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the dream                               We’re growing.   M a r k h a m   S t o u f f...
“It all started with a vision and the generous donationCONTENTSEmergency Care                                  3         o...
Your Donations have a               DAiLY iMpACt fOR pAtiENts               in the Emergency DepartmentDr. Andrew Arcand i...
MALviNA KEAY was a force to be reckoned with                                                                              ...
GivinG with Pride and Passion                                                                                         How ...
Making a Difference together. Every Event Counts!                                                     Angus Glen          ...
a Mangroup CoMMitS $5OO,OOO difference with his visiongreAt wAll           who Makes a to tHe                             ...
“Our success is a   testament to you, our donors,        who clearly make                                          Donor  ...
It Has Begun – $100,000 PLUS                                                                       report to tHe CoMMunitY...
Thelma	Kidd                     John	McCreight                  Tony	Omotani                  Dorothy	Smith               ...
Maxwell	Jackson               Anne		Matthew	Tomljenovic         La	Difference	Time	Centre            Brian		Helen	Allen   ...
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Markham Stouffville Foundation Annual Report 2010
Markham Stouffville Foundation Annual Report 2010
Markham Stouffville Foundation Annual Report 2010
Markham Stouffville Foundation Annual Report 2010
Markham Stouffville Foundation Annual Report 2010
Markham Stouffville Foundation Annual Report 2010
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Markham Stouffville Foundation Annual Report 2010


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Markham Stouffville Foundation Annual Report 2010

  1. 1. the dream We’re growing. M a r k h a m S t o u f f v i l l e H o s p i t a l F o u n d a t i o n R e p o r t t o D o n o r s 2 0 1 0
  2. 2. “It all started with a vision and the generous donationCONTENTSEmergency Care 3 of 50 acres of land in 1967. Markham Stouffville Hospital opened its doors in 1990,Your donations have a daily impact and this past March we celebrated our 20th anniversary. The vision and momentum continuesMSHeroes 4 as we move ahead with the next significant milestone – the expansion of our hospital.A force to be reckoned withGiving with Passion and Pride 5 Building a hospital is a partnership between the government and the community – each plays aCommunity Events 6 significant role. All medical equipment, such as MRIs and new patient beds, is funded throughMaking a difference together donations from the community. Markham Stouffville Hospital has to raise $50 million inOur Community 7 the next few years so we can continue providing excellent quality care for our community. WeGreat Wall Group commits $500,000 to MSH continue to count on your generosity to achieve our fundraising goal. can continue to provide the care our growing community needs, close to home.”Donor Wall 8 Thank you for making our expansion possible. Because of you, Markham Stouffville Hospital becomes reality.Symbolizes pride of community in our hospitalReport to the Community 9Our donors helping lives Janet M. Beed Suzette StrongOur Commitment to You 16 PReSIdenT & CeO MARkHAM STOuffvIlle HOSPITAl CeO MARkHAM STOuffvIlle HOSPITAl 2
  3. 3. Your Donations have a DAiLY iMpACt fOR pAtiENts in the Emergency DepartmentDr. Andrew Arcand is Chief ofEmergency Medicine at MarkhamStouffville Hospital and has been aphysician at MSH for the last nine years. triaged, placed on a cardiac monitor and needing to be admitted often have to wait “Many of my patientsHe is one of the key people working moved to our urgent care area. The monitor until beds become available in our current to improve patient care and manage as well as the actual urgent care space are space. We continue to focus on delivering the high volumes in the Emergency also courtesy of the Foundation’s annual safe, high-quality care. Whether you are a Department (ED). We sat down with him fundraising efforts. nurse, a physician, a volunteer or a donor tell me it is tremendouslyto hear more about how your donations Many people do not realize that the who supports our hospital, know that make a difference in his daily work. government does not fund everything. The what you do to support us rewarding to give to MSH. government and community work together makes a difference in the It helps to ensure patientsDr. Arcand, you deal with all kinds of in partnership to fund our hospital. For care we provide every day. medical emergencies on a daily basis. example, if you need new beds, you have to receive the health careWhy are donations needed for your raise the funds yourself. We depend on the department? Foundation to support our urgent needs. they need by having an We rely on donations to buy the medical outstanding, well-equipped What role can we play as aequipment we use in Emergency. We need in our community.” community and as individuals? facility available right hereit to diagnose and care for our patients. My department is incredibly tight for physical space In addition to our ongoing equipment based on the patients we see. For example our needs, the Foundation is focused on emergency was built for 28,000 visits a year raising money for our expansion that will and today we are seeing closer to 60,000. The help the hospital accommodate the huge Dr. John DiCostanzapeak is up to 190 patient visits a day. CHIef of Surgery growth in Markham and Stouffville. The and Co-CHaIr of new building will be the home of our brand MSH PHySICIan CaMPaIgnCan you give us an example of how new Emergency Department. Because the donations are put to good use in hospital’s inpatient beds are often full, the Emergency Department? patients who come through the Emergency Dr. Andrew Arcand Yes. A patient in his 50s recently arrived complaining of abdominal pain that radiated to his chest. In the few hours he was in physicians Understand Need for Giving Back MSH FACTS&FIGURESEmergency, all our beds and stretchers were full and so we used our new portable It is often said that Markham Stouffville Hospital has a unique culture of caring EMERGENCY ROOM visits and compassion for our patients and their families.ultrasound unit to further assess the situation. His vital signs were also taken with It is our people who forge that reputation. We are fortunate to have a team of YEARLY 60,000 5,000a monitor purchased by the Foundation. physicians who are as committed to the hospital as they are to their patients.What happened next? They dedicate their skills and expertise to improving patient care. MONtHLY We knew there was a history of diabetes controlled with medication. The patient was Our physicians understand that giving opens the door for receiving and have committed to their own personal fundraising campaign for the MSH expansion. WEEKLY 1,250 patients
