VANCOUVER-OLYMPIC HOST                              CITY PAVILION GUIDEBe inspired… Let Vancouver’s dramatic, pristine bea...
PAVILIONS              AND        EVENTSLIVECITY YALETOWN                                                    1(David Lam P...
CANADA PAVILION        AT   LIVECITY DOWNTOWN                       2(LiveCity Downtown)Centrally located at Vancouvers Li...
“STREETS      TO   WATCH"(Various Downtown, Vancouver)If people watching is your thing, this is where you want to be!There...
BC & CANADA PAVILION AT             THE   VANCOUVER               5ART GALLERY(Georgia & Hornby, Vancouver)This historic s...
BC HYDRO POWER SMART VILLAGE                                        8(Dunsmuir & Homer, Vancouver)During the 2010 Games, B...
BUDWEISER      AT THE     COMMODORE BALLROOM                          12(Granville & Smithe, Vancouver)It is rumored that ...
SASKATCHEWAN PAVILION                                              15(Concord Pacific Property, Vancouver)Located in betwe...
BEIJING/ ASIA CELEBRATIONS AT EDGEWATER                          17CASINO (Pacific Blvd., Vancouver)17 days of traditional...
HOUSE OF SWITZERLAND                                                18(Granville Island, Vancouver)With its charming Swiss...
SHOPPINGAs a cosmopolitan, coastal city, Vancouversstyle ranges from haute couture to cozy flan-nels and fleece. Shopping ...
ROBSON STREETRobson is Vancouvers leading shoppingand strolling thoroughfare - high fashionmixed with souvenir shops, musi...
ATTRACTIONS                                   MUSEUM OF                                   ANTHROPOLOGY                    ...
VANCOUVER ART GALLERY                                            Only a few moments from almost all of the major          ...
Languages spoken:     While English is the main language, Vancouver residents speak more                      than 70 lang...
VANCOUVER FAVOURITESEvery city has its special areas and spots that give it a unique flavour. The following are among     ...
MAIN STREET- ANTIQUE ROWOn Main Street between 16th Avenue and 33rd Avenue, there are anumber of shops that draw antique l...
Stanley Park             19                                                DOWNTOWN   West End                            ...
LEGEND                                                          1    LiveCity Yaletown                                    ...
Vancouver“The Best of So Many      Worlds”
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Vancouver olympic guide


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Vancouver olympic guide

  1. 1. VANCOUVER-OLYMPIC HOST CITY PAVILION GUIDEBe inspired… Let Vancouver’s dramatic, pristine beauty and cosmopoli-tan vibrancy stimulate your senses. A city nestled between mountainsand oceans, where our urban world blends seamlessly with the naturalworld.Take in breathtaking views from dizzying heights or laugh at the underwa-ter antics of playful marine mammals - Vancouver offers dozens of excit-ing, mind expanding ways to explore and learn about the city.This guide outlines some of the major events happening around Vancouverduring the 2010 Games. The “Pavilions & Events ” section in particular fea-tures the venues that are free and open to the public. GO ON, GET OUT THERE, CATCH THE OLYMPIC FEVER. Cantrav Services Inc..
  2. 2. PAVILIONS AND EVENTSLIVECITY YALETOWN 1(David Lam Park, Pacific & Drake, Vancouver)This site offers Vancouver residents and visitors the completeOlympic Winter Games experience: the best in Vancouver andCanadian live arts and entertainment as well as Olympic sponsorpavilions, Vancouver House, refreshments and sport highlightson giant screens. LiveCity Yaletown is the place to be for free,fun, family Games-time memories. As well several well-knowncorporate sponsors have their public pavilions onsite includingCoca Cola, Samsung, Acer and Panasonic. Check it out. Opendaily 11am– 11pm. Free.LASER WATERWORKS SHOWS 1(LiveCity Yaletown)Bring the family along to see the nightly laser light shows at theLiveCity Yaletown location. A large pipe in False Creek willstream water high into the air providing the backdrop for a mustsee event. Across False Creek you will see the action of theOlympic Athlete’s Village and Granville Island; a beautiful back-drop to this one of a kind show. Nightly at 8pm. Free.LIVECITY DOWNTOWN 2(Georgia & Cambie, Vancouver)With a large outdoor screen, daytime interactive school program-ming, engaging street and late-night entertainment, this site isVancouver’s version of a downtown “piazza”. Both the Canadaand Manitoba pavilions are also on-site. Open daily 11am-12:30am. Free.All venues offer complementary entrance fees; food and beverage in venues is an addi-tional charge. Venue information is subject to change at any time, at discretion of theindividual pavilions. Information correct at the time of print.
  3. 3. CANADA PAVILION AT LIVECITY DOWNTOWN 2(LiveCity Downtown)Centrally located at Vancouvers LiveCity Downtown CelebrationSite, the Canada Pavilion demonstrates Canadas commitment tocreative excellence, sustainable development and fostering diver-sity with informative and innovative content that make Canadiansproud. The Pavilion also provides an opportunity to learn moreabout Olympic and Paralympics sports and helps youth choosean activity thats right for them. Open daily,11am-12am. FreeCENTREPLACE MANITOBA 2(LiveCity Downtown)CentrePlace Manitoba is a 2,560 sq ft, pre-fabricated, sustainablebuilding featuring Manitoba products and technology. Multi-mediaexhibits, developed in Manitoba, showcase tourism, business,immigration and sport and highlight Manitoba’s prosperity, oppor-tunity and potential. The Canadian Museum for Human Rightsexhibit is also featured in the pavilion.CentrePlace Manitoba is located at the LiveCity Vancouver siteOpen daily, 11am-12am. Free.ALBERTA PLAZA 3(Robson & Beatty, Vancouver)Located on the corner of world famous Robson and BeattyStreets immediately west of BC Place, Alberta House and AlbertaPlaza are a central location for Canadian and international gueststo meet, gather, and learn about Alberta as a place to invest,work, live and visit.Alberta Plaza – is open to the public, and highlights Alberta’stourism and industry sectors during the day, and showcases Al-berta artists in the evening. Open daily (no hours posted). Free.
  4. 4. “STREETS TO WATCH"(Various Downtown, Vancouver)If people watching is your thing, this is where you want to be!There are basically be four main thoroughfares in the downtowncore which have festive programming on a daily basis. Theseinclude Robson Street, Hamilton, Street, Mainland Street andGranville Street. With the exception of Robson Street (which isclosed east of Jarvis street only) all the streets are closed to ve-hicular traffic. Expect tens of thousands of people to be walkingup and down here every night enjoying the atmosphere. Free.NIGHTLY MEDAL AWARD CEREMONIES 3(BC Place Stadium, Vancouver)Nightly Victory Ceremonies provide you access to some of NorthAmerica’s best entertainers as well as the Olympic medal winningathletes. Some of the musical bands include: the Barenaked La-dies, INXS, Nelly Furtado, Headley, Theory of a Dead Man andmany more. The warm confines of the newly renovated BC PlaceStadium hosts this nightly event, which sure is a crowd pleaser.Nightly from 6:30pm –9pm. Tickets required $.VECTORIAL ELEVATION LIGHT DISPLAY 4(Denman & Pacific, English Bay, Vancouver)Beams of light pointed towards the stars illuminate English Bayand the night sky in downtown Vancouver. Starting at dusk, 20robotic searchlights create a quiet canopy of light in the night skyabove, and on the sparkling surface of English Bay. The designsfor the show are created by people around the world and deliv-ered via the Internet.The 10,000-watt lights move and create patterns silently fromlocations in Vanier Park and Sunset Beach. The lights cover anarea of 100,000 square metres and are visible within 15 kilome-tres of the city’s downtown core. Daily, from dusk until dawn.Free.
