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  1. 1. famuze.comInterview 1
  2. 2. famuze.comMiranda Chung-Wei HuangStudent in Madrid(2010-2011)Directing assistant in Taipei (2011-2012)Student in Philadelphia(2012-)“The Spanish will probably keep their eyes on a chinawith function as a HEATER!”Phenomena(1)Central heating in appartmentyet frequently stop out of a sudden(2)No thick blanket used due to heating(3)Attraction of china can be greatConclusionThe Spanish shall be willing topurchase a China heater on thecondition of the artistic designand the efficiency of heating
  3. 3. famuze.comInterview 2
  4. 4. − Female, 17, Single− Bemowo, Warszawa, Poland− Student, School of Architecture & Constructionfamuze.comMagda DomagałaPersona
  5. 5. Weather in Poland is really different inevery season. During summer there are alot of really hot days, and during winterreally cold days; Autumn is always windyand rainy; spring is usually sunny andeveryone is happy about the weather inApril or May. So basically Poles complainabout weather [when] temperatures goesto their extreme, like when it s really hotlike more than 30°C and really cold likeless than -15°C. I think that extremetemperatures can be [the] definition ofdissatisfaction in Poland.famuze.comMagda DomagałaPersona“Poles complain about weather [when]temperatures goes to their extreme.”
  6. 6. Needs:Appliances providing coolness and heatdepending on the weatherfamuze.comMagda DomagałaPersona
  7. 7. Interview
  8. 8. − Female, 21− Aarhus, Denmark− Student, Business, Aarhus Universitetfamuze.comValentina T. DumitrachePersona
  9. 9. Weather [in Denmark] tends to change[every] hour. It is a true nuisance when forexample it starts raining and its sunny [amoment later]. In sunny days of summereveryone is super happy and active,whereas in winter people are a bitsluggish, and some foreign students getdepressions because the winter is quitelong.famuze.comPersona“In winter people are a bit sluggish, andsome foreign students get depressions.”Valentina T. Dumitrache
  10. 10. Needs:Winter sun. Things that bring warmth andbrightness into the cold long winter.famuze.comPersonaValentina T. Dumitrache
  11. 11.