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Social Media usage is a common practice in business today. Yet, we are still working to learn how to use it to generate the best results for our business. Does it make a difference if your business is B to B vs. B to C? How does the use of social media vary in these two business models? This workshop will explore the big 6 of social media: Linked, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Video and Google+. Then we will look at what is new in social media and how some are using these platforms to generate business. By the end, you will have 3 to 5 new ideas you can apply in your business to help it grow.
Your Presenter, J.R. Atkins, has been teaching and speaking on social Media, Mobile Apps and Marketing for over 5 years

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Social media 2.0

  1. 1. Social Media 2.0 Download this presentation at:
  2. 2.  What is Social Media?  3 Keys to Social Media  The Big 6: LI, FB,T, B,V & G+  The Ones toWatch  Online Marketing Model  How to Keep Up  Getting Results  Resources
  3. 3.  Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks  Social media differentiates from traditional/industrial media in many aspects such as quality, reach, frequency, usability, immediacy, and permanence.  Social media has positive effects such as allowing the democratization of the internet while also allowing individuals to advertise themselves and form friendships.
  4. 4. 1. Be Interesting 2. Content is King 3. Give to Get How to do you get recognized and acted upon it in all of the noise?
  5. 5.  LinkedIn  Facebook  Twitter  Blogging  Video  Google+
  6. 6.  Instagram  Pinterest  Yelp  MeetUp  Social Cam  Drop Box
  7. 7. Web Site Blog LinkedIn Facebook Twitter YouTube
  8. 8.  It’s still about building a community & communication  The approach could be similar  A conversion is different  Could be a small set of prospects  CRM connection  Closer work between Sales & Marketing
  9. 9.  It’s still about building a community & communication  The approach could be similar  A conversion = ecommerce or retail  Likely a very large set of prospects  It’s all about Marketing
  10. 10.   Set up your Social Command Center  UseThe Share button  Link Social Media Sites, But…  Editorial Calendar  Voice Mail to Email to Post  Who answers the phone?
  11. 11. 1. Decide onYour Goals and Intent. 2. Determine the RightTools forYou. 3. BuildYour Brand’s Personality. 4. Content is King! 5. Use KeyWords. 6. Link Resources. 7. BuildYour Community. It’s all about relationships !
  12. 12.  Socialnomics by Erik Qualman  Inbound Marketing Brain Halligan & Dharmesh Shah  Social Media 2.0 by J.R. Atkins  Mashable (Blog on Social MediaTrends)  HubSpot (Content Marketing Specialist)
  13. 13. Thank you for attending: Social Media 2.0 What do I do? 1. Conference Presentation 2. Executive Briefings &Workshops 3. Consulting Projects: Social Media, Mobile Apps, Sales & Marketing Download this presentation at: