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Passing and Stickwork Drills for Girls Lacrosse


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Looking for more passing and stickwork drills for girls lacrosse? This presentation has many of the best drills to utilize. See thousands of lacrosse instructional videos at

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Passing and Stickwork Drills for Girls Lacrosse

  1. 1. Passing  Drills  for  Girls  Lacrosse  as   Seen  on  Kudda  
  2. 2. Passing  Drill  #1   In  this  2  person  passing  drill,  the  ball  starts  in  M1’s  right  s?ck.  M1   passes  to  her  partner  who  catches  with  her  s?ck  in  her  leC  hand.    The   red  line  will  have  their  s?cks  upfield,  in  their  leC  hand  while  the  blue   line  keeps  their  s?cks  in  their  right  hand.     As  soon  as  the  first  group  gets  out  10  yards  the  next  players  in  line  go.   Drill  can  be  done  with  ground  balls  as  well  
  3. 3. Passing  Drill  #2   This  is  a  3  person  weave.  Players  go  behind  the  players  they  pass  to.   Red  player  passes  to  A1,  who  catches  with  s?ck  in  right  hand.  Red  then   goes  behind  A1.  A1  passes  over  to  M1,  cuMng  to  middle.  M1  catches   with  s?ck  in  leC  hand  and  then  switches  and  throws  to  Red  with  right   hand.  
  4. 4. Passing  Drill  #3   Begin  by  passing  to  the  right  side  of  the  player  breaking  away.  M1  passes   to  M3  who  has  s?ck  to  the  outside.  M3  catches  and  passes  to  a  breaking   M2.  ACer  30  seconds,  switch  and  go  the  opposite  direc?on  catching  and   throwing  w/  the  leC  hand.  Work  on  communica?on.  Work  on  catching  and   throwing  w/out  a  lot  of  cradling.   Right  handed   LeC  handed  
  5. 5. Passing  Drill  #4   This  is  a  simple  shuSle  line.  Work  on  passing  with  the  right  hand  making   sure  you  throw  across  your  body  and  catch  with  your  outside  hand…the   right  hand.  Then  switch  to  throw  and  catch  with  your  leC  hand.   Right  handed   LeC  handed  
  6. 6. Passing  Drill  #5   This  works  on  “Over-­‐the-­‐Shoulder”  catching.  Blue  passes  to  the  2nd  person   in  the  Red  line  who  catches  and  makes  a  high  “loopy”  pass  to  the  first  Red   player  who  makes  an  over  the  shoulder  catch.  Allow  the  player  room  to   run  under  this  catch.  The  Red  player  than  passes  to  the  2nd  Blue  player  as   the  first  Blue  breaks  out  to  receive  an  Over-­‐the-­‐Shoulder  pass.  ACer  a  few   minutes,  switch  and  reverse  direc?ons  and  catch  with  your  leC  hand.   Part  1   Part  2  
  7. 7. Passing  Drill  #6   Passing  with  Pressure.  You  set  the  defense  up  into  4  “Zones”.     The  zones  are:   1)  12M  to  Restraining   2)  Restraining  to  Half     3)  Half  to  Restraining   4)  Restraining  to  12M     The  object  is  for  A1  and  A2  to  pass  through  each  zone  while  the  2   defenders  in  that  zone  try  to  intercept  or  knock  the  ball  down.  Once  the   aSackers  clear  a  zone  they  proceed  into  the  next  zone  trying  to  reach   the  last  zone  for  a  shot  on  goal.  Each  pair  rotates  to  the  leC.  
  8. 8. Passing  Drill  #7   This  is  a  full  field  team  passing  working  on  Over-­‐the-­‐Shoulder  catches.   Goalie  passes  to  a  breaking  player  who  catches  and  passes  to  next   player  to  another  for  a  shot.  Opposite  goalie  repeats  this  drill.  You   should  have  coaches  near  the  goalies  with  plenty  of  extra  balls  to  keep   the  drill  running.  
  9. 9. Catching  and  Shoo?ng  Drill  8   This  drill  starts  with  the  balls  and  feeds  coming  from  behind  the  goal.  A1   does  a  roll  dodge  behind  the  goal  to  gain  some  separa?on  from  her   defending  while  M1  cuts  to  goal.  A1  passes  with  leC  hand  and  M1  catches   with  her  right  hand  and  shoots  (figure  1).  As  soon  as  M1  clears  the  area,   A3  starts  a  roll  dodge  from  the  other  side  and  passes  right  hand  to  a   cuMng  M3  who  catches  with  her  leC  hand  and  shoots  (figure  2).  Players   rotate  clockwise.   Figure 1 Figure 2
  10. 10. Catching  and  Shoo?ng  Drill  9   The  feeds  will  now  come  from  up  top.  M3  does  a  roll  dodge  to  create   space  and  then  passes  with  their  leC  hand  to  a  cuMng  A3  who  catches  and   shoots  with  her  leC  hand  (figure  3).       As  soon  as  A3  clears  the  space,  M1  roll  dodges  and  passes  right  handed  to   a  cuMng  A2  who  catches  and  shoots  with  her  leC  hand  (figure  4).    Players  rotate  clockwise.   Figure 3 Figure 4