  4. 4. MALviNA KEAY was a force to be reckoned with Hilary was a player in the Markham women’s how she would affect our lives years later.” soccer league, which Eira has been managing Hilary showed her so much compassion that since 1987. evening that Malvina was actually spending Hilary soon realized she had her hands full her final hours enjoying herself with a with her strong-willed patient, as Malvina complete stranger – a person whom she had kept insisting she had to go for a walk and just met but was an immediate friend to her. Ninety-eight will, Malvina’s passion forspirit and strength of pounds of indomitable life, Eira then decided she should move into their home, where a hospital-style bed was set up that she needed a new bed. But Hilary wasn’t deterred by this “character” and stayed by her side. “She made quite a dance that night,” “Hilary let her live her final hours with dignity and laughter. She allowed a 91-year- old to be herself and bow out on her terms. her family, and gardens was deep. She was a for her in the master bedroom for the eight says Eira with a grin. What more can one ask of a nurse than to survivor — of war, of divorce, of leukemia, of months before her death. Seeing she was in good hands, John returned take care and treat a patient as if she was life. The house whirled with activity — “it was a home at about 10:30 p.m., as his mother had her family? That is what Hilary did over the revolving door” — with visits from nurses and evening.” other home support workers. “We decided one Malvina Keay Compassionate Care in of us would be with her 24/7,” recalls Eira, a Markham Stouffville Hospital deep and abiding affection and respect for her mother-in-law still evident . The family’s roots are deep in Markham, Surrounded by the lovely gardens in the and with Markham Stouffville Hospital as shaded back yard of the house in which they well, and the compassionate care given to a have lived since moving to Markham in 1980, beloved family member at the end has only Eira grins while sharing stories about the strengthened that bond. After short stints in senior who remained feisty and determined Don Mills and North York after emigrating despite being hospitalized for pneumonia the from Wales in 1970, the Keays moved to their Eira Keay and her Hero, Hilary Klassen year prior. new home with sons Christopher and Matthew She remembers when Malvina asserted her — now a Markham firefighter — before the independence after moving into their home. hospital was built. But last February, at the age of 91, the She had made her way out of bed and down insisted. The call came early the next morning, In preschool, Christopher walked around longtime Markham resident decided she was the stairs and was at the front door, declaring at 3 a.m., with the news that Malvina had died. a tennis court 25 times to help build the ready to end “a good run”. she was “running away from home”. The Keays hadn’t expected to lose Malvina that community’s first hospital. He raised $100 of She had still been living on her own — “she night, but knowing a caring nurse such as the $700 Box Grove Co-op presented in 1984. was very capable” — at age 90, until she had a Malvina Decided to go to the Hospital Hilary was with her in her final hours made The Keays’ four grandchildren were born at fall that fractured her hip, daughter-in-law Eira She seemed to be recovering well, although it easier. the hospital that is literally at their doorstep. Keay says. John, Malvina’s only child, and the onset of dementia had added some To express their gratitude, the family Malvina lives on strong in the memories of challenges. nominated Hilary as an MSHero in her family, John, Eira, grandsons Matthew and Suddenly, on Feb. 13, she declared she recognition of her compassion, and also Christopher and great grandchildren. And in MSH FACTSFIGURES wanted to go to the hospital. Eira tried to put made a donation to support the hospital’s Hilary’s memory, too. 235 337 her off, but after a bit of convincing, John expansion, which includes a brand new Hilary, a goalkeeper, told Eira she recently declared he would take her. It was, indeed, Emergency Department, triple the size of the had an opportunity to “play out”. She scored a hard to say no to Malvina when she had her existing department. goal. “That was for Malvina, she told me later,” BEDs pHYsiCiANs mind set on something. Needing oxygen, she “I met Hilary several years ago playing Eira says. Hilary was holding Malvina’s hand was admitted to the hospital. Malvina was soccer in Markham. She was a friendly person, when she died peacefully in her sleep. “She1,000 1,768 soon greeted by nurse Hilary Klassen, who was full of life, with a great sense of humour,” went her own way,” Eira says, “on her quick to tell her she knew her daughter-in-law. writes Eira. “I was not prepared, however, for own terms, when she was ready to go.” “While the hospital is the cornerstone for a healthy community, the community’s giving is at the vOLUNtEERs HOspitAL stAff quality care right here, close to home.” Such commitment and generosity is making the difference in the lives of patients and families who rely on Mayor Wayne Emmerson Town of whiTchurch-STouffville
