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Social Media is becoming more common every day. Yet, new social media platforms seemed to be announced every few months.
This program explores “The Big 5 of Social Media” and how they are delivering results. Then we will turn our attention what is new and interesting the world of Social Media. We will discuss the “why” and the “how” to put these tools to use in your personal lives, volunteer roles or a business.
Your speaker, J.R. Atkins has been working with individuals, executives and small businesses since 1993 and on Social Media since 2008. He has a BA from Texas A&M University and an MBA from The University of Phoenix, Dallas Campus. He recently published a book on Social Media called Social Media 2.0. His next book, Road Map to success is due out this fall.

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  • Social media overview for emeritus plus 50

    1. 1. Social Media Overviewfor Emeritus plus 50Download this
    2. 2.  What is Social Media? 3 Keys to Social Media AWebsite & Social Media Model The Big Ones: LI, FB,T, B &V The Ones toWatch How to Keep Up Getting Results Resources
    3. 3. Wikipedia definition: At its most basic, social media is a shift in howpeople discover, read and share news,information and content (communication) It’s a fusion of sociology and technology,transforming monologue (one to many) intodialogue and is the democratization ofinformation, transforming people from contentreaders into publishers.
    4. 4. 1. Be Interesting2. Content is King3. Give to Get
    5. 5.  LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Blogging Video
    6. 6.  LinkedIn CompleteYour Profile Jazz UpYour Summary Insert Links – URL’s InviteYour Network Add a Photo (It’s About the Relationship) Join Groups Company Page
    7. 7.  Facebook CompleteYour “About” (like a LinkedIn Profile) Time Line: fill it in Add Pictures &Video Company Page
    8. 8.  Twitter Research▪ Single Search:▪ Multiple Streams: Publish▪ Post fromTwitter Site or Phone▪ Follow▪ Listen▪ Multiple Post:
    9. 9.  Blogging Similar to Editorial, but with Comments Link to LinkedIn & FB Mention inTwitter Add to email Signature
    10. 10.  Video Tagging CreateYour OwnVideo “Favorite”Videos you Like BuildYour OwnYouTube Channel▪ SearchYouTube to see how
    11. 11.  Instagram Pinterest Yelp MeetUp SocialCam Drop Box
    12. 12.  Instagram Share pictures, multiple places Crop Apply a Filter Add a caption Add the location Share▪ Facebook *Twitter• Email *Tumblr▪ Flickr * Foursquare
    13. 13.  Pinterest eBulletin Board Collect Pictures Share with Like Comment
    14. 14.  Yelp Reviews▪ Restaurants▪ Handyman/woman▪ Hotel▪ Vacation Rentals▪ B&B▪ Yard Care
    15. 15.  Meetup Connect by Interest & Geography Build your profile & receive invitation Pay a fee, invite others to your events Pictures of events Comments about events Recommend events
    16. 16.  SocialCam ShortVideos Share▪ SocialCam▪ Facebook▪ YouTube View & Comment
    17. 17.  DropBox File Sharing & Collaboration Original Files on your computer Backup to “cloud” server Access on Mobile App
    18. 18. Web SiteBlogLinkedIn FacebookTwitterYouTube
    19. 19.  Look for the Share button on News Sites,Blogs &Websites Link Social Media SitesTogether
    20. 20. 1. Decide onYour Goals and Intent.2. Determine the RightTools forYou.3. BuildYour Brand’s Personality.4. Content is King! Repurpose.5. Use KeyWords.6. Link Resources.7. BuildYour Community.It’s all about relationships !
    21. 21.  Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff,Forrester Research Twitter Power by Joel Comm Sales 2.0 by Seley & Holloway Social Media 2.0: by J.R. Atkins Mashable (Blog on Social MediaTrends) HubSpot (Content Marketing Specialist)
    22. 22. Thank you for attending:Social Media Overview for Emeritus plus 50What do I do?1. Conference Presentation2. Executive Briefings & Workshops3. Consulting Projects: Social Media,Mobile Apps, Sales & MarketingContact Information: