How to Use the BiggerPockets Social Network To Build your Real Estate Investing Business


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Learn how to effectively use the real estate investing social network, - home of 97,000+ members and 350,000 monthly unique visitors.

Presentation includes the 3 Keys to Success for using the site, which are applicable for using any other social network - such as Facebook, Google+, etc - as well.

1 - Completing Your Profile
2 - Staying Active & Engaging
3 - Building and Expanding Your Network

If you're looking to expand your fledgling or large-scale real estate investing business, BiggerPockets can help . . .

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  • Mission statement
  • Mission statement
  • How to Use the BiggerPockets Social Network To Build your Real Estate Investing Business

    1. 1. How to Use BiggerPockets To Build your Real Estate Network and Grow Your BusinessJoshua DorkinFounder /
    2. 2. BiggerPockets is a one stop-shop website that simplifies and enhances networking, deal making, data evaluation, education, marketing and transactions for real estate investors & real estate professionals.Photo: Flickr - marc e marc
    3. 3. The Buzz 93,000+ Members 340,000 Monthly Unique Visitors (May 2012)Photo: Flickr
    4. 4. 3 Keys to SuccessPhoto: Flickr
    5. 5. #1 Completing your profilePhoto: Flickr
    6. 6. #2 Staying Active and EngagingPhoto: Flickr
    7. 7. #3 Building and expandingyournetwork
    8. 8. Completing Your Profile
    9. 9. Be truthful about your background and experience.
    10. 10. Upload a personal profile photo of your face.Photo: Flickr
    11. 11. Fill in ALL sectionsof your profile in detail.
    12. 12. Use relevant keywords in Your profile descriptionsPhoto: Flickr
    13. 13. Staying Active and EngagingPhoto: Flickr
    14. 14. Participate, share, and get involved in conversations on our forums, blogs and your dashboard.Photo: Flickr
    15. 15. Be consistent and responsive in your participation.Photo: Flickr
    16. 16. Set up a regular schedule for your participation.Photo: Flickr
    17. 17. The more value your bring to others, the more likely people will want to connect and do business with you.Photo: Flickr
    18. 18. You can grow your business without advertisingPhoto: Flickr
    19. 19. Tips for EngagingPhoto: Flickr
    20. 20. Before anything else, introduce yourself to the community in our New Member Introductions Forum.Photo: Flickr
    21. 21. Do NOT Sell or Promote ANYTHING until you’ve spent some time participating on the forums, blogs &dashboardPhoto: Flickr
    22. 22. The more often others see you contributing value, the better your odds of building credibility for yourself.Photo: Flickr
    23. 23. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions, even if others have already said what you’re thinking.Photo: Flickr
    24. 24. If you’ve spent the time to read an article or thread, take one more minute to share your thoughts.Photo: Flickr
    25. 25. Building & Expanding Your NetworkPhoto: Flickr
    26. 26. Once you start engaging, other users will reach out to contact you. Be responsive to their messages & colleague requests.Photo: Flickr
    27. 27. Be proactive and send colleague requests to others investors andexperts in your niche, as well as with other investors in your area.
    28. 28. Make sure to personalize your request with a message explaining your reasoning for connecting.Photo: Flickr
    29. 29. Use the site’s invite function to invite those people in the industry that you know.
    30. 30. The more people you’re connectedto, the better your opportunitiesespecially when marketingor soliciting deals & opportunities.
    31. 31. Joshua Dorkin www.BiggerPockets.comFounder / CEO @BiggerPockets