  5. 5. GivinG with Pride and Passion How A Young FAMilY pLANs fOR tHE fUtUREA woman with an engaging smile, and a deeplycaring man, Lara and Brad are passionate about life hospital actually reaches even deeper. All generations of his and Lara’s extended family have been touched business partners how important it is to give back,” says Brad. “We do understand the twists and turns thatand their family. As a young family, they are still by Markham Stouffville Hospital. They rely on it life can take and certainly appreciate how fragile lifesome time away from even contemplating retirement. extensively for their family’s daily and special health is,” adds Lara, thinking about her husband who, at theSo you wonder what inspires this couple to make a care needs and are so thankful to have it, providing age of 13, was involved in a serious accident when hitgift in their wills to support the future needs of by a car while riding to school.Markham Stouffville Hospital. Brad and Lara “Looking back at this experience helps mesupport a number of causes. It is Markham keep my perspective. I know that planning ahead isStouffville Hospital that is at the centre of their important because you never know what is beyondgiving – and their hearts. the next curve,” Brad explains passionately. “I also “Both of our daughters, Hannah and Erica believe that your health should never be taken forwere born at Markham Stouffville and we granted. I owe this perspective to my kids, my wife,will never forget the outstanding care that we my family and my community.”received,” Brad says. “Not every experience at Brad and Lara have been inspired to leave thethe hospital is so joyous. Our family has also hospital a bequest in their wills. “Providing forhad some very sad moments there,” continues your family is number one, but this gift will helpLara, telling the story when her mother Joan was future generations of families in our communitydiagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. who will rely on Markham Stouffville Hospital,” In life’s celebrations and its trials, Markham explains Lara as their youngest daughter, Erica,Stouffville Hospital plays a central role in the chimes in that she is one of her school’s toplives of every family in our community. As Brad fundraisers for this year’s Legacy Run - an annualputs it: “Our local hospital is for everybody –whether quality care close to home. “As a young, active family Foundation fundraising event. “It does not matteryou or your family has had to rely on it yet, one day we appreciate it now,” Brad says. how much you give, it’s more important to teach youryou will need it.” For Brad and Lara, it’s about leading by example. children that giving comes from the heart,” says Lara Brad’s family and his successful business are firmly “We believe that giving is the most meaningful way “and that is why we feel privileged and are proud torooted in Markham. In fact, his connection to our of showing our kids, our friends, our family and our support our hospital.” “You allow us into your lives – when you give birth, when your child needs a cast, MSH FACTSFIGURES BABiEs BORN 3,100/Year when your parents need an Mri, and when you walk through the doors of our emergency Department. You allow us to share some very important moments with you – and for that we thank you. we also appreciate your overwhelming support. The kind words you have for our staff, the letters of support, the e-mails you send – we appreciate all of them.” Janet M. Beed 258/Month babies 72 /week PreSIdent Ceo MarkHaM StouffvIlle HoSPItal
  6. 6. Making a Difference together. Every Event Counts! Angus Glen Celebration thank you to all Half Marathon of Hope Angus Glen continues to Luncheon our 2009-2010 invest in our community’s health through a series of Presented by Mary Event Organizers for community events: Angus Kay Cosmetics, over 1,150 guests making MsH your Glen Half Marathon, 5K and 10K; Angus Glen Canada attended and had the opportunity charity of choice. Day Five Miler; Culinary Arts Golf Classic; and the Angus to hear from the inaugural Hope Here is a snapshot Glen Harvest Ride. Award Recipients — Classical 96.3 FM of some of the ways host, Libby Znaimer; Q107 personality, you have put fun Maureen Holloway; Citytv anchor, Mark Dailey; co-host of Canada AM, Beverly into your fundraising Thompson; author, Carol Ann Cole; CTV health and medical contributor, activities. Dr. Marla Shapiro (not shown). tim Hortons From garage sales to backyard smile Cookie Campaign barbecues, to bake sales and Dedicated staff and enthusiastic sporting events, there is a wide customers certainly gave MSH something to smile about as they variety of possibilities for you to donated proceeds of the “Smile consider when hosting an event in Cookie” program from all 19 support of our hospital. Tim Hortons locations in Markham. Host Your Own Community Event to Benefit Markham Brother André stouffville Hospital Unionville High school’s BandAid Ladies Golf Students from Brother André For more information call natasha tournament present Dan Amadori, Past Chair, at 905-472-7373 ext. 6647 or email Unionville ladies support MSH Foundation with funds raised in MSH’s Breast Health Centre. support of the hospital’s expansion. MSH FACTSFIGURES sURGiCAL pROCEDUREs “I realize what an important part the hospital has played and will continue YEARLY 19,000 to play in my life and that of my family, friends and neighbours. from birth to end of life, the medical milestones of our lives are marked there…. MONtHLY 1,583 as it grows and changes along with the community it serves so well.” it is the least i can do to acknowledge all of the caring professionals and the institutionsurgery WEEKLY 395 Eileen Rees MArKhAM