  5. 5. BC & CANADA PAVILION AT THE VANCOUVER 5ART GALLERY(Georgia & Hornby, Vancouver)This historic site which was once home to the British Columbiacourthouse, is transformed into the BC/Canada Pavilion (locatedon the 4th floor). There are a number of interactive displayshighlighting the rich cultural fabric of both British Columbia andCanada. As well, the gallery also has a special viewing Leo-nardo da Vinci’s , the Mechanics of Man exhibit. The north lawnis home to the official Omega Olympic and Paralympics Count-down Clock. Open daily, 9am– 9pm. Free.FOUR HOST FIRST NATIONS PAVILION 6(Georgia & Hamilton, Vancouver)Located on the plaza of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in down-town Vancouver, within easy walking distance of BC Place andGM Place, the 8,000 square-foot 2010 Aboriginal Pavilion isright in the heart of Olympic activity. The pavilion features ahigh-tech 3,000 square-foot sphere, surrounded by a Coast Sal-ish Longhouse. As well, the adjacent 2,000 square-foot QE res-taurant features Aboriginal cuisine. Special “theme” days show-case Aboriginal groups from all regions of Canada. Live eventsinclude Inuit throat singing, Métis jigging, hoop dancing, as wellspotlight contemporary Aboriginal performances and other fieldsof achievement. Open daily, 10am– 3pm and 5:30pm-12am.Free.ROBSON SQUARE/GE PLAZA 7(Robson & Howe, Vancouver)This is the official site for the International Media Centre duringthe Games. It is also home to the new GE outdoor skating rinkand Zipline Adventure. Thanks to the generous contribution ofthe Province of BC and General Electric, the skating is free, andskate rentals are only $3 a pair. The rink is open daily from12pm to 9:00 pm. Robson Square open daily,10am-10pm. TheZipline is open daily, 10am– 9pm. Free.
  6. 6. BC HYDRO POWER SMART VILLAGE 8(Dunsmuir & Homer, Vancouver)During the 2010 Games, BC Hydro opens the doors to the BCHydro Power Smart Village, another free attraction. Visitors arewelcomed to come celebrate the spirit of the games in the themeof conservation and sustainability. Members of your entire familywill enjoy a wide range of activities like dancing on a sustainabledance floor or creating an inspirational message on the digitalexpression wall. Open daily (hours not posted). Free.IRISH HOUSE AT DOOLIN’S PUB 9(Granville & Nelson, Vancouver)Doolins Pub on Nelson at Granville Street is Irish central duringthe Olympics. Doolins is a modern Irish pub offering traditionalIrish charm, Guinness, Irish dishes, state of the art A/V technol-ogy, Irish musicians, and eight TV screens. In the evenings, thetrue Irish pub culture will come to life, and visitors will experiencea party where every day is St. Patrick’s Day. Come celebrate withthe Irish. Open daily, 12pm-3am (7pm onwards, adults only). $Cover charge for adults. Kids Free.GERMAN FAN-FEST AT STEAMWORKS 10(Cordova & Seymour, Vancouver)German FanFest is known around the world for its energy andvibe during the Olympic Games. This is a must see venue, lo-cated in the parking lot between Steamworks and Waterfront Sta-tion in Gastown. The German’s will host up to 600 daily and ofcourse, the German Fan Fest features German food, drink andmusic! Open daily, 10am-2am. Free.OLYMPIC SUPERSTORE & INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE 11AT THE BAY (Granville & Georgia, Vancouver)The Bay downtown Vancouver hosts the Vancouver 2010 Olym-pic Superstore on its entire main floor as well as in other locationsthroughout the building. While there, you can also shop at theInternational Village for the uniforms of ten other countries or seethe infamous pin trading in action. Don’t leave Vancouver withoutyour Olympic souvenir! Open daily, hours vary. Free.
  7. 7. BUDWEISER AT THE COMMODORE BALLROOM 12(Granville & Smithe, Vancouver)It is rumored that the Commodore Ballroom, located on GranvilleStreet, is Team USA Budweiser House over the Games period.Budweiser. Need we say more!Hours and prices not available.BELL ICE CUBE 3(Robson & Beatty, Vancouver)The Bell Ice Cube, a gathering place in the heart of the Vancou-ver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, where visitors can watch Olym-pic events on TV, listen to live music and meet some of the ath-letes.The 3,000 square-foot viewing centre features entertainment,interactive product demonstrations and Olympic ticket giveaways.Open daily, 11am-11pm. Free.CASA ITALIA 13(Pacific & Davie, Vancouver)The historic Roundhouse Community Centre is home to the 2010pavilion known as Casa Italia. The pavilion is open to the publicand features some of the best food, drink and entertainment thatItaly has to offer. You can expect to see Ferrero Rocher, as wellas some of the best wines on site. Open daily, 12pm-6pm. Free.CANADIAN MINT AT THE SEGAL CENTRE/SFU 14(Hastings & Seymour, Vancouver)Come visit the Mint to see the historic Olympic and Paralympicsmedals from past games, the “making of the medals presenta-tions”, a children’s interactive area, the Million Dollar coin dis-play, opportunities for coin exchanges, and a boutique. Opendaily, 9am– 10pm. Free.
  8. 8. SASKATCHEWAN PAVILION 15(Concord Pacific Property, Vancouver)Located in between BC Place Stadium and Sochi House(Science World), this free pavilion consists of two structures.One houses a business centre, the other an entertainmentvenue featuring Saskatchewan entertainment and delicacies.Through these venues, people from Canada, and around theworld, have the chance to learn about Saskatchewan for busi-ness opportunities, vacation destinations, immigration and qual-ity of life. Open daily (hours not posted). Free.ONTARIO PAVILION 15(Concord Pacific Property, Vancouver)Located in between BC Place Stadium and Sochi House(Science World), the Ontario Pavilion sets a new standard increativity and innovation. With its striking technologically state-of-the-art design Ontario Pavilion features exciting and originalexhibits, events, performances and showcases made-in-Ontarioproducts and services. The Ontario Pavilion offers visitors aunique, one-of-a-kind, inspirational experience that will live on intheir memories for years to come and reinforce Ontario’s Olym-pic brand message — “There’s No Place Like This…”Open daily (hours not posted). Free.QUEBEC PAVILION/MAISON QUEBEC 15(Concord Pacific Property, Vancouver)The Quebec Pavilion is the centrepiece of Quebec culture andfood over the course of the Games. The fact that it is situatednext to Hockey House and the Ontario Pavilion make it a pre-miere destination. Open daily (hours not posted). Free.SOCHI HOUSE AT SCIENCE WORLD 16(Quebec & Terminal, Vancouver)The Russians are known for putting on a real show when itcomes to their pavilions. They did so in Torino, and you can ex-pect their pavilion at Science World to knock everyone’s socksoff. Open daily (hours not posted). Free.
  9. 9. BEIJING/ ASIA CELEBRATIONS AT EDGEWATER 17CASINO (Pacific Blvd., Vancouver)17 days of traditional festivities, daily at the “Edgewater CasinoCelebration Village”, at the Plaza of Nations. This unprece-dented event honors the Year of the Tiger and all the ChineseNew Year traditions. Chinese New Year is of February 13th.Visitors will enjoy the harbourside views of the Plaza of Nations,while they are immersed in a sea of colours, dragons, and au-thentic education in Chinese heritage. Open Mon– Thurs 2pm-11pm; Fri– Sun 12pm-12am. Free.“FRENCH QUARTER” 18(Granville Island, Vancouver)Located just south of downtown in Granville Island , this populartourist attraction is the place to celebrate Canada’s French heri-tage. There are two pavilions, a French bistro and pub, and astage for concerts. From downtown take Vancouvers famousFalse Creek water taxis across the water to Granville Island.Open daily 11am-12am. Free.ATLANTIC CANADA HOUSE 18(Granville Island, Vancouver)Atlantic Canadas best hit the world stage during the Vancouver2010 Olympic Winter Games. Canadas east coast comes aliveon one of Vancouvers most historic sites, Granville Island. Hereyoull be treated to East Coast culinary delights, discover theregions culture and spirit, and share in Atlantic Canadian hospi-tality. Within the pavilion space, youll find the Granville IslandStage, the Revue Stage and the Backstage Lounge. AtlanticCanadian artists are featured nightly, and daily performances onthe Revue Stage celebrate the region and welcome guests tothe Atlantic Canadian way of life. Open daily, 11am– 2am. Free.BOMBARDIER STREETCAR 18(Granville Island, Vancouver)Also known as the Olympic Line, this European Streetcar is ademonstration project between Granville Island and the OlympicVillage Canada Line station. Open daily, 6:30am– 12:30 am.Free.
  10. 10. HOUSE OF SWITZERLAND 18(Granville Island, Vancouver)With its charming Swiss look and its top-class official events, thepublicly accessible House of Switzerland is the hub and businessplatform for opinion leaders from the worlds of politics, business,culture, society, tourism and sport. As well, a meeting placewhere Swiss Fans, Swiss Journalists, Swiss spectators and localresidents in the host city can gather together to celebrate thespirit of the Olympic Games. Open daily, 8am-2am. Free.TOURISM VANCOUVER INFORMATION KIOSKS(Various, Vancouver)Tourism Vancouvers Visitor Information Centre and Satellite Visi-tor Information kiosks (located throughout the city) provide infor-mation on attractions, events, accommodation and restaurants, inaddition to selling theatre and attractions tickets. Hours vary. FreeInformation.SAXONY HOUSE 19(Stanley Park, Vancouver)Watch the games, meet medal winners, listen to live music andenjoy traditional German food and drinks. The Vancouver RowingClub transform its 19th century aura into a glittering SaxonyHouse, offering magnificent views of Burrard Inlet and DowntownVancouver. What better place to exhibit the prowess of Saxonysart, culture and booming economy, its sports and the innovativedrive of Saxon inventors! Open daily, 12pm– 2am. Free.CANADA’S NORTHERN HOUSE 20(Hastings & Seymour, Vancouver)You can expect to be captivated with the spirit of the North andbe stimulated by the northern lights shining from the windows.Learn about Nunavut art, business, athletes, cultural performersand artists. Canada’s Northern House will showcase talented per-formers such as Artcirq and throat singers, drum dancers, andtraditional games athletes during the Olympic Games. Opendaily, 10am– 9pm. Free. Works cited:
  11. 11. SHOPPINGAs a cosmopolitan, coastal city, Vancouversstyle ranges from haute couture to cozy flan-nels and fleece. Shopping in Vancouver of-fers this same diverse range with high fashionboutiques, designer label, accessory and jew-elry stores, to extensive shop-till-you-dropmalls offering something for everyone.DOWNTOWN & GASTOWNThe downtown area of Vancouver from Burrard to Howe and West Hastings to Georgia ismade up of many fantastic stores mixed with commercial buildings, making this area a greatplace to wander and explore! Sinclair Centre, a restored landmark heritage building, now housing many upper-end clothing,accessory, gifts and arts stores, Royal Centre offering a extraordinary assortment of under-ground shops and restaurants, and Pacific Centres 140 stores are all within a few minuteswalk of each other.Gastown is rich with history and culture as there are many outstanding art galleries, antiqueshops, and native art stores that are a must see for visitors. As well, you can pick up greatgifts and souvenirs in the many specialty shops. Here, along cobbled alleys and walkways,former warehouses are home to shops and restaurants. And the world’s first steam clock tickson Water Street, echoing the heartbeat of the city beyond. Be sure to buy some signature BCproducts such as smoked pacific salmon, local BC designs or Northwest Coast art.
