CEOP-AE                                 EGIS 2011 A                                           Advanced Training Programme ...
DAY 1: TU        UESDAY ( MAY)               (17                                                                          ...
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Ceop aegis2011 training course-daily-programme_v11_05_12

  1. 1. CEOP-AE EGIS 2011 A Advanced Training Programme P e (Versi 12 May 2011) ion y Date 17-19 May, 2011 e: Venue: 70 Zonghe Bu 06 uilding, CMA Training Cen nter, BeijingIntroductio onThe objective of the ad dvanced train ning course i to introdu the stake is uce eholders/parti icipants from China and m dAsian coun ntries to the C CEOP-AEGIS project re esults related to in-situ a earth ob d and bservation, re etrievals and dmodeling of land surfac processes and land-atm f ce mosphere int teractions wi emphasis on the Tibe ith s etan Plateau..The course will includ short theo de ory, instrum ments, validat tion, retrievals and mod deling and aapplications..Practical sessions will b organized with hands- exercises with data c be d -on s collected in d different wor packages. rk .Lecturers ar experts re re esponsible fo the releva project t for ant tasks. Furtheermore, this occasion wi provide a illfeedback to the CEOP-A AEGIS conso ortium from the stakeholders of the p project.The advanced training course will ta place in C c ake CMA, Beijin in the per ng, riod 17-19 May 2011. MThe program mme will co over availabl products in CEOP-AE le i EGIS projec according to the relevance for the ct estakeholders. The course will consis of lectures demonstrat st s, tions and exe ercises in 3 d days. The tar rget group is ssenior techn nical staff of the stakeho older institutions, like m meteorological and water agencies o China and r of dother Asia countries. Fuurthermore, PhD student MSc stud ts, dents, and po ostdocs may admitted when there ybe d ewill be avai ilable places. .Language o the course: English (tea of : aching mater and prese rial entations) wi Chinese translation w ith t whennecessary.DAY 0: M MONDAY (16 MAY) Remar rk15:30-18:00 REGISTR RATION At the venue: 706 Zonghe Buildin CMA Train Z ng, ning CenterRemark: the first day co e oncentrates o on: 1.) Info ormation abo the whole project out e 2.) Measurement/si imple observvation techniques with fo ocus on the an nalysis of me easured dataDAY 1: TU UESDAY ( MAY) (17 REF. R LECT TURERS Rema ark08:00-08:30 REGISTRA ATION CMA O Official (Dr. Y Yuping Yan)/ Opening & Overview of the f CEOP P-AEGIS PI (P Prof. Massimo o08:30-09:00 training course Menen ITC repre nti)/ esentative (Pr rof. Bob Su u) Project inttroduction: CE EOP- D1L1 D + CEO OP-AEGIS Ma anagement (P Prof. Lectu ure09:00-9:30 AEGIS Li Jia, Prof. Massim Menenti) mo Satellite ob bservations: fr ractional D1L2 D (Prof. Guangjian Y f. Yan) Lectu ure 9:30-10:30 cover, leaf area index f10:30-11:00 Coffee brea – group pic ak cture11:00-12:30 Satellite ob bservations: la surface D and D1L3 (Prof. Qinhuo Liu) Lectu ure temperatur re12:30-14:00 LunchTo be continu on the nex page ued xt 1
  2. 2. DAY 1: TU UESDAY ( MAY) (17 Rema ark REF. R LECT TURERSCONTINUATI ION FROM THE PREVIOUS P E PAGE14:00-15:00 Ground-ba ased observatio ons: D1L4 D (Prof. Yaoming Ma) ) Lectu ure measureme variables a sites ent and15:00-15:45 D1E1 D (Dr. Jé Jérȏme Colin, D Zoltán Dr. Intro video and CEOP-AEG data porta GIS al Vekerd Lichun Wa dy, ang) lectur to the re introductio on exerccise15:45-16:15 Coffee brea ak16:15-17:30 CEOP-AEG data porta GIS al D1E1 D (Dr. Z Zoltán Vekerdy Lichun Wan y, ng, Exerc cise Dr. Jé érȏme Colin)17:30-19:30 Ice breaker (all participa r ants)Remark: Th second day concentrates on observ he y vation for sur rface hydrolo ogical param metersDAY 2: W WEDNESDA (18 MA AY AY) REF. R LECT TURER Remark 08:30-9:30 Energy baalance & evapo oration D2L1 D (Prof. Bob Su) f. Lecture 9:30-10:30 Water resoources: Energyy D2E1 D (Lichu Wang MSc Dr. Zoltán un c, Exercise balance & evaporation Vekerrdy) (Exercise))10:30-11:00 0 Coffee breeak11:00-12:30 Water resoources: Energyy D2E2 D (Lichu Wang MSc Dr. Zoltán un c, Exercise balance & evaporation Vekerrdy) (Exercise))12:30-14:00 0 Lunch14:00-15:00 Soil moistture D2L2 D (Prof. Bob Su) f. Lecture15:00-15:45 Water resoources: Energyy D2E3 D (Lichu Wang MSc Dr. Zoltán un c, Exercise balance & evaporation Vekerrdy) (Exercise))15:45-16:15 5 Coffee breeak16:15-18:00 Water resoources: Soil m moisture D2E4 D (Lichu Wang MSc Dr. Zoltán un c, Exercise time series (Exercise) s Vekerrdy)Remark: Th third day c he concentrates on the integration of info ormation for water balan related ap r nce pplications:drought monitoring, and feedbacks f practical applications of CEOP-A d for AEGIS results s.DAY 3: TH HURSDAY (19 MAY Y Y) REF. R LECCTURER Remark R 08:30-09:30 0 Satellite observations: snow D3L1 D (Prof Jian Wang) f. Lecture L 09:30-10:30 0 Satellite b based droughtt D3L2 D (Prof Li Jia) f. Lecture L monitorin ng10:30-11:00 0 Coffee brreak11:00-12:30 0 Satellite b based droughtt D3E1 D (Prof Li Jia) f. Exercise E monitorin (Exercise) ng12:30-14:00 0 Lunch14:00-15:45 5 Feedback session on p k practical D3F1 D CMA & all lecture & all A ers In nteractive session challengees partic cipants15:45-16:15 5 Coffee brreak16:15-18:00 0 Feedback session abou k ut D3F2 D CMA & all lecture & all A ers In nteractive session possible implementatio of on partic cipants CEOP-A AEGIS results in practice 18:00-18:30 0 CLOSING G CMA & CEOP-AE A EGIS Presentation of certificates P f 2