  11. 11. Strong  Hand  Passing   As  the  players  pass  and  catch,  it  is  very  important  that  their  feet  remain   ac?ve.  They  should  be  constantly  moving  side  to  side  simula?ng  a  dodge.   They  also  need  to  work  on  their  weaker  hands  but  remind  them  to  keep   moving!  
  12. 12. Catch  and  Throw  Rou?ne   The  players  are  in  pairs  throwing  to  their  partner  about  10  yards  away.   They  catch  with  their  right  hand,  quick  face  dodge  while  switching  hands,   and  pass  with  their  leC  hand.  They  then  catch  with  leC,  face  dodge  and   switch  hands,  and  pass  with  their  right  hand.  They  need  to  keep  their  feet   ac?ve  and  be  moving.   Passing Underneath the Defender’s Stick The  next  progression  is  to  now  have  them  pass  and  catch  with  their  right   hand.  The  pass  is  now  a  scoop  from  underneath  as  they  bring  their  s?ck   down  to  their  knee.  Try  to  get  a  liSle  bit  of  a  loop  and  [pass  to  the   shoulder  area.  ACer  a  few  throws  they  can  then  switch  hands  and  pass   and  catch  with  their  leC  hand.  
  13. 13. Partner  Passing  Videos    As  Seen  in  the  Janine  Tucker  Videos   on  Kudda  
  14. 14. Partner  Passing  Drop  Step   As  partners  pair  up  to  pass  and  catch,  there  are  a  series  of  drills  that  can   be  used  to  add  “flavor”  to  these  drills  while  working  on  footwork.  The  first   is  the  Drop  Step.  When  the  player  catches  the  ball,  have  them  take  3-­‐4   steps  back  in  order  to  create  space  between  her  and  her  defender.  This  is   par?cularly  effec?ve  when  they  are  looking  to  feed.  
  15. 15. Partner  Passing  Drop  Step  w/  Half  Turn   The  next  progression  is  to  add  a  half  turn  aCer  drop  stepping.  The  right   handed  players  drop  with  their  right  foot,  turn  their  shoulders  to  protect   the  s?ck  and  then  return  the  ball  to  their  partner.  ACer  a  few  passes,   make  sure  you  also  prac?ce  with  the  leC  hand,  dropping  the  leC  foot  and   turning  ½  way.  
  16. 16. Partner  Passing  Drop  Step  w/  Full  Turn   The  next  progression  is  to  add  a  FULL    turn  aCer  drop  stepping.  Players   want  to  exaggerate  the  turn…  really  open  the  hips  and  be  able  to  look  at   their  partner.  This  helps  to  get  the  players  to  move  their  feet  and  get  used   to  having  the  ball  in  their  s?ck  as  they  move  around  
  17. 17. Partner  Passing  Drop  Step  w/  Turnaround   The  next  progression  is  adding  a  full  turnaround  aCer  catching  the  ball.   Players  will  catch  and  drop  step,  open  their  hips  as  in  the  Full  turn   sequence.  However,  in  this  drill  they  con?nue  to  open  their  hips  and   actually  turn  around  and  movement  up  field  before  passing.  Have  them   “follow  their  s?ck  head”  around  to  ensure  they  are  turning  properly.     Protect  the  s?ck  with  their  body.  Players  will  want  to  bait  a  defender  into   checking  while  spinning  away  and  moving  up  field.    
  18. 18. Partner  Passing  Drop  Step  w/  Split  Dodge   The  final  progression  is  adding  a  split  dodge  aCer  the  drop  step.       Players  will:   1.  Catch       2.  Drop  step   3.  Split  dodge       This  will  simulate  a  player  catching  the  ball,  feeling  pressure  and  then   trying  to  beat  their  defender  w/  a  split  dodge.      
  19. 19. 2  Pass  Weave  Drill   This  is  a  basic  3  man  weave  that  finished  with  a  shot.  The  player  goes   behind  the  person  they  just  passed  towards.  It  is  important  that  you  take   good  angles,  cut  into  the  middle  of  the  field.  Always  catch  the  ball  with  the   outside  hands.    
  20. 20. 5  Point  Passing  Drill   This  focuses  on  quick  passing  around  the  8  M.  The  ball  is  quickly  passed   around  with  A3  finishing  with  a  shot.  Players  need  to  follow  their  pass  and   go  behind  the  person  they  just  passed  towards.    
  21. 21. Breakout  Drill   ACer  the  goalie  makes  a  save,  the  players  must  “breakout”  to  provide   proper  passing  lanes  and  op?ons.  The  2  down  defenders,  D1  and  D3,   banana  run  below  GLE.  This  allows  them  to  see  any  pressure.  The  other   defenders  and  middies  breakout  in  curling  runs  as  well.  Communica?on  is   key  so  the  field  can  stay  balanced.