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Anovo Ra2009 Gb1


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ANOVO adds value to the lifecycle of high-tech products – from their sale through to ownership and disposal.
We partner with operators, manufacturers and retailers to provide a full range of logistics, repair, extended warranty and regeneration solutions.

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Anovo Ra2009 Gb1

  1. 1. * Le sourire de votre univers numérique
  3. 3. page 1 A pan-European leader in after-sales service solutions for the digital age In today’s digital world, ANOVO has become the leader in after-sales service solutions for the world’s major technology players: manufacturers, operators, retailers… ANOVO’s teams are involved throughout every stage of the product lifecycle from initial design to regeneration & reuse via an integrated portfolio of solutions focused on driving overall efficiency of the reverse logistics chain. With 22 Multi-service Centres of Excellence, ANOVO has developed its own proprietary information systems, which together with some 20+ years’ expertise covering after-sales service solutions for the technology industry, ensures that consumers get the maximum enjoyment from their digital world. Operations in Coverage of units processed each year 11 countries 29 countries CONTENTS / ANOVO services p. 2 / Benefits to clients p. 3 / ANOVO, partner in my digital world p. 4-5 / A “Multi-Local” Group p. 6-7 / Providing local service to meet consumer needs p. 8-9 / A must: market leading technology logistics p. 10-11 / New product introduction: product validation & customisation p. 12-13 / A core capability: repair and refurbishment p. 14-15 / A strong demand: on-site service and installation p. 16-17 / A new trend: extended warranty solution p. 18-19 / A requirement: extending the life of digital products p. 20-21 / A multi-cultural entrepreneurial team p. 22-23 / Aurélien Ducroz: World Freeride Champion in 2009 p. 24
  4. 4. page 2 ANOVO services Manufacturers Operators Retailer OPERATIONS /CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE TELECOMMUNICATIONS MULTIMEDIA France Region* United Kingdom Nordic Countries** Spain Italy Chile - Peru * Including Switzerland, Belgium and Poland ** Including Sweden and Norway VALUE ADDED OFFERING Regeneration Warranty extensions Logistics hubs CORE CAPABILITIES Warehouse On-site Repair/Refurbish Lifecycle Management ANOVO’s offering goes far beyond simple repairs. We provide support throughout the product’s lifecycle. Our services starts upstream with technology validation and product customisation before products are released on the market. And on the downstream side, ANOVO provides a range of reverse logistics services: performing tests, sorting, managing spare parts, answering customer calls, providing express delivery of replacement parts and on-site repairs or replacing them for the customer directly on site. Finally, we offer a second life to products through asset recovery and recycling within the framework of the WEEE.
  5. 5. page 3 Benefits to clients Improve customer experience As the digital marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, the customer experience is ever important for developing brand loyalty and in turn driving competitor advantage. ANOVO understands the customer experience is a journey... as such we focus on the customer and not just the repair solution. Using our industry experience, customer relationship management systems and customer care experts, we can minimise costs whilst ensuring a customer experience to live up to the client’s brand. Minimise after-sales service costs ANOVO can significantly reduce after-sales service costs, particularly when appointed sole reverse logistics partner across Europe. Our ability to pool resources, develop test benches that allow us to diagnose breakdowns, coupled with our proprietary information systems that deliver valuable real time data... We can ensure that the client is fully informed about both the quality and profitability of their operations throughout Europe. Consistent service quality ANOVO has significant expertise across Europe supported by numerous local resources, providing our clients with the best possible multi-local solution. Working within a structured framework, ANOVO ensures a consistent level of service is maintained across Europe, for which the Key Account Manager is fundamental to delivering this as the client’s single point of contact. Protecting the planet By the very nature of our business, ANOVO contributes to sustainable development of electronic products. Indeed, by repairing defective products, picking up those that are no longer useful to consumers and recycling them, ANOVO gives them a second lease of life. Thus, ANOVO both minimises electronic waste and makes products available once again to the public. Furthermore, ANOVO manages product end-of-life, an economic and regulatory necessity today for every player involved in the digital chain in Europe (WEEE* and RoHS**). Finally, the ANOVO offering, which is multi-site by its very nature, avoids returning products to the factories that manufactured them, usually located in Asia. The CO2 footprint of the ANOVO offering is also among the smallest in the market. * Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste ** Restriction of Hazardous Substances
  6. 6. page 4 ANOVO, partner in my digit On-site In less than two days, an ANOVO technician repaired and reconfigured the high-speed modem at the Smith home in Leeds, Yorkshire. This operation was performed by ANOVO on behalf of the operator, endorsed by the manufacturer. Install In the remote far reaches of Norway, the Olsen family enjoys the full Viaset satellite offering - organised and installed by ANOVO. Exchange Stockholm based Per has just called the service hotline as there is a problem with his laptop, which is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. ANOVO will exchange the laptop under terms of the warranty. In tandem, ANOVO will take care of the repairs to the faulty laptop, refurbish & repackage and use for future exchange.
