNs free standing columns 8’ and 4’ tall are made of truss and plexi-glass panels. sky columns are great for set pieces, room décor and entrances. When internally lit, using the leD pars, they have the ability to glow in any color. the 8’ columns can be mounted to the top of the 4’ bases to add additional height. Quantity 4 each. pDa lighting and sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  17. 17. innOvAtive StyLe & functiOn PDA are experts in architectural lighting design and can enhance any shape or structure with dramatic lighting and special effects. Our trained technicians bring innovative design and experience which will make an impression that lasts. PDA Lighting and Sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  18. 18. innOvAtive StyLe & functiOn PDA Lighting and Sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  19. 19. innOvAtive StyLe & functiOn PDA Lighting and Sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  20. 20. innOvAtive StyLe & functiOn PDA Lighting and Sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  21. 21. innOvAtive StyLe & functiOn PDA Lighting and Sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  22. 22. innOvAtive StyLe & functiOn PDA Lighting and Sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  23. 23. innOvAtive StyLe & functiOn PDA Lighting and Sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com
  24. 24. innOvAtive StyLe & functiOn PDA Lighting and Sound • 843.554.3466 • www.pdastage.com