ASU DUG Content Access Control and Workflow


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Presentation at Arizona State University's Drupal Users Group in March, 2008

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  • Before you start...
    Sketch out your workflow. Work it out on paper before you implement it.
    Who should have access at various states in the flow?
    What events should occur as the workflow changes?

  • If time allows, create the workflow and actions. Otherwise, show the existing.

  • Take some time to talk these points over with everyone. Really emphasize planning.

  • ASU DUG Content Access Control and Workflow

    1. 1. Content Access and Workflows ASU Drupal Users Group March, 2008
    2. 2. Typical Workflow EVENTS STATES ACTIONS “Author” creates •Set access control Restricted to authors and or updates NEEDS REVIEW editors article •Notify editors NEEDS WORK •Notify author “Editor” updates •Set access control Visible to world, editable or reviews PUBLISHED by editors article •Notify author Inspired by
    3. 3. Basic permissions Author Editor Create X X Edit own X X Edit all X
    4. 4. Implementation options Workflow + Actions Simplest choice Assumes most common use cases Workflow NG + (Other Stuff) Powerful, but difficult
    5. 5. Workflow and Actions
    6. 6. Requirements Drupal 5.x Workflow Actions (v1.x only for now)
    7. 7. Transitions Article is created and needs review Article is reviewed and needs work Article is updated and needs review Article is reviewed and published Article is created and published immediately
    8. 8. This looks hard!
    9. 9. Well, it is It’s less a technical problem than it is a people problem. Spend plenty of time planning your workflow. Keep it as simple as possible. Planning should involve the people who will actually use the workflow.
    10. 10. Workflow NG
    11. 11. NG Requirements Drupal 5.x Modules ACL Content Access Workflow NG (Requires: Token) CCK Views (recommended)
    12. 12. Pros More flexible Complex rules with boolean conditions Complex actions Lots of community support
    13. 13. Cons Steep learning curve Difficult to do simple workflows Under heavy development - moving target
    14. 14. What else can you do? Create views of content needing review or work Create an “unpublished” state that is only available when content is published
    15. 15. Other useful tools Revisions The Diff module Devel module
    16. 16. Future of workflows
    17. 17. Drupal 6 / 7 Actions and Triggers (events) in core for as of v6 Write your own for version 5, 6 or 7 They are the logical future for many hook-related methods Rules module