Oem vestel 17_pw02_no_suffix_[sch]


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Oem vestel 17_pw02_no_suffix_[sch]

  1. 1. C820 R850 400V 12V 12n 250V 10R 7 STPS_3P_10L60CFP L801 DRAIN 2n2 4kV 2n2 4kV ZW1 C831 C829 35V 1000u 8 470p 1kV C804 D810 C852 BA159 C800 3 GND Vc VC S806 RS1008_SOD123 12 ZW2 D820 GND S815 R949 STPS_3P_10L60CFP 35V 1000u D819 with heatsink S814 D821 +12V 1u C827 14 35V 1000u 56k C873 56k R950 C849 R822 2 FTZ_AXIAL VAR-510V 470p 1kV R851 450V 47u BA159 L803 10R 400V D802 BA159 FTZ_AXIAL 17PW02_EPC3028 1 PL811 4 1 3 +12V GATE 10k R843 C803 VFB 100n 250V Q802 R833 10R 1N4148_SOD123 3 R951 10k 1 2 100n 50V C815 R827 10k +12V 400V VFB C817 2n2 4kV GND 1 R832 FB 2 0R47 R802 1M 100R R826 C809 R806 1M R849 12k 100k R819 R801 1M R812 1M 3 50V 470p R805 1M TL431SAMF2 BC858B Q801 RI R811 1M R823 100R SENSE 100n 63V D813 50V 10n 100n 250V SENSE 4 C826 R846 1k5 C802 VCC R842 10k R878 1k IC805 1 SG6859A VDD 5 L800 2X22MH_12MM R825 4R7 C12V_SOD123 2 4 4 with heatsink D812 3 8 IC800 TCET110G MTP6N60E/SSP7N60A D809 GATE 6 +12V 6 7 R841 10k R1105 10k 2 4 5 L808 2X22MH_12MM 2 3 ST_BY2 C1012 S813 BA159 D803 L802 D800 BA159 S812 D801 TR800 13 R948 R1104 10k BC858B Q854 ST_BY2 S802 ZW1 C1011 IC805 option Q855 BC848B 1k R1106 50V 10n S804 PL800 4M7 C818 1k R1123 R834 1 1k R1103 S811 S801 S800 10R 2n2 4kV VAR-510V R807 7 S803 HV 1 PL810 1 PL805 1 2 PL809 5 100R R815 1 RT 1 R894 15R D808 VCC 1N4148_SOD123 C807 2 1 GNDCAP1 100R R816 PL806 HV 100R R817 100k R820 1 4 2n2 4kV HV ZW2 SENSE PL802 6 2 1 SENSE R947 15R 2n2 4kV NC D807 3 GNDCAP1 VCC SG6742HR C805 1 PL803 VDD GATE 4u7 400V FB 8 C806 2 GATE C22V C801 VFB GND 22u 50V F800 FUSE_RADIAL 1 PL807 IC806 PL801 TH800 4M7 400V 2 R824 15R R946 15R PL804 GNDCAP1 Vc VESTEL 18.5"-21.6"LED TV SLIM POWER SUPPLY 17PW02 DATE Ver. 00 SMPS Group 14-07-2009 Sheet 1/1