  7. 7. a Mangroup CoMMitS $5OO,OOO difference with his visiongreAt wAll who Makes a to tHe a key leadership role in supporting Markham Stouffville MArkHAM StouFFville HoSpitAl expAnSion Hospital, the primary provider of health care to newcomersI t was a busy week for Danny Leung, nothing out of the desire to give back to his community hospital. As his ownordinary for this local businessman. He was planning to take vision was saved, he developed a broader vision - to support a and long-time residents alike,” continues David Tsubouchi, Honorary Chair of the Great Wall Group. “You know,” Danny says passionately, “our mission is rightwork home for the weekend after returning from a business truly vital hospital and encourage others to do so, too. and there are a lot of people out there whotrip to Hong Kong. Surrendering to jet lag or having a leisurely “You have to lead by example, as a community member, believe in having excellent healthweekend is not his style. He opened the door, dropped his a businessman and as a father”, explains Danny, who with care close to home. With our goalbag and walked straight into his home office to check phone the encouragement of long-time friend MPP Michael Chan of raising $500,000, believe me, Imessages and go through some numbers. am not afraid to ask.” “I was sitting at my desk, when all of a In Danny’s office there is asudden, I had blurry vision in one eye,” Danny large picture of a lotus flower,says. He blamed it on fatigue from his travels one of the most ancient symbolsand finished going through his papers before in Asia. “The lotus grows ingoing to bed. muddy water and rises above the “When I awoke the next morning, I couldn’t surface to bloom with remarkablesee anything out of that same eye. My son took beauty. At night, the flower closesme straight to Emergency at the Markham and sinks below water, only toStouffville Hospital,” Danny remembers. rise and open again at Dr. Shobana Ananth was one of the doctors dawn.” For Danny,on duty. She diagnosed a partially detached this symbolizes theretina and her fast, accurate diagnosis and opportunity wetimely treatment plan helped save 80 per cent Great Wall Group with Mayor Frank Scarpitti have with each newof Danny’s eyesight. day, as human “The care and treatment that I received at Markham founded the Great Wall Fundraising Group, together with beings to offerStouffville Hospital was outstanding. Dr. Ananth was kind, David Tsubouchi and Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti. The something andrespectful and so compassionate,” says Danny. “I really Group has pledged $500,000 to support the much needed to give back.appreciated her open, honest communication and the expansion of Markham Stouffville Hospital.swift follow-up arrangements. I owe my vision to Markham Danny is also joined by a number of tireless volunteersStouffville Hospital.” – Esther Wong, Angela Chiu, Joey Lee, Gladys Mak, Christy You Always Need Your Community Hospital Wei andthe hospitalCouncillorvision Chiu – all so that it can Markham Alex dedicated to helping realize its to expand MSH FACTSFIGURES As a successful entrepreneur in the travel industry – founder continue delivering safe, high-quality care for our growingand CEO of DSL Group - Danny is proud of his achievements communities. pAtiENts tREAtED 307,000 perin Canada. As an immigrant, he believes that newcomers, at “We need to show the larger Canadian society that we, aslarge, need to do more to support their Canadian communities, immigrants, are proud to be Canadians, and that we want toespecially their local hospital because “everybody will need to give back. We work hard to create jobs and do good things that year 25,583take care of their health at some point and having a community support our community.” He often tells his grateful patienthospital close by is important”. story and reminds friends and clients that whether they plan per Danny Leung’s eyesight was saved through swift medical to stay in Canada forever or for just a few years, they will need month patients 6,396intervention at Markham Stouffville Hospital. He is fortunate their hospital and one day will appreciate having good carehe did not have to drive downtown to get the urgent care he close to home.needed. This life-defining moment triggered in Danny the “We want to encourage the Asian Community to take on per week
  8. 8. “Our success is a testament to you, our donors, who clearly make Donor Markham Stouffville Hospital a priority. It truly is a virtuous circle, from great care to generous giving that supports more great care. Wall A Our heartfelt thanks Symbolizes Pride of to all of you for making the circle complete.” Suzette Strong Community in our Hospital CEO MarkhaM StOuffvillE hOSpital fOundatiOn B C like our hospital, our new Donor Wall has a story deeply rooted in the community. Our story reflects our history, the present and the future of Markham Stouffville Hospital. The Wall MSH FACTSFIGURES is prominently located in the hallway that links our main lobby and Emergency Department with Diagnostic Imaging. Depending on which direction you are walking you may notice there is not DIaGnoSTIC laB EXaMS necessarily a beginning or end to this wall, and that is because our story begins with you. D 2.2 Million PEr YEar At one end we recognize those who have supported Markham Stouffville Hospital from our humble beginnings, and at the other, we acknowledge the individuals, families and businesses who have given generously to our Campaign for Expansion. Both symbolize the pride our community has in its hospital. And over the next few years, with your support, this story will continue. Together with our donors we celebrated the unveiling of the Donor Wall A. (from left to right) Bill Crothers, Johanna and Doug Meharg, Peter Mason, Drew and Karen Gerrard, Dennis Fortnum, 183,333/MonTH Eric Tappenden, Suzette Strong, Mark Young We look forward to adding the new names of our generous supporters as we continue with theexams B. (from left to right) Neil Walker, Reg Grey, largest fundraising campaign York Region has ever seen – our goal is to raise $50 million. Eileen and James Beierl 45,833/WEEK C. (from left to right) Jeanne Major, Allan Bell, Dr. Christyne Peters D. Shirley Sommers, Reg Gray
  9. 9. It Has Begun – $100,000 PLUS report to tHe CoMMunitY The following individuals and organizations have made commitments in support compassion CoUraGe of Markham Stouffville Hospital’s expansion. Thank you for building the future. INDIVIDUALS: Carlo Angela Baldassarra Family $1,000,000.00 commitment John Kaptyn $1,000,000.00 Doug Johanna Meharg $1,000,000.00 Community John Diane Gibson and Family $00,000.00 Herman Marya Grad $00,000.00 Marc Ashley Wade $00,000.00 Carman Lewis $20,000.00 Fred Wang $20,000.00 The following individuals and corporations Tom Irene Shadlock $1,000.00 have supported the MSH Foundation helping Russell Beare $10,000.00 lives through gifts and pledges. Altaf Soorty Family $100,000.00 Our Loyal Friends– ORGANIZATIONS: Audrey Brown 10 years and Canadians of Pakistani Origin $1,000,000.00 counting! Eleanor Brown PowerStream Inc. $1,000,000.00 Richard Karla Bryan Our heartfelt thanks to those Brian Jane Buckles TACC Contruction Ltd. $1,000,000.00 generous and far-sighted donors Earl Bulger Fieldgate Group of Companies $00,000.00 who have made gifts every year Chris Burchell for the past ten years (April 1, Marianne Bob Burrell Great Wall Fundraising Group $00,000.00 2000 to March 31, 2010). Arnold Phyllis Burton HR/Lindvest Developments $00,000.00 Your commitment inspires us. Bruce Bunny Burton RBC Foundation $00,000.00 Bryan Burton Violet Datzeff Roger Kathleen Glazin John Mary Jane Aiken Louis Cagnin Joanne Davis-Greenlaw Andrew Gledhill Scotiabank Group $00,000.00 Robert Sylvia Alexander Audrey Cain William Cynthia Dawson John Alice Gordon Times Group Corporation $00,000.00 Peter Coleen Allum Antonio Maria Cammisuli Gerald Andrea De Waal Loraine Gore Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation $20,000.00 Elfrida Alves Monica Alves Gillian Campbell Wilbert Dean Gordon Alice Greig John Carol Ann Anderson Robert W. Campbell Pasquale Anna Di Ruscio John Greig Monarch Corporation $12,000.00 W. Andrews Walter Yvonne Campbell James Nancy Dickin Betty Grove IBM Employees’ Charitable Fund $10,000.00 Anastacia Arcinas Marilyn Cargill Raul Celeste Dionisio Herbert Elsie Guenther William Avis Ida Cariglia Arthur Dixon Herb Guttman Laurier Homes and Paradise Homes $100,000.00 Stephen Natalie Bakowsky Malcolm Carter Lawrence Alice D’Mello George Audrey Haley Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd. $100,000.00 Elizabeth Baldaro Kevin Susan Cash James Joan Doble Dr. Jerry J. Halik York Region Media Group $100,000.00 John Juanita Balmer Kenneth Mary Chalk Lloyd Dodgson Lloyd Helen Ham Steven Maria Bankovich Jimmy Chan Velma Douglas Maura Harrington Douglas G. Barnes Fonda Chau Mary Drewery John Harrison Reaching Deep - $10,000 PLUS Donald Frances Bartlett Basil Inez Cheong Ronald Duckworth Betty Hastings Strong community leadership is essential to the success of our hospital. The following individuals Edward Ellen Batten Jeremy Cheung Adrianne Easton Allan Nadia Hawkins and organizations have made cumulative gifts of $10,000 or more from April 1, 200 to March 1, Fred Baxter Albert Chin Byron Marie Edney Art Donna Hayden 2010. Thank you – you have touched the lives of thousands with your generosity and vision. Russell Beare David Irene Chiu Urich Eulice Ferdinand Gordon Agnes Hemms Robert Rosemary Beckett Richard Chung David Sharon Fieghen Lindsay Hemms Saeid Aghaei Mark Lori Lievonen Acuity Innovative Solutions James Eileen Beierl C. D. Clark Robert Dianne Fisher Hilda Herdman Dan Barbara Amadori John Livey Alex Chiu Golf Tournament Jean Alexander Bell David Dorothy Clark William Elizabeth Fitz James Isabel Hewlett Asif Ameer Peter Dorothy Mason Angus Glen Golf Club William Margaret Benson Dennis Cline Sam Foote Dan Sherri Holden Dr. David Austin David Sanysa Merkel Dr. Shahida R. Khan Medicine Dr. Ron Gail Beveridge William Janet Cockwell Donald Joan Forbes Sylvia Houghton Janet Beed William E. Willa Norton Professional Corporation Mary Bicko Douglas Sydney Conant Andrew Joyce Fordyce William Helen Ilott Pamela Bird Margaret Conner Robert Rosie Forget Robert Florence Inkster Kathleen P. Carrick Tom Irene Shadlock Ellesmere Fabricators Ltd. Arnheit Blauert Jennifer Cook-Spanton Floyd Forsyth Frank Jago Linda Chambers Gerry Anita Smith Flato Developments Inc. Marion Lorne Boadway Wayne Vicki Copp Martin Joyce Fredricks N. C. James Michael Chan Elaine Yu Frank Freda Spain IBM Employees’ Imre Elizabeth Boroczi Roger Patricia Correia Anna Fretz Doris Jerome Angela Chiu David Cynthia Stead Charitable Fund Milton Solange Boyle Bruce Mona Couperthwaite Judith Friedl Henry Johnson Howard Muriel Fairty Gordon Judy Stollery Islamic Foundation of Toronto William Ruth Boynton Ernest Cozens Keith Debbie Gammie Ray Irene Johnson Hashem Ghadaki Suzette Strong The Village Grocer Harry Helen Brain J.A. Craig Pat Rogers Gardham Eva Adam Johnstone Mohammad Ghadaki Eric Susanne Tappenden Unionville Ladies Leigh Brain William June Cresswell Lloyd Dorothy George George Jones Larry Grove Dr. Abida Usman Golf Tournament Frank Braun Reg Crozier Edward George Violet Jones Edmund Alice Bredin Don Lynn Crymble Karen Drew Gerrard Yatishkumar Karia Warren Deborah Jestin John Tess Van Netten York Region David Shirley Brennan Margaret Curtis D. Gilbert Joan Kaufman Farzana Jiwani Aly Virji Dr. Ralph Watt Breast Cancer Friends Margaret Briggs Americo Da Silva Barbara Gill Norma Kennedy Danny Leung Whiteside - Henderson Family Leonard Barbara Bristow Jack M. Elizabeth Daniels Ted Lillian Given Dr. James June Kerr
  10. 10. Thelma Kidd John McCreight Tony Omotani Dorothy Smith Geraldine TurnerTrevor Kimpton Donald Noreen McDonough Wayne Owen Harold Gwen Smith Gwendolyne TurnpennyNelson Betty King Clifford Nancy McGill Catherine Paglialunga Pat Solary William Eileen UnderhillJohn Klecker Hugh Lois McGinn Murray Jean Painter Shirley Sommers Kalju Lea VahiWalter Margo Knecht John Kathleen McKay James Belinda Pang Adriana Spaargaren John Tess Van NettenGerald Margaret Knee Jeffrey McKechnie Perry Pang Frank Freda Spain Dr. Zul Almas VerjeeA. David Irene Kneeshaw John Noreen McKenna Patricia Pantin James Doris Spencer Ralph Valerie ViegasWilliam Miriam Knowles Mary McLean Doreen Parker Kenneth Eva Spiece Frank VysokiFrank Mila Koclik Winifred McLeod Victor Helen Parr Catherine Helen St. John Josephine WagnerArmin Christa Kratel Bonnie McMaster Alicia Parry Ruth St. John Laura WallaceRudolf Brigitte Kroen Jean McNab Marian Passant Pier Susan Steffan Doris WallenSangarapillai Kumarasamy Melvin McNeil Harold Nellie Pearson Cecilia Steirman Al Grace WallisSig Kusatz Thomas Meacock Patricia Peterkin Evelyn Stephens Gord WalterGordon Doreen Lak Roy Barbara Megarry Domenic Antonietta Petta Helen WaltonRobert Agnes Langille Jasper Mary Megelink George Agatha WangAl Anne Lanning Doug Johanna Meharg Dr. Siek Wassenaar Invar Building CorporationJohn Jennifer Lanyon Joseph Vonda Melanson Robert Alma Watt Johnson Johnson Allan J. BellAngelo Francesca Lauretta Betty Melville Constance Weaver Medical Products William Margaret BensonPhilip Loretta Lavell Michael Meras Dorothy Webb Markham Fair Jan BlackWilliam Hazel Leal Deborah Mervin Robert Webber Markham Lions Club Dr. Bob Julie BoadwayDr. Avrom Susan Lebovic Stephen Marilyn Michna Victor Lorraine Wells Markham Radiologists