Prospecting in 2013 using linked in 2


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Social network change the way even a long time hunter salesman does it's prospection. We use it and share some good practices

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Prospecting in 2013 using linked in 2

  1. 1. Prospecting in 2013 using linked-in. Prepared by JR Bloch February 2013 (c) sales training emea 1
  2. 2. Brief Introduction• My profile: – My partners always considered me as a « crazy » New Business Hunter. – I mean even after 35 years doing it, I’m still excited by the challenge, the emotion, the risk taking, the “yes” , the “no”, getting in a new department, new account where we didn’t make any business yet. (c) sales training emea 2
  3. 3. Starting defining your targets.• After I define my target account list, my 1’230 linked-in direct contacts change dramatically the way I prospect in 2013.• There is no limit to researching information, since you can get the professional profiles and details of nearly anyone inside the target account.• Either going direct or playing billiards, you should find very usable information about the person you want to contact. (c) sales training emea 3
  4. 4. Research• Looking into people close to their community is also a serious accelerator.• Some let you even look into their own contacts, you may find that a competitor is a long time contact of your prospect. (c) sales training emea 4
  5. 5. Contacting Business decision makers• Contacting Business decision makers becomes easier, playing with the advanced option of the search engine; you may be able to locate nearly any key Business decision maker in that account.• Simply enter a keyword with the activity you are targeting, and HR directors, marketing directors, Compliance officers will come into your nets. (c) sales training emea 5
  6. 6. Example: we look for the HR Director of Barclays Bank in UK. ❸ ❹❶ ❺ ❻❷ ❼ (c) sales training emea 6
  7. 7. We are getting close now! (c) sales training emea 7
  8. 8. Check other information like previous jobs, & companies (c) sales training emea 8
  9. 9. Continue searching….• Now follow me , I’m dragging down a bit to the section: people also viewed• This is not 100% their network but rather a lead for similar people that people who used linked researched.. (c) sales training emea 9
  10. 10. Stay with me for the next interesting piece of research..• How are we connected to each other?• I’m frequently using this information in my introduction email/inmail eg. We have X connections in common… this is valid inside large organizations and prove that you are already well connected to them. (c) sales training emea 10
  11. 11. Time to act!• Eventually you may want to get directly to them calling or emailing.• Calling is not obvious since most of the members of linked-in do not provide their direct phone numbers. Emailing is a bit simpler:• You could rebuild the email address knowing the naming policy of that company together with first and last name of your target contact.• Even better, I’m using the Linked-in Inmail option to contact them.• Linked-in sends the message, the response rate is generally excellent.See next slide how we prepare this email/ inmail (c) sales training emea 11
  12. 12. Writing an Introduction Email or Inmail : • Go straight to the value you may bring to your target contact. • Do not speak about yourself if there is no valuable contribution to them now! • If there is an existing connection, refere nce, that may ease your direct approach, then do mention it upfront. • The inmail to S…. (c) sales training emea could be refined 12 and improved.
  13. 13. And now an example of a bad inmail!Dear Sara, Our expert advice:I’m Barclays Account manager at HRperformance solution. We are theleader in Europe for the Staff • Me, me , me and againmanagement solutions with over 80 me..customers in 11 languages (including • Speak too much aboutRussian). Since we are sure We you and your company.have the best possible solution in the • Going to details, S. doesmarket I’m pleased to offer you a face not yet know what youto face meeting Monday Feb 18th may be bringing to theafternoon or Tuesday morning before11:30 ( I have to rush to the dentist tablethen). • You have the bestKindest regards solution ? Who said this ?Paul Smith You did …Account director Barclays. • The meeting proposal is (c) sales training emea impolite. 13
  14. 14. Need more information• contact JR Bloch: +972 52 64 57 477 or +33 183 64 74 07• Email :• Coming next : « the practice of cold calling » (c) sales training emea 14