Front Cover Production


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Front Cover Production

  1. 1. Magazine front cover production
  2. 2. Photoshoot – Test shots This was one of the first images I took on the Photoshoot. My main aim was to get images that reflected the bands fun personality; seriousness was out of the question! This image isn’t busy enough, the expressions are too plain and the overall image just doesn’t work for me. This image is a completely different approach compared to the image on the left. This is more the style I was aiming for. Busy, fun, adventurous. I decided that I wasn’t too keen on having one member ‘out of the group’ as it seemed to break up the busy atmosphere below.
  3. 3. This was a follow up of the previous image., however this time I got all of the members on the sofa, which made the photo look really cramped and overall, uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable for the band and a good image couldn’t really be achieved. Before this image I had completely ignored the background! The plain blue background is defiantly an improvement to the image.
  4. 4. This image is the start of my more successful images. The layout of the members gives a more professional effect. The added props add fun, along with the expressions. I had another play around with the layout of the band. I decided to stick with this layout as it looks slightly more professional.
  5. 5. Photoshoot – final image
  6. 9. Front cover- final.