Gustav BoehringerPeter King Cheung Lee Frank Miller Ernst Ilona Welmers Miller Thomson LLP Nick BorghPhyllis Lee Rena Mingay Waltraut Weprajetzki Morley, Sanderson, Millard Deborah BouchardLaura Leger Peter Helen Mitchell John Elizabeth Westbrook Foster LLP Bernice BowersGordon Leier Alfred Bertha Mohl Lena White OPG Employees’ Pensioners’ Michael BrowneRobert Diane LeMottee John Margaret Moment Walter Shirley Whitham Charity Trust Howard BurkholderAlvine Lestal James Dianne Monnot Joan Whittaker Paracom Realty Corporation Ismat ButtHelen Leung Alan Leona Moore Jacqueline Wilfert Schaeffer Associates Ltd. Robert W. CampbellP. L. Leung Eric Doreen Moore Stephen Jackie Wilkinson Scotiabank Group Ellie CannonJoan Lewis A. George Moreton Paul Edith Williams Skelton Truck Lines Ltd. Malcolm CarterFraser Marijan Lindsay Lionel J. Mousseau Reta Williams Stantec Inc. John April ChamberlainCameron Linton Bernice Moxley Douglas M. Phyllis Willson TACC Contruction Ltd. April Chan Earl Marie Wilson The Manchee Foundation Robert Chin Constance Stephenson Gerald Joan Winters The Village Grocer Tracy Clegg Tim White “on behalf of the weeks family we would like to Louis Phillips Eleanor Stephenson Anton Maria Wolf Town of Markham Gordon June Collins Maurice Pilkey John Joyce Storey Frank Nina Wolfe Town of Whitchurch - Stouffville Jack Comella thank the Markham Stouffville hospital for the Dora Poon Terry Coughlin Marlene Storry Albert Wai Keung Hilda Wong Bill Crothers Welcome Wagon Ltd. care afforded to violet. in particular we would like Dr. Robert Shirley Price Perry Janet Stover Anne Wong Dr. Shahnaz Dar to recognize Dr. T. cheang, and the nursing staff Mavis Yee Quee John Stradling Josephine Wong The Power Joanne Davis-Greenlaw at 3 centre. Also, Dr. A. Patterson, Dr. h. currie Aladino Maria Quilici Kathryn Stupar Marina Wong Bill Dawson Joan Quinlan Daniel Kay Sum Carl Eleanor Wride of Community Jean Deverill and the nursing staff of the palliative care ward. Jim Shirley Rehill Ernest Terezija Svetanic Teresa Wu We offer our heartfelt thanks to Guang Di Jueqiang Cai i would also like to thank the social workers Lothar Renate Renters Eric Susanne Tappenden William Philip Yarn everyone who contributed during Donna Wayne Doherty Tanya and Jennifer who helped us through Bruce Isabel Risebrough Glen Taun Dorothy Young the past year, including those Mary Francis Drudge this difficult period.” Susan Robinson Elizabeth Taylor Stella Yusko who wish to remain anonymous. Peter Margaret Faye Bernard Rita Rochford Marjory Taylor Christos Maria Zanis We are enormously proud that Thomas Vanessa Filosa Peter Weeks ToronTo Michael Christina Roseman Dennis Ruth Fortnum Ruth Taylor Markham Stouffville Hospital Reg Nancy Rowe Herman Diena Ten-Donkelaar Allstate Insurance receives contributions from so Mario FrocioneBob Judy Liptrott Emily Mulholland Ernest Jean Ryman Joy Tetlaw Company of Canada many members of our community. Joseph Gan Jennifer ChenJames Ilene Lyall Ian Lynne Munro Fred Eva Salb Donald Thomas Angus Glen Golf Club It is a testament to the excellent Pat Rogers GardhamH. E. Lyon Edward Audrey Mynahan Malcolm Joelle Sanderson Donald Nora Thompson Ballantry Homes care provided by our physicians Stephen Paula GardnerDorothy MacAloney Linda Nesbitt Marjorie Sayeau Douglas Helen Thompson Bazil Developments Inc. and staff. Karen Drew GerrardGordon MacBride James Doreen Nevison George Lori Schnarr Mary J. Thompson BMO Employee Grace GrahamDomenic Guiseppina Maduri Gerald New Roy Dianne Schreyer Victor Isobel Thompson Charitable Foundation $1,000 – $9,999 Gaetan GravelRajeshkumar Maya Magan Donald Newman Albert Eileen Schwartz Jim Fran Thomson Borden Ladner Gervais LLP We are pleased to list the donors Reginald GrayChris Anastasia Mak Ken Nicholls Tom Irene Shadlock John Jill Thomson Buckley Insurance Brokers Ltd. with cumulative giving of $1,000 - Yan GuoStephen Joanne Marino Norman Nigh Murray Mary Shantz Alma Timbers Cattanach Hindson Sutton $9,999 from April 1, 2009 – March Lloyd Helen HamFrank Marshall Joan Nishikawa Muhamad Bebe Shariff Eileen Tobin VanVeldhuizen Barristors 31, 2010. Ione HardcastleJohn Kathryn Marshall Greig Nishio Carolynne Mori James Sandra Sharples Lisa Mark Tomjenovic Solicitors Maura HarringtonDavid Bianca Mason Kaz Sachi Nishio Alfred Shenfield Harry Tonogai CGB Group Inc. Marcel Aitoro Wan Yau HauJean Mastin Innis Nolan Mildred Sherwood Andre Tremblay Dale’s Pharmacy Othmar Gloria Altmann Jayprakash Ravjee HiraPeter Judy Mateer Bruce Nord Joan Shorey Helen Treml DST Output Canada Inc. Jeanette Anbinder Jackie HodgsonBarbara McBride Ruby Norton Laurence Marion Short Ralph Lois Trimble Emerson Electric Canada Ltd. Annette Atkinson Mary HollowayJohn Grace McCall William E. Willa Norton Aldine Sinclair Louise E. Trott E-T-A Circuit Breakers Ltd. Nigel Barton Mary Jane DeKort Alan Lynne HoltLachlan McCallum Emily Oates Ioanis Agapi Sinikas Florence Tsai Honeywell Limited Melissa Beauchamp Ron Hulse Karen ChadwickGeorge McCowan Toshi Oikawa Dennis Jean Smith Robert Marilyn Tunnicliff IBM Employees’ Charitable Fund Andrew Dow Imran Humera 10
  11. 11. Maxwell Jackson Anne Matthew Tomljenovic La Difference Time Centre Brian Helen Allen Urah Bryan Sharon Williams Clarence Barbara Fockler Sylvia HoughtonCraig Natalie James Eric Josephine Traugott Le Goyeau Holdings Ltd. Peter Coleen Allum Wayne Bryson Patricia Forrestall Elizabeth David HowardFarzana Jiwani Aly Virji John Troyer Leung Lam Company L.D. Rhoda Almack Brian Jane Buckles Linda Forster Kim Tuyet Hua-DuongJean Denise Joubert Phuong Truong Chartered Accountants James Anderson Dorothy Bull Glenn Fortin Nancy Fung Yee HuiPaul Kamphuys Lai Kiu Tsang Lillian Leroy Page Foundation John Carol Ann Anderson Chris Burchell Thomas Fox Terry HuiPrem Kapur Dr. Zul Almas Verjee M. J. Lawson Real Estate Ltd. Peter Anderson Jane Burchell Martin Joyce Fredricks Ronald HuismanJoan Kaufman Ralph Valerie Viegas Markham Fair W. Andrews Paul Burchell Keith Debbie Gammie Lorne Yvonne HurstMichael Kavanagh Ramandeep Kaur Virk Markham Garden Society Asif Ansari Richard Burkholder Joseph Gariup Mubashar Nuzhat HussainJannes Mary Kerr John Sharon Wallace Mary Ferraro Foundation Atif Ansari Arnold Phyllis Burton Madeline Gibson Donald Helen HuxtableDr. Mobashsher Khan Ip-Sum Wai Fong Wan Mary Kay Ash Ellen Appleton John Lisa Cabrelli Brian Eugenia Gilchrist David Myrna IngallsHarry Kleingeld Ernst Ilona Welmers Charitable Foundation Angelo Argiro Jack Campbell Bevers May Gill Ranny IpGene Cathy Kosmyna Joan Whittaker Masdel Group Inc. Helen Argiro Walter Yvonne Campbell Daniel Claudia Gilligan Osman IshaqChris Kwong Mike Gayle Whittamore Midas Safety Inc. Kim Art William Carnaghan William Mary Graber Maurice Dawn JackPaul Lai Molise Kleinburg Estate Inc. Winsome Ashman Annabelle Case Richard Victoria Grant Karim Shehnila JadavjiTing Nam Lau Naam Group Inc. Shirley Ashurst Gordon Betty Case Dennis S. Lillian Green Werner Verena JaegerWilliam Hazel Leal Nonnodesto Income Inc. Michael Elizabeth Baillie Joanne Cermak Gordon Alice Greig Syed JafryChris Denise Lee Northbridge Financial Corp. Patricia Bain Dr. Alex Chan Allan Pauline JeffriesWai-Fong Lee OPG Employees’ Eileen Baker Sui Chau ChanDanny Leung Pensioners’ Charity Trust Reginald Eileen Baker Wing ChanJoyce Li Razaque Ltd. Stephen Natalie Bakowsky Yau Lee ChanAn Yuan Lin Reusse Properties Elizabeth Baldaro Fonda ChauKen Liu Scotiabank Group John Juanita Balmer Mai Jue ChengElaine Ma Sherman Foundation Darren Claudette Banks Donovan ChungGeorge McCowan St. Augustine Krishan Bansal Elaine ChungStephanie Melnyk Catholic High School Peter Bar Vernal ChungJoanne Mercer Steeles Memorial Chapel Ernest Wilma Bardocz Tammy ClementsAli Mesgarzadeh Douglas M. Phyllis Willson Super Mind Computer Leonore Barnard Erma CollinsEvelyn Metcalfe Heather Willson Services Company Rob Bates George ComissoCarol Miller Graham Knope George Leone Wilson TD Bank Financial Group Paul Baxter Ann ConelyPaula Mills Eric C. Cheryl Wright TELUS Corp. George Patricia Beatty Lorne Jean CookRena Mingay Xiao Ying Wu The Buddhist Association of Greg Beehler Jennifer Cook-SpantonJames Maureen Mitchell Dr. Allan Yee Canada - Cham Shan Temple James Eileen Beierl Bruce Mona CouperthwaiteJames Dianne Monnot Stella Yusko The Manchee Foundation Doris W. Bell Glenda CoxKenneth Moon Bruce Zaworski Tyco Electronics Canada Ltd. Jean Alexander Bell Robert CressattiA. George Moreton Valecon Properties Partnership Joe Isobel Bell Joan CristNikola Mracic Family A M Heat Treating Ltd. Walmart Dr. Ron Gail Beveridge Reg CrozierArifa Muzaffer AAA Coach Services Inc. Mark CuccoDonald Newman Abstax Tax Services “we wish to express our sincere appreciation Dino D’AlessandroDr. Ken Emily Ng Access Rehab Inc. Victor D’AlfonsoRuth Nichols Ahmadiyya Muslim to len Pierce, a crisis doctor at Markham Arooj DarrRobert Carolyn Nicholson Community Canada Stouffville hospital. i was so impressed to see such Raymond Irene Davies Anna GreigJoan Nishikawa Allstate Insurance sincere devotion to help a patient in need. Christie Day Anne Bruce Grubbe Ning Yang JiaRuth Ogino Company of Canada The support we received from doctors, nurses and P. Jane De Guerre Dr. Jerry J. Halik Geraldine JohnsonCharles Lore Ormrod Ansar Development Corp. Gerald Andrea De Waal Hugh Winnifred Hall Ray Irene JohnsonNaren Pravina Patel BMO Employee care givers of Markham Stouffville hospital Wilbert Dean John Alice Hamilton Neil Noreen JohnstonDenise Andrew Pickett Charitable Foundation will always be remembered.“ Joseph DeMarco Ruth Hamilton Beverley JonesCraig Adela Pinnock C Y Co Ltd Gary and Janet Carr MarkhaM Rick Linda Dennis Elmer Harding Cal JonesF. W. Judy Powell C G Management and Chris Paula DeNure Garry Antonia Harding George JonesDale Rae Communications Inc. Welfoods Ltd. Stanley Boote Arthur Susan Dickinson Lisette Michael Harding Violet JonesBruce Isabel Risebrough Canadian Dawn Inc. Zoom Imports Inc. John Melanie Boscariol Tara Robert Donaghey Cassie Harkness Samira KanjiLucille Ross Castlepoint Investment Inc. 1602979 Ontario Ltd. Maria Bosnjak Dan Petra Donnelly Lois Harris Colin KellyMichael J. Sandra Rozario Condor Properties Ltd. 444255 Ontario Ltd. Ross Wendy Bowser Gilles Dolores Dore John Harrison Alexander KelmanDeborah Rushton Daimler Buses North America Ltd. 707371 Ontario Ltd. William Ruth Boynton Cynthia Duncan Averil Harvey Dr. James June KerrReginald Russell Daley, Byers 843772 Ontario Ltd. Vincent Karen Brady Robert Durnford Betty Hastings Basith KhanRobert Beryl Sanderson Dapasoft Inc. Ruth Braithwaite Henry Shirley Edamura David Barbara Hencher Patrick Alison KingJoan George Sands Deja Vu Boutique $250 - $999 William Doreen Brant Thomas Kathleen Edgerton Robert Marie Henderson Walter Margo KnechtJames Nancy Scott DST Output Canada Inc. We are pleased to list the Sandra Bratty Dr. Khalid Enver Arthur Clarice Henschel Karen KoMildred Sherwood Focus Financial Centre Inc. donors with cumulative giving of Frank Braun Richard Lynda Evans Greg Hergott Stephanie Koufes-MacMillanJainaraine Singh Golder Associates Ltd. $250 - $999 from April 1, 2009 David Shirley Brennan Ytske Eyre Ken Hillcoff Joseph Zlatica KozichSharon Smith Great Wall Fundraising Group to March 31, 2010. We’d also like Art Carol Brooker Linda Facchini Claudette Ho Dr. Steven KrancDr. Henry Solow Harrah’s Operating Company, Inc. to thank all those who gave under Helmut Elizabeth Brosz Grant Joyce Farrier Timothy Ho Sig KusatzKathryn Stupar Humanity First Canada $250 (not listed in this report). Laura Brown David Sharon Fieghen Norbert Hoeller Lisa KustinDavid Subotic Jasco Holdings Ltd. Every penny counts. Margery Brown Dr. Barbara Findlay Brian Holling Amin Mohammed LadakDr. Wai Chung Tai Joyce Beauty Centre Richard Higham James Susan Fisher Brian Holmes Rowena LamRong Lan Tian Knights of Columbus, Malik Ahmad Sari Brown William Elizabeth Fitz Christina Holmes Susan LamRoss Cindy Todd Council No. 11708 Jeff Catherine Albin Glen Elizabeth Brubacher Brian Fleming Douglas Nancy Hortin Giuseppe Lamanna11
