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ASU DUG - Advanced CCK and Views


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Presentation to Arizona State University's Drupal Users Group in May, 2010

Published in: Technology, Education, Business
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ASU DUG - Advanced CCK and Views

  1. 1. Photo by Montrasio International Advanced CCK & Views ASU Drupal Users Group | May 2010 | @asudrupal
  2. 2. Documentation & Help • Install the Advanced Help module and then visit • Demo site:
  3. 3. Views: Arguments • Like filters, they provide input to the view. • Commonly come from the URL, but don’t have to. • Example: Podcasts
  4. 4. Views: Displays • Displays allow you to have multiple forms of output for a single base view. • Each display can have its own settings.
  5. 5. Views: Relationships • Relationships tie objects in the view to other objects not necessarily available in the view. • Use to pull in and display this data in your view.
  6. 6. Our site so far • Content types: publisher, author, book • Views: books • I’ve added Author and Publisher pages
  7. 7. What we’ll do • Add navigation • Get a standard output for cover images and add them to the books listing • Clicking on an author or publisher should show us books by that author or publisher • Add an admin interface
  8. 8. The Views & CCK Toolkit • Views • Views Bulk Operations,Views Bonus,Views Slideshow, Calendar, iTunes • CCK • Auto Node Title, Content Taxonomy, Date, Emfield, Filefield, Filefield Sources, Imagefield (w/ ImageAPI & ImageCache), Insert, Link • Vertical Tabs (usability)
  9. 9. Panels • Adding a list of books by the author to the author’s page