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Graphic Organizers for Fun and Learning from RTC


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Graphic Organizers for Fun and Learning from RTC

  1. 1. Graphic Organizers for Fun and Learning And, can we please get away from the VENN DIAGRAM for everything?
  2. 2. Hierarchical Organizers
  3. 3. Spider Organizers
  4. 4. OK, here’s a Venn Diagram that works. Instead of the double circle, this leaves reasonable space for each item.
  5. 5. PLACE CHARACTERS PROBLEM SOLUTION TIME Simple, but effective, this organizer is just more fun than a list!
  6. 6. HIERARCHICAL SEARCH WEB Turn this one in any direction that works for your needs!
  7. 7. FISHBONE
  8. 8. This is actually a Mind Map about Mind Mapping. A great way for the visual learner to take notes.
  9. 9. While summarizing is on the lowest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, a great number of students have difficulty with it. This little tool solves that problem and at the same time adds some other skills. Students must determine the value of their words. i.e. “Do I waste a word by using ‘the’ or ‘a’ or can I leave it out and still get my meaning across?” ”
  10. 10. Graphic Organizers for Fun and Learning This material is taken from courses designed by The Regional Training Center offering graduate courses for teachers face2face in NJ, PA and MD and online. For more info go to or call 800.433-4740