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World Religions Week 2 - Hinduism


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What do Hindus believe? How do they see the world? What do Christians and Hindus have in common, and what are the major differences?

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World Religions Week 2 - Hinduism

  1. 1. World ReligionsThe Gospel and Friendship in a Pluralistic Suburb
  2. 2. What Do You Know? How long have you been 1. at Beavercreek Nazarene? Do you have any personal experience 2. with Hinduism? 3. What do you know about Hinduism? What questions do you have 4. about Hinduism?
  3. 3. Our “Mars Hill” Methodology • A basic introduction to the faith’s worldview 1. • Areas of agreement between that faith and 2. Orthodox Christian theology and practice • Areas of disagreement between that faith 3. and Orthodox Christian theology and practiceGOAL: To equip you to build a truth-seekingrelationship with someone of another faith.
  4. 4. HinduismBeyond Karma and Cows
  5. 5. A Brief History of HinduismReally a history of India• No founder• Many influences• Difficult to identify
  6. 6. A Brief History of HinduismThe Vedas – Pre-1500 BC The Upanishads - 500 BC- Aryan migration into The Bhagavad Gita – 200the Indus Valley BC-AD 200 - Collection of about 100- Proto-Greek pantheon works with 12 key texts - Modern Hinduism in 2- Vedas are sacred rituals - Movement toward a ½ hours& chants sort of monotheism - Part of an epic poem- Rig Veda is most - Spiritual disciplinesimportant. connect worshipers to - Features Krishna, an God avatar of Vishnu - Duty in life is the path to enlightenment.
  7. 7. The Hindu Worldview Maya Re- incarnation Samsara Brahman Karma Atman
  8. 8. The Hindu Worldview: Brahman and Maya Maya Re-incarnation Samsara Brahman Brahman • The Ocean of Divine Reality Karma Atman Maya • Reality is Impermanence
  9. 9. The Hindu Worldview: Samsara Maya Re- incarnation Samsara Brahman Karma Atman
  10. 10. The Hindu Worldview: Atman Maya Atman Re-incarnation Samsara Brahman Karma Atman •Our true “self” •Eternally changing
  11. 11. The Hindu Worldview: Karma & Reincarnation Maya Karma Re- Samsaraincarnation • Moral consequence of action Brahman • Determines direction of rebirth Karma Atman Reincarnation • Our Atman is constantly reborn
  12. 12. The Hindu Worldview: Moksha Maya Re- Samsaraincarnation Brahman Moksha • Escape from Samsara Karma Atman and reunification with Brahman
  13. 13. Dharma: The Path to Enlightenment Renunciation Retiree HouseholderStudent
  14. 14. Yoga: The Paths to Enlightenment Devotion/Study Karma Meditation Yoga Bhakti
  15. 15. Bhakti: The Gods of Hinduism Brahma Vishnu Shiva • Creator • Preserver/Sustainer • Destroyer/Recreator • Not very popular • Most popular • A natural part of Brahma Samsara • Visits earth as an Avatar BrahmanShiva Vishnu
  16. 16. Building Bridges to Hinduism Devotion to God God’s Immanence The Danger of the Material World Spiritual Practices are a path to God Grace: Only God can release us from suffering
  17. 17. Hindus and Christians Both Value A relationship with God Peacemaking as a spiritual practice Taking care of the natural world Spiritual practices
  18. 18. Where Hinduism and Christianity Disagree Trinity • God is three persons in one being • God is distinct from creation • God is always unified Brahman • All gods are one essence • Gods’ essence is identical to creation • The “Big 3” are Modalism
  19. 19. Where Hinduism and Christianity Disagree Creation • Good gifts from God • Point back to God • Creation is God’s final plan Maya • Creation is fundamentally impermanent • Gets in the way of God • Will ultimately be reabsorbed
  20. 20. Where Hinduism and Christianity Disagree Grace • XXX • XXX Karma • XXX • XXX
  21. 21. Where Hinduism and Christianity Disagree Just In repeats Hinduism Some- Christians Believe The World Is Going whereEvery- Timething Is Cyclical
  22. 22. How to be a Perfect Stranger Not all Indians are Hindu! You may refuse food at a puja. Shoes off in the home. Meals will be vegetarian. Use your right hand. Always.
  23. 23. Got Questions? • • @jrforasteros • Submit Questions