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Junior Red Cross Kerala | Best leading student Community


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Junior Red Cross Thrissur is one of the best leading student communities in Kerala. It is a related organization of Indian Red Cross which is organized in schools. The main objective of this humanitarian association is to build up a helping mentality in students.

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Junior Red Cross Kerala | Best leading student Community

  1. 1. Junior Red Cross Kerala
  2. 2. JRC • JRC stands for Junior Red Cross • It was established in 1922 • It is a student community of Indian Red Cross • This organization is formed in schools so jrc members are students
  3. 3. • 3 basic principles of jrc are health, service & friendship • Main objective is to develop service mentality in children • Motto of this humanitarian association is ‘I Serve’
  4. 4. • Junior Red Cross mainly focus on promoting health activities among students • Students will be given training in giving first aid to an injured person, managing a disaster situation etc.
  5. 5. Activities • Protection of life and health • Voluntary services • Free medical camps are organized in rural areas • Blood donating programmes are organized
  6. 6. • Awareness classes & rallies are done to make people aware about spreading of viral diseases, prevention methods etc. • Training on road safety & first aid is provided
  7. 7. To know more, Feel free to Dial – 9495094266 Drop a Mail at