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From UX to Product Management


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This presentation discusses my experience transitioning from UX to Product Management. I include some skills that UXers need to successfully make the move to Product.

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From UX to Product Management

  1. 1. FROM UX TO PRODUCT MANAGEMENT 01 March 2017 | amUX Atlanta, GA @janerguthrie JANE GUTHRIE
  2. 2. #fabiothedog (a little about me)
  3. 3. (client soup) @janerguthrie
  4. 4. UX flavors Information Architect User Experience Architect Interaction Designer User Experience Researcher User Experience Strategist @janerguthrie
  5. 5. What’s next? @janerguthrie
  6. 6. A QUIC K POLL @janerguthrie
  7. 7. "A balanced team is an autonomous group of people with a variety of skills and perspectives that support each other towards a shared goal. It has all the resources and authority it needs to complete projects on its own. It values cross-disciplinary collaboration and iterative delivery.”
  8. 8. Product Manager UX (Interaction Design & Research) Engineering Anchor Balanced Team More info: @janerguthrie
  9. 9. Pairin g @janerguthrie
  10. 10. Photo: Shared Ownership @janerguthrie
  11. 11. Shared @janerguthrie
  12. 12. Why is this IMPORTANT ? @janerguthrie
  13. 13. - Bruce Tuckman Forming Storming Norming Performing Stages of Team Formation @janerguthrie
  14. 14. Image credit:
  15. 15. XP (Extreme Programming) Paired Programming Test-driven development Continuous Integration Short Releases @janerguthrie
  16. 16. Bitbucket “Spooning” @janerguthrie
  17. 17. Bitbucket “Spooning” @janerguthrie
  18. 18. At a high-level…. UX Tech Business Here! @janerguthrie
  19. 19. The base responsibility of product managers is to understand the market and guide the development of a product to serve their market.@janerguthrie
  20. 20. But what does a PM do?
  21. 21.  collects and prioritizes requirements, requests and user research/feedback @janerguthrie
  22. 22.  Maintains the backlog -- ensuring it reflects current priorities with MVP in mind  Breaks down big ideas into manageable pieces  Establishes a reliable way to estimate stories
  23. 23.  facilitates team meetings  Standups  Storytime  Iteration Planning  Retro @janerguthrie
  24. 24.  Is on-site and embedded with the team full time Photo: JD Hancock / Flickr
  25. 25.  Participates in user research
  26. 26.  ensures a predictable output of frequent releases
  27. 27. Ooooh! That sounds awesome! @janerguthrie
  28. 28. Stuff UX does that Product doesn’t…
  29. 29. Get really hands-on Photo:
  30. 30. Shoot for perfection @janerguthrie
  31. 31. Have the Expertise @janerguthrie
  32. 32. Are you still into it?
  33. 33. So what skills do I need to go from UX To product?
  34. 34. •Soft skills - this is probably the hardest - this not something that is necessarily natural for people, but it can be learned! • Leadership • As a Product Manager, you’re the mini-CEO of your domain • You’ve gotta know what you’re talking about so you can lead by example • Strategic Thinking • As the PM, you need to have a vision for your product • on Balanced Team, you and the team come up with the Vision together, so that everyone has had input and can buy into it • [share template] • I put our Vision Statement in front the team so that we always have that in mind • It’s really useful when we onboard new people as well • We also collaborate on our Persona • With a lean approach, we collaborate on a provisional Persona and iterate on it over time • Build empathy and shared understanding with your team • Building relationships with all stakeholders • Influencing • Cheerleading • This also includes being the internal face of and cheerleader for the product. Especially in organizations with many products, product managers need to generate interest and excitement within the organization about their vision and roadmap. Soft Skills
  35. 35. Build empathy & shared understanding Trusting Team-building Giving feedback Building stakeholder relationships Cheerleading Influencing Letting Go Transparency Soft Skills @janerguthrie
  36. 36. Leadership & Strategy
  37. 37. UX Skills
  38. 38. Business Knowledge Curiosity Responsibilit y
  39. 39. So… what’s gone well?
  40. 40. The biggest room in the world, is the room for improvement. @janerguthrie
  41. 41. “The best way to learn about Product Management is to speak to people who have been doing it for longer than you.” - James Gadsby Peet Mind The Product blog @janerguthrie
  42. 42. Upcoming Workshop: Product Discovery: Preparing for Lean User Research March 25, 2017 | 9am-12pm More Info & Registration: 25% off w/code “amux”
  43. 43. Thank you! Twitter: @janerguthrie Email: