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Oem vestel 17_pw20_1_17pw20-1_17pw20v1_psu_[sch]


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Oem vestel 17_pw20_1_17pw20-1_17pw20v1_psu_[sch]

  1. 1. C826 R850 100k R996 10k 400VDC C911 R998 10k R999 10k R1000 10k R1001 10k R1002 10k R990 1M R991 1M R992 1M R993 1M R994 1M R995 1M C852 35V 1000u 25V C850 4700u BZT55C33 C853 160V 1u C848 160V 1u C863 C851 16V 1000u 16V 1000u 24VDC 12n 630V C878 D818 35V 1000u BA159_SMD 12n 630V R864 10k 1000u 16V 3 R956 2n2 50V1k 470u 16V C806 D852 TL431SAMF2 2 +24V 4 5 R957 1k 1n 1kV C893 C812 +5WOREG FUSE_SMD_7A/32VDC_1206 D846 FUSE_SMD_7A/32VDC_1206 +12Vd 6 2k2 R958 R866 10k 1N4148 R868 6k2 1 +5V UF5402 16 1n 1kV 0R47 C842 R971 50V STP20NE06LFP C884 5n6 50V R891 4k7 R997 10k R989 1M 24VDC W6 R975 15R C877 D860 R952 22R BAT254 100n 50V R859 33k C839 10 PL802 Q832 +5SV D857 D811 Q808 BC848B R849 470R 50V 10u R843 3k3 Q810 BC848B 7 8 S806 C845 7 S805 D814 100n 25V R869 27R 1k R974 1N4148 +12SV F801 1N4148 1N4148 C916 33p 50V 1N4148 R863 33k SW_OFF2 D805 R858 4k7 VFB A D809 K 1 2 PFC_OFF 6 9 STPS_3P_10L60CFP UF5402 R972 1k 1N4148 5 +12V 15 1 D813 C900 2n2 50V BZT55C3V9 Q838 BC848B BC558B Q840 BC858B Q811 +33V 10k D845 1k5 R978 A D826 K 1 2 R857 12k 4 R878 BA159_SMD F802 100n C894 1u 16V C909 Q818 BC848B 50V 2n2 C912 R931 100k R813 6k8 330k R817 R910 47k PL808 D863 1N4148 R818 330k 100k R855 D820 3 L811 14 3 R861 10R D815 C822 C905 1kV 10n 10n 1kV C902 0R47 R829 0R47 R830 1u 16V 1u 16V C870 C808 S814 R819 330k Q807 BC848B STPS_3P_10L60CFP 2 +24V Q827 5VREF R856 4k7 1 75k +400V R852 10k 1 +24V 2u7_RESONANT 13 2 R970 47k 2 R983 10k D812 50V Q814 MTP6N60E/SSP7N60A SW_OFF R820 C897 2n2 50V 9 1N4148 C899 2n2 BSH103 Q837 3 CS1 S813 COMP. SG2525A 4 IC802 ZCD SHUTD 10 PL801 L816 L810 Q816 12 4 Q839 BC558B R865 10k VCC2 SS 1k5 R979 100n 25V D1A 8 R815 2k7 16V 1u C883 D1 7 S1 DISCH R973 15k C898 1 8 MTP6N60E/SSP7N60A R823 15R C910 2 G1 7 Q815 11 5 R860 10R C840 R867 8k2 D2A 6 IRF7314 C914 S2 R977 10k 3 OUT_A 11 4 50V 33u Q803 10n 50V C805 R803 27k D2 5 C819 220u 450V PFC_OFF 470p 1kV 4 G2 120k 1n 50V STPS745 CS1 R1015 RT 10 6 Q813 MTP6N60E/SSP7N60A C841 R837 150R GND 12 C896 2n2 50V 8 5 7 BC848B Q812 +400V CT C895 R836 12k D859 R807 1M 12 D824 100n 63V VC 13 TR804 G00137D 6 2 3 BAT254 11 ZCD C836 OUT_B 14 IC807 7 STPS_3P_10L60CFP 1 100n 16V R862 47k 10 OSC.OUT 6 8 SYNC 4 Freq 2n2 50V 5 +VI 15 3 C888 470n 50V 1u 16V R806 1M 4 VREF 16 5 C889 470n 50V 3 N.I.IN BA159_SMD 7 2 INV.IN 2 SW_OFF R897 47k VFB +400V 50V 33u 1 D831 50V 33u 9 N2 C834 1 N1 C802 1u 450V R961 10R 15V 6 5VREF 9 A D821 K 1 2 VCC1 TR806 PRI SMPS-RESONANT_PFC SEC C833 AC2 BU2508AF Q829 8 D858 R847 10k BA159_SMD 2 R976 22R L815 TR805 TRF_SAFE_TFT_RES C835 3 L802 R805 1M 1 S809 S810 210u ZCD PL809 F800 3.15A R801 VAR-510V 4 L814 TR801 2X12m 1 C800 2 2 D800 3 GBU4M C890 1u 450V 250V 150n TR802 2X12m 1 S811 L817 STPS_3P_10L60CFP Q828 S807 4 AC1 2n2 4kV C873 S808 S812 8 A/D_DIM_SEL 9 D_DIM 10 A_DIM 11 C813 BL_ON/OFF +12Vd 47R R873 C881 50V 10u R968 1k D819 TL431SAMF2 C847 BAT254 2 D_DIM 3 A/D_DIM_SEL VCC2 10R R953 D861 +12V R874 1k C849 1 BC858B Q841 1u 16V D855 R872 10k PL803 BL_ON/OFF A_DIM +5WOREG C904 TCET110G LM317T IC828 3 VIN VOUT 2 ADJ 1 BC848B Q835 R893 10k R822 47k 2 3 VCC1 VF_MAIN 1 1N4148 5 R876 30k 2n2 50V 4 C855 1n 50V C846 4 R871 1k 100V 27n R870 5k1 1N4148 R967 1k IC809 Freq 12 D856 2n2 4kV R877 33k R875 4k42 C814 50V 10u R969 9k1 2n2 4kV +24V 6 +33V 7 +12V ON/OFF ST_BY 8 R960 9 SMPS_MINIDVB_SINGLE_RANGE 8 BZT55C22V L813 D832 16V R1011 20R D807 C801 33u 50V A 1 10 C838 10u 50V 2 4 1 100n 63V C862 R882 10k SW2 +5V R879 1k R987 10k +3.3VSTBY D851 6 D3 3k3 R883 G BC848B Q806 R986 3k3 BC848B Q843 3 VCC_3V3_ON D1 2 D2 3 D4 G 6 D3 5 S 4 6 NTGS3446 VCC_3V3_ON 27R +2.5V 10k R925 100n 16V SW1 Q802 R924 6k8 +3.3VSTBY D853 C908 C906 1u 1u 16V 16V 16V BC848B Q831 R933 12k Q834 BC848B C915 47n 25V R964 100k Q833 BC848B C907 1u D865 C913 1N4148 +5SV 1N4148 IC827 12V PL811 R1014 100R BC848B R966 10k ST_BY 1N4148 16V 10u R828 47k 56k R947 D842 1N4148 C874 R946 10k R962 6k8 +12SV 120R R1003 Q804 BC848B +3.3VSTBY R892 10k 10k R965 +5VSTBY 10 11 12 1 2 +24V D854 A D847 K 1 2 R824 3k3 1k8 R831 R926 1M C882 R927 1M SW2 R826 1k8 10k 9 D841 R923 Q823 BC548C 8 BA159 +3.3 SBTY IS 5.1V FOR USA 33k R832 R922 10k D835 D838 TL431SAMF2 PFC_OFF 7 D840 +12V_2 10k S800 R833 4 5 1 3k3 10k R834 1 2 4 R884 TCET110G Q805 BC848B 7 S801 SW_OFF2 BC858B Q824 1N4148 2 3 VCC_3V3_ON BA159 1 4 +5V S 1u 16V R919 R950 8k2 R930 10k 4 6 5 +3.3VSTBY IC824 R988 3k3 TL431SAMF2 ON/OFF 3 4 2 R949 1k8 +3.3VSTBY 10k NTGS3446 R948 R963 3k3 R951 1k8 1M C817 2 220u GND 25V 1k8 R838 R920 R928 2 3 D4 12k R887 C856 1n 50V D2 3 50V 3u3 BC848B Q830 R942 560k VCC1 47k +400V BA159 47k Q820 BC848B 1k R929 1 3 1 1 +5VSTBY R881 4 2 +5V IC811 R944 47k R917 220k 470n 50V 470n 50V C887 R941 100k C886 TL431SAMF2 VCC2 VOUT IC829 3 1 78L05_TO92 TR803 D836 1M R945 100k R959 100k D850 100n 16V BC858B Q822 R915 R914 1M D1 2 +12V_2 C815 IC801 TCET110G C868 R918 10k 1 +12V_2 R913 1M 2 PL804 +12V +12V_2 SW1 BA159_SMD R921 1k VCC1 100R R890 VF_MAIN 8V2_ZENER 1m9 R825 100R 26V Opto AC2 1kV 220p D823 1N4148 IC830 C892 10u 50V 9 IC826 BA159_SMD D862 R880 10R GND 16V 100u S4 3 NC 4 C901 1 BP R1009 20R 7 1 PL813 +24V C830 100n 16V R844 S3 IC825 STPS5L25B 25V C860 2200u 6V3 100R S1 8 C818 4700u 6V3 100n 16V 2 2 3 +3.3VSTBY 22u C857 4700u 6V3 R846 100R NC 6 S2 B 2 +12V L804 C824 IC806 3 630V 10n C810 3V3 +33V C859 3 D 5 R1007 20R Opto TNY266 BA159_SMD 4 EN/UV R1005 20R R1012 1k D806 R1013 4k7 C 7 1 5 R888 100R 4 10 +2.5V 100R PL812 5V C837 6 R839 3k3 5 AC_GND R1010 20R R1008 20R 1M R940 R1006 20R 1M R912 R1004 20R 1M R980 AC2 R982 1M C903 1M R981 1M 10n 1kV R932 PL807 PL805 R889 +400V AC1 4M7 1kV 220p 17PW20 REV:00 +5V BZT55C3V9 SW1 RESONANT MODE TFT POWER SUPPL