  12. 12. Charles Mary Shasky Lester Bonnie Weatherill Markham Lions Club Anne Barootes Gary Sharron Shumski Robert Webber Markham Stouffville Hospital Isobel Ann Audrey Billingsley Mohd Azim Siddiqui Soma Weerasinghe - OBS/ Gyn Associates Jean M. Brillinger Raymond Simmons Victor Lorraine Wells Metal Door Ltd. Kathryn Marcella Brookman Panos Anneta Skamis Waltraut Weprajetzki Miller Thomson LLP Russell Burr Larry Barbara Skelton Joshua Esther West Mitsubishi Electric Jean Louise Crosby Roy Smiley Chris White Barry Smith Jacqueline Wilfert “i just wanted to thank and commend the staff David Smith David Wilson and directors at Markham Stoufville hospital, for Dennis Jean Smith Gerald Joan Winters easing the anxiety that my 1 year old son had. 1 Earl Smith Frank Nina Wolfe Julia Smith Jeffrey Li Wong i was very impressed with the Dr. Bear program, Ronald Sharon Smith Norma Wong the staff, and volunteers during our recent stay.” Chia Ling Soung Samuel Wong Elaine Dubyna MarkhaM Marcus Spain Stanford Joyce Wong Tim Connie Spark Teresa Wu Sales Canada Inc. Lucile R. Davies Barbara Spencer Yi Liao Yang Old Firehall Confectionery Vera Elizabeth Davis Catherine Helen St. John William Philip Yarn PACE Savings Credit Union Ltd. Donald Demontmorency Richard Stainsby Shih Wen Yeh Pal Benefits Inc. William Hugh Devlin Kathryn Stephens Tzu-Mei Yit Pharma D Drugs Evelyn Mildred DishleyJeff Sonya Lang Scott McKay Murray Isobel Pipher Eleanor Stephenson Talat Yusuf Pinnacle Transport Ltd. Nora Ethel ElliottTed Lynda Langdon Bonnie McMaster George Plumb Nancy Storton Ralph Zarboni The Private Giving Foundation Margaret B. FocklerJeffrey Lau Jean McNab Irene Poon Mits Sumiya Edward Ziraldo R.S. Sheldon Professional Corp. Hazel Marion GrahamRemanna Lau Roy Barbara Megarry Russell Margaret Porter Dr. Daniel Patricia Sun Ralph Maureen Phillips Frederick Lorne GrovePhilip Loretta Lavell Albino Janet Metauro Rana Preemesh Will Sung Adalan Development Corp. Family Foundation Helen HeaneyRay Lavitt Philina Milanczak Peter Puhl Airline Limousine Richard Robbins International Inc. Roy E. HeiseMan Ying Law Thomas Millar Harold Betty Quon Anatolia Tile Inc. RN Design Limited Lottie HemingwayKeith Lee B. L. Miller Yahya Qureshi The Co-Operators, Rogers TV William L. HoodPhyllis Lee Donald Debra Miller Annie Rafferty Arlene Gonzales Agency Ltd. Sayal Charitable Foundation Edna HouckDonald Jennifer Lee-Sue Frank Miller Zarar Rana Automatic Coating Ltd. Seafood Delight Chinese Cuisine Maria IveyNancy Leonard Leonard Miller Clifford Diane Randall Bell Canada Select Comfort Corp. Charles Robert IveyChee Wung Leong Karnail Joginder Minhas Tharmalingham Employee Giving Program Skelton Truck Lines Ltd. John KaptynTeresa Leung Evagelos Magda Mitskopoulos Rasaratinam Canadian Mar Thoma Church Soil Engineers Ltd. Alan M. KeithGordon Joan Lever Bhupinder Modi Margaret Reaume Toronto Southwire Canada Inc. Kenneth KirbyChris Li John Margaret Moment Maile Loweth Reeves Cassels Brock Blackwell LLP St. Benedict Catholic School Kathleen KnoxRicky Julia Li Brad Lara Morris Diana Regendanz Celestica St. Michael’s Hospital - Ronnel Kwok Ching LamRobert Liang Ian June Morrison Donald Linda Regier Charlie’s Meat and Staff of Pre-Admission Facility Carman LewisMei-Na Liao Anita Mui Ursula Reiter Seafood Supply Ltd. Strategies 4 IMPACT! Inc. Aileen LunauCecile Lillie Edward Audrey Mynahan Brian Ellen Relph Comteq Instruments Corporation Sunrise Senior Living of Unionville Hazel MacDonaldAn Yuan Lin Amtul Nadirsheikh Herb Janice Rempel Cresthaven Golf Club Tamarack Lumber Inc. Jean Mary MannFraser Marijan Lindsay Omair Naeem Jerry Shirley Renwick Lidia Sylvestre CTVglobemedia Inc. TD Canada Trust Cyril R. MatthewsKevin Teresa Liu William Anne Nahr Beverley Reynolds Thomas Ruth Talbot D L Crane Service Ltd. GTA Suburban Region Vera McDermottCarmen Llewellyn Arnold Naiman Jeffrey Reynolds Gary Angelina Tam Dell Direct Giving Campaign The Dragon Buffet King Inc. Margaret McKayMary Logan Linda Nesbitt Phyllis Ritchie Dora Tam Dr. Syed Haider Medicine The Regional Municipality of York Otto McQuayBrian Violet Lount Bruce Francette Nethercott Reza Rizvi Betty Taylor Professional Corporation Times Group Corporation Marie MillerDr. David Lovejoy Johnny Ng Lloyd Nancy Robertson Elizabeth Taylor Dymin Steel Inc. Torce Financial Group Inc. Myrtle Isabel MilliganJames Isabel Lyle Norman Nigh Jan Rogers Ruth Taylor E M Roofing Ltd. Unique Contractors Ltd. Carrie NewmanJeanette Lynch Kin Bing Ellayne Nip Bruce Rose Scott Heather Tippin Emerson Electric Canada Ltd. Upper Canada Mall Lois J. NobbsH. E. Lyon Rick Nishikawa Martin Rosenthal Kent Tomasik Fidelity Investments Canada Wilkens Contracting Inc Florence PennyWinnie Ma Greig Nishio Carolynne Mori Reg Nancy Rowe Lisa Mark Tomjenovic Forward Signs Inc. WS Company Ltd. Harold PercyElwood MacDonald Kaz Sachi Nishio Eric Rumsby Cheuk-Wa Kendy Tong Fred T. Reisman Associates Ltd. Very Fair Chinese Restaurant Kathleen PowellSarah MacDonald Ruby Norton Ernest Jean Ryman Harry Tonogai G H Built-In Security Systems Ltd. Skin Beatue Spa Frank D. PringleCharles MacInnes Hans Priska Nussbaumer Dr. Shehla Sadiq Cang Vuong Tram Grote Industries, Co. Korean Barbecue Restaurant Alice ReesorChris Anastasia Mak Dr. Ronald Norma Oda Lorne Samuel Myra Truscott Hydro One Employees’ and Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill Russel Nelson ReesorConstance Mak Hyman Orfus Patricia Savage Gwendolyne Turnpenny Pensioners’ Charity Trust Fund Manley Sales Norman Rae ReidTerry Malone Stephen Orr Percy Dorothy Schell Earl Tyndale Inmet Mining Corp. 901357 Ontario Inc. Joyce Eleanor ReynoldsJeanne Manchee Charles Mary Painter Marianne Schiml Joseph Verbancic IDRF (International Development Ross McFarlane RisebroughLorraine Mann David Jean Painter George Lori Schnarr R. Vian Family Relief Foundation) Edith Georgena RitchieJohn McCallum Donna Palmer John Michelle Scott Franco Villa J. Jenkins Son A Legacy of Caring John Edgar RodickRobert Betty McCulloch Julie Pang Ruthven Seepersad Frank Vysoki Landscape Contractors We are deeply grateful to the Haralambos SarrosTodd McDowell Sarwan Singh Parmar Dr. Shawn Seit Walter Walker JL Pound Consulting following individuals who made Harold SchmidtDeborah McEvenue Dr. Deepti Rajeev Pasricha William Joanne Selby Gord Walter JustLabour Temporary Help generous contributions through Joyce ShadlockDavid McGill Elwood Audrey Pattenden Giancarlo Nicoletta Serrafero George Agatha Wang Kwok Shing Enterprises Ltd. their estates. Harvey SpangDavid McGinnis Dr. Elaine Meinig Thomas Payne Ben Seto Brenda Wareham Lakehead University Howard Francis StiverAnne McIntosh Roy Anne Pearce Neelo Majid Shad Dr. Siek Wassenaar Lee Kum Kee (USA), Inc. Stewart Anderson Barbara A. ThomasJohn Kathleen McKay Alan Arlene Pink Murray Mary Shantz Ruth Watson Lexus On The Park Pearl Violena Barkey Elva 12