  7. 7. page 5 tal world Reuse Jennifer in Marseille bought a used, refurbished mobile phone with a MP3 music player online from ANOVO. Working with operators and retailers, ANOVO offers high quality refurbished digital products. Warranty Extension Thanks to the extended warranty option chosen by the Grapelli family with their retailer, when the flat-screen TV failed, ANOVO sent two technicians to their home to repair the unit on-site. Repair ANOVO repairs Jaime’s and Pablo’s game consoles in Madrid and Barcelona on behalf of the manufacturer. Turnaround time is less than three days.
  9. 9. fINlANd Gävle NORWAY Västerås Nacka EStONIA Oslo Kristinehamn lAtVIA SWEdEN lIthuANIA dENMARK pOlANd Manchester Warsaw IRElANd NEthERlANdS Norwich Wroclaw uNItEd KINgdOM Thetford BENElux gERMANY Enfield CZECh Brussels REpuBlIC SlOVAKIA Beauvais AuStRIA huNgARY ROMANIA Angers SlOVENIA SWItZERlANd Neuchâtel fRANCE BulgARIA Saronno Brive Montpellier Toulouse ItAlY gREECE SpAIN pORtugAl Madrid Telecommunications Málaga ANOVO OpERAtIONS Multimedia COuNtRIES COVEREd
  10. 10. page 8 Providing local service to m Whether specialised in telecommunications, or multimedia, ANOVO’s 22 Centres of Excellence offer unsurpassed expertise, technology & processes to consistently deliver best results. In a highly secure environment, our team of skilled operatives work to solve problems with the latest generation technology. Millions of products come to be diagnosed, repaired and/ or refurbished. All progress is tracked and analysed to ensure the client is always fully informed. Welcome to our Centres of Excellence. Clean Room – Angers Centre of Excellence (France) Norwich Centre of Excellence (United Kingdom)
  11. 11. page 9 meet consumer needs Cutting-edge surgery on an industrial scale
  12. 12. page 10 A must: market leading technology logistics Identifying the level of service a product needs is an essential first step in optimising its refurbishment. Indeed, this helps direct the product to the appropriate repair or refurbishing network, thus reducing the cost of customer service whilst limiting unnecessary transportation costs. furthermore, screening and testing operations help to considerably reduce the turnaround time, limiting carrying cost. A reverse logistics hub for NOKIA I n Thetford, UK, ANOVO has set up a reverse logistics hub (L-Hub) for NOKIA that centrally manages the entire range of NOKIA mobile phones under warranty. Each month, ANOVO receives tens of thousands of phones returned by the various channels. ANOVO checks each device and sends it to the appropriate repair network. More than 200,000 products have already passed through this L-Hub since its launch in January 2007. As a client for more than 11 years, NOKIA chose ANOVO for its competence in digital technology logistics on a European scale. The L-Hub allows NOKIA to deliver fast turnaround times and in turn, maximise customer service. Customised supply chain designed for MEDIA MARKT T he German retail chain MEDIA MARKT, a leading European specialist in consumer electronics, has a presence in Sweden with 8 superstores. Every day, ANOVO collects all products that have been returned as defective. Centralised at the Västerås Centre of Excellence, the products are first checked and screened according to the level of service required. Any items that are DOA (Dead on Arrival) can be sent back to the respective manufacturers. In addition, ANOVO also offers a full repair management service to MEDIA MARKT, this involves in-house repair by ANOVO and outsourced managed repair when required. Finally all repaired products are returned to store, managed directly by ANOVO. Norwich Centre of Excellence (United Kingdom)
  13. 13. page 11 ANOVO strengthens our partnership with manufacturers by collecting all returned products from every brand for major retail chains. Automated test benches to diagnose failures A t the Beauvais Centre of Excellence, test benches have been specially developed to test set-top boxes, the same has been done in Soranno for SKY ITALIA. The goal is to diagnose failures as quickly as possible with optimal reliability. This is the reason ANOVO has developed, with the support of the main manufacturers, automated test benches, to recognise failure modes. They work to identify the problem and advise the most appropriate solution. The benefit is less downtime whilst minimising service costs. Test benches Beauvais Centre of Excellence (France) It’s good for the planet “E-tracking”: a gold mine of information! ANOVO local service capability Nothing escapes unnoticed! As soon as a product enters the ANOVO network, it is reduces transportation “tracked” by our proprietary information systems that never let it out of their sight. requirements, resulting in Barcode readers track the product’s location in real time, identify its downtime and less carbon emissions. keep a detailed list of all operations performed. Clients can use the Internet to track the chain of operations and analyse the data and statistics prepared by ANOVO. Online updating of the model and its serial number make it easy to optimise management of a replacement inventory. But that’s not all: “E-tracking” provides access to a unique knowledge base on the products. Exploiting this information not only helps to provide more effective customer service, but also streamlines the design and engineering of products upstream.
  14. 14. page 12 New product introduction: product validation & customisation ANOVO is increasingly involved before products are released on the market, allowing our clients to reap the benefits of our reverse logistics expertise. for example, we validate the performance of 3g phones, their specific characteristics (software & hardware) and compatibility with various interfaces, infrastructures and current standards and help manufacturers source their components from China. ANOVO can also customise products according to the specific needs of our clients: order preparation, packaging, pre-programming & loading software, branding, etc. Customised & delivered by ANOVO A NOVO offers a truly customised fulfilment service for telephone operators and MVNOs*. Whether working for ORANGE ENTERPRISES, SFR in France, Nokia’s virtual stores in the United Kingdom or for remote sales on behalf of CANAL+… ANOVO configures products, loads and tests software, manages the physical assembly of products and puts these customised product packages together with the appropriate accessories and marketing documentation. Finally, ANOVO can dispatch the entire package directly to subscribers or to points of sale. Validation of the electromagnetic compatibility of the Airbus A380 A NOVO was selected to conduct the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests for the certification of the A380 that were successfully passed. This test assessed the impact of electronic signals on the plane’s systems caused by lightning and electromagnetic fields. Non- interference tests (compatibility between the plane’s different emitters and receivers) were also performed. These conclusive tests made it possible to validate the specifications of Airbus’ engineering department. More generally, for Airbus and its line of planes (A380, A350 and A400M), ANOVO has performed services focusing on measuring the electromagnetic compatibility of onboard equipment and methods of protection against lightning. Eight specialised ANOVO engineers and technicians work with Airbus’ teams in Toulouse, maintaining regular contact with ANOVO’s laboratory team based in Brive. We perform a range of turnkey technical services for which the deliverables generally consist of test or technical reports. Product validation is particularly advanced in telecommunications, where ANOVO has expertise both in repairing mobile devices and in maintaining infrastructure and networks technologies. Product validation is particularly advanced in telecommunications, where ANOVO has expertise both in repairing mobile devices and in maintaining infrastructure and network technologies. * Mobile Virtual Network Operator
  15. 15. page 13 As a member of the LABSYS European Excellence Cluster, ANOVO invested in a 3D anechoic chamber in Brive to validate digital technologies. 3D anechoic chamber A s part of the European Excellence Cluster ELOPSYS, ANOVO is supporting a research project called LABSYS. For the project, ANOVO invested in a 3D anechoic chamber for our Brive site that works to validate and classify digital technologies. This year, for example, ANOVO was able to validate the radio performance of certain GPS devices, validate passive and active radio communications antennae, validate 3G technology for network-enabled PCs, validate the next generation of mobile phones that will be able to receive digital terrestrial television using DVB-H technology, and even validate new wireless products. It’s good for the planet Validating new technologies before they are released on the market helps to avoid massive returns or withdrawals, Anechoic chamber reducing the carbon footprint. Brive Centre of Excellence (France) Quality assurance for components made in China Based in northern Shanghai, the ANOVO Kunshan office has key expertise in component procurement and quality assurance in China. ANOVO supports its European clients to verify the quality of new products and technologies against a defined and agreed set of specifications. The goal is to ensure the highest possible quality standards before product are brought to market, thus minimising service costs upon market launch.
