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Fidelity and the Art of Persuasion: How to Sell Your UX Vision


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So you have a killer idea and you are ready to sell through your UX vision. You’ve got various internal and external stakeholders that you need to get on board. They have varying levels of technical savvy and involvement. But in a world of cross-channel experiences with an ever-growing number of touchpoints, communicating a vision can be a challenge.

This deck covers the key ingredients you’ll need to sell a UX vision. I will examine ways to craft your UX deliverables so that they tell a story in a way that clearly communicates your vision. I will also discuss the importance of selling the vision to your internal team as well as your external audience. And finally, I will touch on how to adjust the fidelity of deliverables based on an audience’s needs and expectations in order to make sure that the presentation elevates the content of the work. And we’ll explore tools and techniques to make deliverables fun, engaging and memorable.

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Fidelity and the Art of Persuasion: How to Sell Your UX Vision

  1. 1. FIDELITY & THE ART OF PERSUASION How to successfully sell your UX vision March 28, 2014 | IA Summit San Diego, CA JANE REINBERG GUTHRIE
  2. 2. I FOOD
  3. 3. (one of my favorite shows) Minimal time, no prep, mystery ingredients
  4. 4. Sometimes you get a WEIRD basket of ingredients...
  5. 5. 1.  Creativity 2.  Presentation 3.  Taste Creativity + Presentation + Taste Judging
  6. 6. Sound familiar?
  7. 7. Market TrendsOld Designs Analytics Research What will MY INGREDIENTS BE?
  8. 8. 3KEY INGREDIENTS (REQ’D TO SELL YOUR UX VISION) Context Content Presentation
  9. 9. Who is your AUDIENCE? (context)
  10. 10. Align your internal team.
  11. 11. INTERNAL AUDIENCE NEEDS à Get Context à Understand the User à What’s Expected of Me? à Feeling of Collaboration
  12. 12. EXTERNAL AUDIENCE NEEDS à How is the affecting my bottom line? à Does this align to my business goals? à How much does it cost? à How are we differentiating from the competition? à Does this align with our customer needs?
  13. 13. Make an Emotional Connection!
  14. 14. (content)
  16. 16. make it persuasive SELL YOUR VISION
  17. 17. make it persuasive take them on the journey SELL YOUR VISION
  18. 18. UX is C-level
  21. 21. What is it? Who is it for & what is their payoff? Why are we creating it? How does it Work? THEBIG5W’S What are the risks?
  22. 22. Establish Credibility (content)
  23. 23. “We’ve created a system that has dialed down intricacies and dialed up flexibility to allow us to truly operationalize our brand.” Say What?
  24. 24. FIDELITY (presentation)
  25. 25. Find the right level of fidelity...
  26. 26. Wireframes are cool, but they can get tedious
  27. 27. What are other ways that you can communicate your ideas?
  28. 28. Sketches Prototypes Comics Infographics Video
  29. 29. Your audience lives in a world of CONSTANT DISTRACTIONS!
  30. 30. “If we want the eyes and ears of our audience, our message has to be interesting and relevant.”
  31. 31. Go the extra mile! make it shine
  32. 32. “The details are not the details. They make the design.” - Charles Eames
  33. 33. The world is full of BRIGHT ideas.
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