Adn consulting minning 2013 v1.1


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Adn consulting minning 2013 v1.1

  1. 1. Solutions for theMining Industry
  2. 2. Dedicated to deliver solutions on Information Technology and Communications(ITC) since 1999 in the Mexican market. Focusing on integration and consulting.Our main goal has been to help our customers to be more productive. Formed bydedicated personnel focused to serve our customers. We helped hundreds of happycustomers around the country.¿Who we are?We are located at:The Innovation and Technologytransfer Park of the Tecnológicode Monterrey CampusChihuahua.The most important ITCdevelopment park in Chihuahua.
  3. 3. • Software solutions for better exploration and mine operation.Solutions for the Mining Industry.
  4. 4. • Fiber Optic applications for undergroundand open pit mining requirements:•Video.• Data.• Industrial Control and telemetry.• Telecom.Solutions for the Mining Industry.
  5. 5. • Servers, Storage, Virtualization.• Computers, Laptops, Thin Clients.Solutions for the Mining Industry.
  6. 6. • Data Centers Monitoring.Solutions for the Mining Industry.
  7. 7. • Data center design, construction andenabling.Solutions for the Mining Industry.
  8. 8. • TV Systems.Solutions for the Mining Industry.
  9. 9. • 2 Way Radio Systems:• Analog.• Digital.• Hybrid.• VoIP, and IP Interconnection.Solutions for the Mining Industry.
  10. 10. • Wireless data links.• Point to point up to 80Kms.• Point to multipoint up to 40kms.ADN PortafolioSolutions for the Mining Industry.
  11. 11. • Solar Energy systems.ADN PortafolioSolutions for the Mining Industry.
  12. 12. • Ground SystemsADN PortafolioSolutions for the Mining Industry.
  13. 13. • Structured Cabling in buildings, mobileoffices, mine sites, cabins, whereveryour needs are.ADN PortafolioSolutions for the Mining Industry.
  14. 14. • Satellite InternetADN PortafolioSolutions for the Mining Industry.
  15. 15. • Communication RoomsADN PortafolioSolutions for the Mining Industry.
  16. 16. • UPS and regulated energy systemsADN PortafolioSolutions for the Mining Industry.
  17. 17. • Enabling COMPLETE CAMP SERVICES: Satellite TV, CCTV,Telephone systems, Wireless Internet & Network services, etc.ADN PortafolioSolutions for the Mining Industry.
  18. 18. • IT Outsourcing and service desk.• Onsite and remote support services.ADN PortafolioSolutions for the Mining Industry.
  19. 19. • Mobile applications for open pit and underground operations.• Tracking and monitoring solutions for personnel and vehicles.ADN PortafolioSolutions for the Mining Industry.
  20. 20. • Projects• EngineeringADN PortafolioSolutions for the Mining Industry.
  21. 21. 7 Reasons why you should chooseAdN Consulting as your Partner.1. The Best Customer Service and continuous Improvement Philosophy.2. Highly qualified and certified professionals in different areas, which makes us amultidisciplinary team able to give you complete solutions.3. 10 year experience in the mining industry.4. Big National Projects experience.5. International Strategic Alliances with the Best Brands.6. Innovation and use of the most Recent Technology.7. Extensive product and service’s portfolio.
  22. 22. Experience in theMinning Industry
  23. 23. Some of our customers in theMining Industry:
  24. 24. Our main differentiators, an advantagefor our customers.• Experienced and technically capable personnel.• Multi disciplinary team with different complementary specialties.• One stop for all the needs of our costumers in Information Technology andCommunications (ITC).• We provide FREE valuable consulting to our customers so they can take the bestdecitions when implementing new technologies or solutions, always thinking inthe least TCO and shortest ROI of their investment.• Our solutions are supported by the best worldwide ITC brands.
  25. 25. For more information please contact us:Phone: +52 (614) 2017781Email: you for yourtime.Follow us: