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South Island Library Managers Meeting


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Presentation about reimaging library services for Te Takere. Includes lots of photosand architects impressions of Te Takere.

Published in: Education
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South Island Library Managers Meeting

  1. 1. Rethinking library services for Te TakereIMAGINE A thought piece by Joann Ransom (cc) - BY
  2. 2. GAME CHANGERTe Takere is different shared facilities shared resources shared servicesThis will impact on governance operations branding and marketing
  3. 3. WHY? Te Takere is more than just a library, It’s a multi-purpose community facility, a number of partners, with different kaupapas, an opportunity to do things differently, a requirement to do things differently,We need to move forward together
  4. 4. RELATIONSHIPSThe partners will need to understand eachother’s visions and aspirations for Te Takere;we need to know what this relationship isgoing to bring to each of us and agree on aclear set of values.The result will be a relationship of mutualrespect - an absolute fundamental to goforward on.
  5. 5. FRAMEWORKOne approach to reimagining services for Te Takereis to design them on a framework here there everywhere
  6. 6. here| who we are | what we do | how we live | deeply local turangawaewae community development local arts, culture and heritage celebrates diversity cultivation creation collection curation connection
  7. 7. there| the world | possibilities | growth | reaching out the world beyond accessing national resources and global too asking: ‘what if’ knowledge exposure opportunity growth aspiration
  8. 8. everywhere| digital | anywhere | anytime | online experience as good as onsite internet digital resources digital literacy online always on networked ubiquitous
  9. 9. here there everywhereIMAGINE
  10. 10. READY STEADY GO !  Vision  Strategic direction  People  Relationships  Plans  Facilities  Resources
  11. 11. STRATEGIC PLAN Business support  Local and family Children history Community support  Meeting facilities Customer service  Older adults Education  Te Ao Maori Exhibitions, Events  Technology & Performances  Visitor Information Library  Youth
  12. 12. Develop Resource Deliver Technology Business Children Community Library Education History Service Events Seniors Visitors Youth Maori MeetingTE HOROWHENUA TRUST
  13. 13. Existing Library Te Takerebut wait theres more ….
  14. 14. here there everywhereIMAGINE A thought piece by Joann Ransom (cc) - BY