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  1. 1. Essay: twoENGL 1301Professor Jess Bouchard
  2. 2.  It is: a process of reasoning; takes a stance – supported by evidence – and urges people to share the writer’s perspective.
  3. 3.  Persuasion is a general term that refers to how a writer influences an audience to adopt a belief or follow a course of action. To persuade an audience, a writer relies on varies styles: appeals based on emotions (pathos), appeals based on logic (logos), and appeals based on character reputation of the writer (ethos).
  4. 4.  An argument makes a point! In an argument, a writer connects a series of points so that they lead logically to a conclusion. Its primary purpose is to demonstrate why some alternative arguments are right and while others are wrong. The goal is to get your audience to trust your opinion. Why does your opinion matter?
  5. 5.  As always, choosing the right topic is important. Ideally, you should have an intellectual or emotional stake in your topic. Consider your purpose: realize what you expect your argument to accomplish and how you wish your audience to respond. Also consider your audience!
  6. 6.  Some ideas:  Feminism: Women in the workplace.  Global Warning and reducing carbon emissions.  Banning smoking.  Making school uniforms manditory for all students.  Making marriage universal to all genders and all romantic relationships.
  7. 7.  Keep in mind that in an argumentative essay, your thesis must take a stance – in other words, it must be debatable. Arguing a statement of fact or an idea that most people accept as self-evident is pointless.  Bad Thesis: Drugs should be banned because they are bad.  A better thesis: Education is the best way to address the problem of increased drug use among teenagers.
  8. 8.  In order to make any type of argument, the writer must have *evidence*. Your readers will be skeptical unless you supply the right information. Not all opinions are convincing so your job is to rely on the experts. Types of evidence include: statistics, reports, interviews, books, articles, etc.
  9. 9.  Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” Video
  10. 10.  The state of Hawaii is justified in wanting to re-claim their land and become their own country because the U.S. government has abused the land for far too long. Love is the binding factor for marriage, therefore, same-sex couple should have the opportunity to marry; no one, not even the government, can rule against love and all of its faucets.