  12. 12. ROBSON STREETRobson is Vancouvers leading shoppingand strolling thoroughfare - high fashionmixed with souvenir shops, music stores,beauty products, book stores and so muchmore. For serious shoppers, this is the GRANVILLE STREETplace to go. For those less serious, this is Granville Street is a main thoroughfarethe perfect street for having lunch or a cof- through Vancouver and there are two veryfee and people watching! distinct shopping areas to visit. One is in theMake sure to check out Roots - Canadas downtown core, the other is south, just acrossflagship store offering a popular range of the Granville Bridge up to West 16th Avenue.casual wear from college-style leather Downtown Granville Street provides access tojackets to bright-red retro-runners. And for The Bay, Holt Renfrew and Sears departmentactive life-styles, see Lululemon Athletica stores, Pacific Centre shopping mall, Robsonfor trendy yoga apparel with a designer Street shops and restaurants, as well as theWest Coast twist. For the ultimate leaders many unique stores all along Canadian fashion, check out Aritzia. South Granville is one of Vancouvers trendi- est shopping neighbourhoods, full of art galler-YALETOWN ies and stores specializing in interior design,Many of Yaletowns former industrial brick home furnishings and antiques. Designerwarehouses have been converted into su- fashions, fine eyewear, shoes, stationary, lin-per-hip clothing stores, designer furniture ens and china round out the varied retail mix.outlets and even a trendy showroom for Follow the sidewalk flags along Granvillethe new Mini Cooper - a postmodern rein- Street downtown to South Granville.vention of a design classic that mirrors thestylish redevelopment of the Yaletown GRANVILLE ISLAND MARKETarea. This is a must see for visitors and shoppersThis is the leading downtown spot for lo- looking for the unique and usual. Located oncating the latest fashions for clothing, the south side of False Creek under the Gran-shoes, accessories, and even homes - ville Street Bridge, participants will be amazedstores like the multi-floored Chintz & Com- at the rejuvenation of this old industrial area topany cater to those who want their apart- one of the most popular spots in Vancouver.ments to look as cool as they do! The public markets offer boundless opportuni- ties for fresh produce, meats, fish, baked goods and so much more . Exploring the rest of the area, you can easily spend a full day browsing through the diverse range of shops, stalls, galleries, and theatres available at Granville Island. Everything from pottery, books, clothing, glassware, beads, books and many specialty stores such as tea, wine, pa- per products or kitchenware can be found here. Make sure to check out the Kids Only centre for fantastic gift ideas for kids of all ages!
  13. 13. ATTRACTIONS MUSEUM OF ANTHROPOLOGY Along the cliffs of Spanish Banks, on the University of British Columbia campus, lies the Museum of Anthro- pology. The building itself is noteworthy for its stunning design by famed local archi- tect Arthur Erickson. Inside are magnificent displays of Northwest Coast native art and artifacts, as well as fas- CAPILANO cinating collections from other cultures around the SUSPENSION BRIDGEGROUSE MOUNTAIN world. On the outdoor One of the great advan-On the North Shore of Vancou- grounds are Haida Houses tages of Vancouver is thever lies Grouse Mountain at and totem poles perched proximity of the wilderness4000 ft above sea level. A high on the cliffs overlooking to our downtown core.popular destination for outdoor English Bay & the North Travel to the Capilanoenthusiast and visitors alike, Shore mountains. Open Suspension Bridge andGrouse Mountain is accessible daily, 10am—5pm. Park, to walk across thevia an unforgettable ‘5 minute swaying bridge, 230 feetMile” Skyride cable car. In the above the Capilano Riverwinter a skier’s delight, in the Canyon. Relive the pioneersummer a hiker’s paradise; days amongst the totemGrouse Mountain has it all. At poles, old growth forestthe Grouse Nest restaurant and costumed staff. Get atake in breathtaking views of “squirrel’s eye view” of thethe magnificent city of Vancou- forest by visiting the Tree-ver spread out below amongst tops Adventure, a series ofthe waterways and surrounding elevated suspensionmountains. bridges amidst the magnifi-During the games the Mountain cent Douglas fir trees -will be home to the NBC Broad- some reaching as high ascasting Centre. 100 feet (30m) above theOpen 24/7for snow sports and forest floor. Open daily,winter adventures. 9am– 5pm. Attractions have applicable entrance fees.
