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Meshkit jrbaldwin

  1. 1. MeshKitJonathan Baldwin
  2. 2. MeshKitCross-Platform, Social Networking Tool For Building & Sustaining Wireless Mesh Networks With Recycled & DIY hardware
  3. 3. Ugh, Communication These Days! Ubiqutious & Mobile, but Infrastructure is Rigid & Centralized Voice, Data, SMS is too expensive Can be Censored or Shut Down by Governments or Major Disasters Rural areas lacking in Basic Connections
  4. 4. Why Mesh?Share connectivity anywhere,even on the subwayRepairs itself on the flyNo central structure costs/maintenanceDecentralized, only connect to eachotherEbbs & Flows withsocial/physical landscapes
  5. 5. MeshKit Building Outlines Goals & Steps for: Community Broadcasting Encrypted Network Out Only Dead Drop Zone Emergency Mode Art/Science Reaching Flash Mob/Collaborations Rural Areas Protest Static Ad Hoc Hybrid
  6. 6. MeshKit Helps Sustain Building a mesh network creates community It’s about building trust, interdependence and reciprocity (informal exchange) amongst the community
  7. 7. MeshKit Helps Sustain Through intrinsic/extrinsic items, collecting, community of social gaming & A Peer to Peer Economy
  8. 8. Communication InfrastructureSkype-style Single/GroupVoice/Text ChatForumsFile SharingBuild Gatewaysfor OpenBTS & Internet
  9. 9. Visual Interface Island metaphors used in social gaming Works with dynamic nature of mesh Users can easily visualize their node (island)and player (themselves on island), linked nodes create bridges between islands Can be swapped with other themes
  10. 10. User Scenario
  11. 11. Intrinsic Resource Economy How to gain levels, XPKnowledge & TeachingHardware construction & RepairSoftware Development & InstallingRunning Internet & GSM GatewaysSocial/Community PresenceCPU Cycles, Packet Forwarding & Battery/Power Use Collect a certain amount to level
  12. 12. Expressive Space Combinatorial items like Lego SetsCollection-Based Social Games + Minecraft
  13. 13. Showing Worth Islands grow with increase in levels, more room to build Color of plants and types of items that “spawn” reflect prominent resource skills Clothes change style/color Can keep items that grow or exchange for coins
  14. 14. Retaining ValueCollecting Sets - you grow certain types ofitems, need to buy/trade with others to get everything Showing Off Your Stuff/Value Exploring other islands Fishing for/Finding Items
  15. 15. Strengthing Community Rituals Gifting/Trading of Items Create new items to sell Mentoring Group Forming: Each Member a Task Social Leaderboard/Politics
  16. 16. Building Trust Web of Trust:Decentralized Hash Value Exchange Invite Only or Open NetworksCommunity Verified Checks/Balances & Voting for Group leaders
  17. 17. Starting a Project Mesh needs to be a certain size to unlock higher levelsFor Creating a Community Network:Level 1 Group of PeopleLevel 2 Village/Campus SizeLevel 3 NeighborhoodLevel 4 Linked NeighborhoodsLevel 5 Metropolitan Area Network
  18. 18. TechnologyOpen source ad hoc mesh protocol (OLSRD) Runs on every OS, every mobile device, Linksys WRT54g/other Linux routers Game platform built on top using HTML5 - ad hoc protocol is swappable
  19. 19. Testing
  20. 20. Testing
  21. 21. Next Steps