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Revelation Week 8 - The Wine of God's Wrath

  1. The Revelation to John Week 8– The Wine of God’s Wrath Welcome! Please take one of each of the papers laid out by the sink!
  2. 7 Letters to 7 Churches (Revelation 1-3)
  3. The Throne Room (Revelation 4-11)
  4. Cosmic War (Revelation 12-22)
  5. The Eternal Gospel?
  6. The Gospel Fear God and give him glory, for the hour of his judgment has come; and worship him who made heaven and earth, the sea and the springs of water. -- Revelation 14:7 (NRS)
  7. The Wine of Fornication Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! She has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.” -- Revelation 14:8 (NRS)
  8. Empire as Wrath
  9. The Harvest
  10. Jesus and Empire
  11. The New Exodus
  12. So What?
  13. For Next Week Read chapter 17-19:8. • Who are the two women? Compare and contrast them. • Attend the Whore’s funeral. Who’s mourning there? Who might be their modern day equivalents?

Editor's Notes

  1. The core issue: How do we remain faithful in a faithless culture?
  2. Rival Eschatologies:John is taken behind the veil to see:Who’s really on the throne? Rome? NOPE!God is bringing the world to an end, and the Church is called to bear witness to it!
  3. The Dragon is angry because he’s been cast down. He’s been defeated and time is short. The only way he can hurt God is to hurt God’s children. And the only way to hurt us is to get us to compromise, to abandon Jesus. How will he do that?The Dragon empowers Empire (in the form of a monstrous beast) who uses force, coercion and intimidation to convince the world to follow it. Some within the Church advocate compromise, and so we see the two armies: God, the Lamb and the Church against the Dragon, the Beast and the Land Beast.