  14. 14. VANCOUVER ART GALLERY Only a few moments from almost all of the major downtown hotels, the Vancouver Art Gallery is lo- cated in a beautifully restored stone building which was formerly the Provincial Courthouse. It now houses the countrys largest collection of Emily Carr works in addition to other classic and contemporary shows from both the Gallerys own collection and from travelling exhibitions. Open daily, 9am– 5pm and on Tuesdays until 9pm. VANCOUVER AQUARIUM Discover the amazing Vancouver Aquarium, our Marine Sci- ence Centre in beautiful Stanley Park. From Beluga whales to jellies, dolphins to snails, more than 8,000 creatures from the ends of the earth - and the depths of the sea - call the Van- couver Aquarium home. Stellar sea lions, cheeky otters, and captivating sharks all add to this incredible experience. Open daily, 9:30am- 5pm. BILL REID GALLERY OF NORTHWEST COAST ART The Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art is the newest public art gallery located in downtown Vancouver. This public art gallery is named after Bill Reid (1920 – 1998), the acclaimed Haida master goldsmith, carver, sculptor, writer, spokesman and one of Canada’s greatest art- ists. The Gallery is devoted to understanding and appreciating contem- porary Aboriginal art of the Northwest Coast . Open daily, 11am-5pm. VANCOUVER QUICK FACTS AND MAPLocation: Vancouver is bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Fraser River to the south, the Coast Mountains to the north and the Fraser Valley to the east. It is part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, which has a population of more than two million.Size: 114 sq. kilometersVancouver 578,000 (2006 Census)Population:
  15. 15. Languages spoken: While English is the main language, Vancouver residents speak more than 70 languages. Canada’s official languages are English and FrenchClimate: Average temperature in February: 5° C (47° F) VANCOUVER AND ITS PEOPLE Though Vancouver is a relatively new city, aboriginal people have been living here for at least 8,000 years. The Coast Salish people, including the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil- Waututh, who still live here today, dwelt in villages throughout the area and thrived on a land and sea rich with resources. The first Europeans to arrive were Spanish explorers, who came by ship in 1791. They were followed a year later by an English ship under the command of Captain George Vancouver, for whom the city was later named. European settlement started in the 1860s and increased rapidly after the completion of the cross-Canada railroad in 1886, the year of Vancouver’s founding. The railway’s western termi- nus was in Vancouver. Over the following 100 years, Vancouver experienced several periods of rapid growth. The Klondike Gold Rush in the late 1890s and early 1900s, post-war booms after the First and Second World Wars, the 1960s, the late 1980s and early 1990s all brought new people, new buildings and new opportunities for an even greater success to Vancouver. In 1986, the City celebrated its 100th birthday with Expo 86, a world exposition that attracted millions of visitors from around the world. Though it has a rich indigenous heritage, Vancouver has been a city of newcomers from many different cultures since non-Native peoples began settling in the area. Early sawmill workers and local merchants came from all over Europe, China and Africa. The 1911 census showed that Vancouver was a city of immigrants, with most people born outside of Canada. Today we are a city of distinctive neighborhoods, each offering a unique experience from the shops and galleries of trendy Yaletown, to colourful Chinatown and historic Gastown.
  16. 16. VANCOUVER FAVOURITESEvery city has its special areas and spots that give it a unique flavour. The following are among Vancouverites’ – and visitors’ - favourite places and restaurants recommendations. GASTOWN Located just south of the harbour, Gastown is the historic heart of the city. The cobblestone streets with heritage buildings housing shops, restau- rants and galleries all contribute to Gastown’s lively appeal. Restaurants: Al Porto, Pourhouse, Aqua Riva, Water Street Café, Boneta KITSILANO An ocean side community stretching from Burrard Street west to Alma Street along English Bay and south to 16th Avenue, is the home to the City’s professionals and style conscious crowd. This trendy neighbourhood is filled with kitschy boutiques and