IPD Expanded Brochure


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IPD Expanded Brochure

  1. 1. iP ts ronounced deVREEZA Healthcare and Management Consulting FirmJ. Ronald DeVries, MSHA, CMPE Owner
  2. 2. its Pronounced deVREEZ A Healthcare and Management Consulting Firm IPD offers a wide range of consulting needs specializing in all aspects of medical practice administration and management. The following list briefly describes the primary areas of expertise offered by IPD: Practice Performance Analysis  Business Development Financial Practice Start Up Revenue Cycle Management New Business Line Resource Management Development Clinical Documentation/EHR  Regulatory Compliance Optimization  Engagement Management Technology Solutions Vendor Analysis EHR/Practice Management System Health Plan Contract Analysis Selection Medical Practice Marketing EHR Implementation Planning Post Implementation EHR Strategic Planning Optimization  Recruitment Patient Experience Executive SearchManagement Support Staff Recruitment Patient Satisfaction Measurement Physician Recruitment Process Flow Improvement  Interim Management Organizational Development Solutions Management Development Support Staff Development Physician/NPP Development
  3. 3. its Pronounced deVREEZ A Healthcare and Management Consulting FirmPractice AssessmentIPD offers three packages to assess your practicewith easy fixed pricing based on your desired levelof analysis.Basic - $500* (approximately 3 business days)12 month productivity analysis andbenchmarking to National and/orRegional metrics for the following:• RVUs• Visit Volume• Cash Collections• Payer MixIntermediate - $1000* (approx. 5 businessdays)In addition to the basic analysis, the intermediateassessment provides an analysis of the revenuecycle and projection of cash flows.In-Depth - $2000* (approx. 10 business days)Take the assessment to the ultimate level byadding an analysis of staffing levels and salaries,market analysis including existing position andcompetitor evaluation, and expense analysisincluding vendor contracts and inventorymanagement solutions.* Prices do not include expenses.
  4. 4. its Pronounced deVREEZ A Healthcare and Management Consulting FirmTechnology SolutionsIPD has experience with the selection andimplementation of multiple practicemanagement systems and electronichealth records systems. Let us guide youthrough the selection process to find thesystem that best meets your needs andbudget. IPD can negotiate yourrelationship with the vendor and providesupport through the transition to the newsystem from your legacy system throughtraining for you and your staff. IPD canhelp you optimize your existing system tobetter meet your needs, maintaincompliance and increase productivity andrevenue.It is not all about the EHR either. IPD canshow you innovative ways to use othertechnology to complement your systemand increase your effectiveness. Ask usabout how to integrate multipletechnologies with your EHR.
  5. 5. its Pronounced deVREEZ A Healthcare and Management Consulting Firm Customer Experience Management IPD will map your existing processes and provide insight into optimizing your resources, human, physical plant, and technological, toBusiness create a smooth practice operation for you and create a healingDevelopment environment for your patients. IPDIPD has the experience and can assist you by measuringexpertise to get your new practice customer satisfaction throughup and running with the least surveys and focus groups to helppossible downtime. From A to Z, you bridge the gap betweenIPD will make sure your business expectation and service delivery.is operating smoothly and cash iscoming in the door. Following acomprehensive and tested projectplan, IPD will get you practicing inrecord time. Additionally, IPD canhelp you implement new practicemodalities and business lines thatwill complement your clinicalpractice and add to the bottomline.
  6. 6. its Pronounced deVREEZ A Healthcare and Management Consulting FirmOrganizational DevelopmentIs your staff doing the right thing at the right time? Do you havea culture of support and collaboration? Is your managerperforming to the best of their ability? If the answer to any ofthese questions is “No,” then IPD can help. IPD can improvethe effectiveness of your team. Through team building, IPD canassist you and your team improve communication andcollaboration. Additionally, IPD has a practiced method ofmentoring and developing management. IPD can take yourmanager from good to great. The same can be accomplishedwith physicians and non-physician providers as well. IPD canshow your clinical staff/partners how to be more effective andproductive.
  7. 7. its Pronounced deVREEZ A Healthcare and Management Consulting FirmRegulatory ComplianceIPD can provide your practice with atune up of your existing businesspractices to maintain or regaincompliance with Federal, State andLocal regulatory agencies. Frommedical documentation auditing toOSHA safety practice, IPD can help getyou to and keep you in compliance. Engagement Management IPD can be your agent through the process of engaging outside services, vendors, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, health plan contracting, and marketing by working with you to create a strategic plan for your practice. Let IPD provide a path to future growth and sustainability in a changing healthcare environment.
  8. 8. its Pronounced deVREEZ A Healthcare and Management Consulting Firm Recruitment IPD has a tried and true approach to the recruitment and selection process. Using techniques like behavior based interviewing, IPD can find the right support staff, manager, or future physician partner for your medical practice.Interim Management SolutionsIf you need a manager now and do not have time to waitthrough the recruitment process, let IPD assist you through thetransition. With 20 years experience in healthcare andmanagement, IPD’s senior partner and owner, Ron DeVries, canprovide management through the gap between your past andfuture manager as well as assist you with the selection andrecruitment process.For managers, consider a guilt-free extended vacation ormedical leave with someone with experience that you can trustleading your practice while you are away.
  9. 9. its Pronounced deVREEZ A Healthcare and Management Consulting FirmPhilosophyFirm Owner, J. Ronald DeVries, has adopted a straight forwardset of values in his professional interactions. This philosophyis based upon his years as a Rotarian which taught him animportant lesson called the Four Way Test of things we think,say and do. •Is it the truth? •Will it build good will and better friendships? •Is it fair to all concerned? •Will it be beneficial to all concerned?This guides the actions of our work in all things.CostWhile there are set prices for thepractice analysis packages, pricingfor all other services is basedeither upon an hourly rate plusexpenses or on a mutually agreedupon amount based upon thedepth and length of a project to beoutlined in the Scope of Servicesamendment to the serviceagreement.