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Tdd like beethoven


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Published in: Technology
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Tdd like beethoven

  1. 1. TDD like Beethoven José E. Rodríguez Huerta (@jrhuerta)
  2. 2. Beethoven @jrhuerta
  3. 3. @jrhuerta
  4. 4. The Constraints Get a small problem you want to solve in code You can use all the documentation you need You can use a text editor with syntax highlighting, but… @jrhuerta
  5. 5. The Constraints Do not compile or run the solution! Do not use auto-complete! @jrhuerta
  6. 6. “composing” @jrhuerta
  7. 7. “composing” Come up with a test and write it down in the text editor. Reason about why it must fail right now. @jrhuerta
  8. 8. “composing” Write down the code that will make the test green. Explain to yourself why it will make the test pass. Double check for syntax errors, exceptions... @jrhuerta
  9. 9. “composing” Refactor the code. Explain to yourself/PARTNER why the refactoring is better. Explain why all the tests still pass. Double check for syntax errors, exceptions, ... @jrhuerta
  10. 10. “composing” Repeat until finished @jrhuerta
  11. 11. GRAND OPENING @jrhuerta
  12. 12. GRAND OPENING Compile and run Change the code so it runs and compiles Write down all the changes you had to make @jrhuerta
  13. 13. Powerful Questions How did it feel? Why was it different? How is it going to help you? @jrhuerta
  14. 14. THANK YOU for PARTICIPATING! and to David Tanzer for the original idea! @jrhuerta