stylish restaurants. Restaurants: DB Bistro Moderne, Trattoria, Watermark, Sandbar, Dockside ROBSON STREET In downtown Vancouver, this is one of the most vibrant streets in the heart of the city. With sidewalk cafes, high-end boutiques, shops and restau- rants, it is the ultimate place for people watching. Restaurants: Cin Cin, Zeferelli’s, Coast, Italian Kitchen, Gotham, Shore Club Hy’s Encore, Fog ‘n’Suds STANLEY PARK One of the world’s great parks, at the foot of Georgia Street & Beach Ave- nue, serves the neighbourhood of West End, but is also a favourite park for Vancouverites. With more than 400 hectares of forest and trees, the park offers an aquarium, miniature railway, tennis, pitch-and-putt golf course, beaches, and live theatre on summer evenings. Restaurants: Tea House SOUTH GRANVILLE Extending from West 6th Avenue to West 16th Avenue on Granville Street, South Granville is Vancouver’s Art Gallery Row, with a wide range of art, high-end antiques and sophisticated shops. Restaurants: West, Vij’s, Red Door YALETOWN Formerly a warehouse district where textile shops and train yards provided little in the way of beauty or entertainment, Yaletown has been trans- formed into one of Vancouvers hippest areas, filled with sidewalk cafes, trendy restaurants, a thriving nightlife scene and intimate boutique hotels. Restaurants: Blue Water, Brix, Goldfish, Ciopinno’s, La Terrazza, Society, Rod- ney’s Oyster Bar, Glowball
  17. 17. MAIN STREET- ANTIQUE ROWOn Main Street between 16th Avenue and 33rd Avenue, there are anumber of shops that draw antique lovers and bargain hunters fromall over the city. Plus funky boutiques for those with unique style. Restaurants: Season’s, BurgooBistro, Sun Sui Wah, CraveCHINATOWNLocated just east of the downtown core, Vancouver’s Chinatown isone of North America’s largest. Shops, restaurants, theatres, gardensand cultural centres all contribute to this thriving commercial and resi-dential district. Don’t miss out on Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical ChineseGarden.Restaurants: Pink PearlCOMMERCIAL DRIVELocated between East Hastings Street to East 12th Avenue is a gath-ering place of alternative lifestyle advocates and has an intriguing mixof exotic food, music and fashion. It is also home of Little Italy.Restaurants: Ethnic restaurant central– too many to list!THE WEST ENDBetween English Bay and Coal Harbour, is one of North America’smost densely populated neighbourhoods, with high-rise apartmentsclustered just west of the city’s downtown sky-scrapers. The arearetains a green and peaceful air while offering ample opportunity forshopping and entertainment. Don’t miss out on the “Laughing Giants”display at the foot of Denman.Restaurants: The Lift, Raincity Grill, C Restaurant, Il GiardinoTHE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIAUBC campus at the extreme western tip of the city has multiple at-tractions, from the Nitobe Gardens and Chan Centre for the Perform-ing Arts to the Museum of Anthropology and Botanical Gardens. Alladd to the natural beauty of the campus itself nested above the cliffsof the Pacific Ocean amongst the forest.Restaurants: None POINT GREY VILLAGESituated within one of Vancouver’s oldest and most beautifulneighbourhoods lies a captivating tree-lined street. West 10th Avenuereflects a quaint charm and old-town character that inspires an unhur-ried shopping experience. A stroll through the Village will lead you todiscover one-of-a-kind home décor and specialty shops, family fash-ions, restaurants, markets and more!Restaurants: Provence Mediterranean Grill, Some Kinda Pasta, Dentry’sIrish Grill
  18. 18. Stanley Park 19 DOWNTOWN West End 23 26 21 5 7 22 12 9 4 1 13 18Kitsilano South Granville UBC & Point Grey
  19. 19. LEGEND 1 LiveCity Yaletown 2 LiveCity Downtown 3 Alberta Plaza, BC Place, Bell Ice Cube 10 4 Vectorial Light Display 14 5 BC & Canada Pavilion, 20 Vancouver Art Gallery 6 Four Host First Nations11 7 Robson Square/ GE Plaza 8 8 BC Hydro Village 9 Irish House 6 2 10 German Fan Fest 11 Olympic Superstore 12 Budweiser House 3 13 Casa Italia 14 Royal Canadian Mint 15 15 Concord Pacific Property (Various) 17 25 16 Sochi House 16 17 Beijing Asia Celebrations 18 Granville Island (Various) 19 Saxony House 20 Canada’s Northern House 21 Loden Hotel 22 Sutton Place Hotel 23 Coast Coal Harbour Hotel Main Street 24 L’Hermitage Hotel 25 Opus Hotel 26 Fairmont Pacific Rim Commercial Dr.
  20. 20. Vancouver“The Best of So Many Worlds”