  16. 16. page 14 A core capability: repair and refurbishment technology repair is at the heart of ANOVO’s business, whether this calls for renovating, refurbishing or reconditioning a product, updating a piece of software or replacing an electronic component, ANOVO applies our industrial approach to all types of digital technologies. Optimising these processes allows us to provide our clients with optimised turnaround time combined with a warranty on our repairs. HP door-to-door customer service with ANOVO F or HP, ANOVO has developed a unique “Collect and Return” customer service for all their desktop and laptop computer lines. In the event of equipment failure, customers call the hotline, provide their identification and a courier service collects the product on site. It is then sent to an ANOVO Centre of Excellence for repair after which it is returned directly to the customer. All within five days! At present, this service is in place in six countries: Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy. It is available both for products both in and out of warranty. In the latter case, a quotation is first established for the customer. The status of repair is monitored by our proprietary “E-tracking” application to which HP is connected, allowing it to follow in real time each phase of the product repair process. IBM: new resolution for motherboards A NOVO manages the entire reverse logistics and repair chain for Lenovo brand computers (IBM) through its centre of excellence in Angers (France), Saronno (Italy) and soon Västerås. A total of 18,000 motherboards are processed and repaired each year. This repair service requires a sophisticated level 3 repair that requires specific tools and training. As IBM operating manager at ANOVO put it, “IBM chooses ANOVO to optimise its warranty costs and make its after-sales service more effective. Just like our major international clients, IBM appreciates the ability to monitor the entire repair chain online, to have identical procedures across all concerned sites, as well as having just one partner responsible for directing the relationship within the Group.”
  17. 17. page 15 The clean room at the Angers-Beaucouzé Centre of Excellence: unique place in all of Europe. The NINTENDO Wii: a tremendously successful console! A fter the Wii launch achieved global success, Nintendo was faced with a substantial challenge: how could the company handle consoles returned from the distribution networks that often did not show severe defects but were still sent to the repair networks? Since July 2007, ANOVO has been receiving Wii returns in Spain. The Málaga Centre of Excellence checks them and updates them (software, parts, etc.) when necessary. Nintendo has two objectives in the operation: reducing its reverse logistics costs and putting products under warranty back into the network as quickly as possible. For those that require more extensive repairs, ANOVO sends them to the manufacturer in Germany or else repairs them on site, depending on the level of approval. Thanks to “e-tracking,” Nintendo can use the web for real-time tracking of the thousands of Wii consoles handled by ANOVO each month, receiving precise & regular reports. The next step for Nintendo will be to carry out the repair so that increasingly demanding consumers will not be deprived of their game consoles... Repairing a Wii Màlaga Centre of Excellence (Spain) It’s good for the planet By repairing and refurbishing A clean room to operate on flat-screens digital products, ANOVO prolongs their life span and Imagine a surgical space with a controlled environment where experts dressed in white prevents them from being from head to toe perform operations demanding the highest level of precision. scrapped too soon. Some Introducing: the class 1,000* clean room at the products can be redirected Wroclaw (Poland Centre of Excellence). Here, toward different industries the patients are LCD and plasma display panels, or markets for their new life! up to 67”. We change the polarizing filters, tabs and Furthermore, the main Centre logs, and we burn pixels. Authorised by major Asian of Excellence are certified panel manufacturers such as CMO and CPT, the centre ISO 14001, which means that sees more than 1,500 LCD panels each month. they minimise their impact * with a class 100 area on the environment in terms of resource use and waste management.
  18. 18. page 16 A strong demand: on-site service and installation today, the deployment of ANOVO’s on-site assistance and maintenance offering makes it possible to directly respond to consumer needs in a proactive manner. At the request of our clients and with rapid response times, ANOVO technicians are dispatched on-site for every type of service call. In Italy ANOVO provides maintenance for the gaming machines of Lottomatica and Sisal Slot A NOVO provides maintenance for more than 1,000 machines that record the gaming bets for LOTTOMATICA (the Italian lottery) in the Trentino Alto Adige region. The ANOVO technician must respond within two hours after being called, including Saturdays. A significant challenge for teams whose scope of operations cover all regions of Italy. For SISA L SLOT, a gaming company licensed by the Italian government, ANOVO technicians guarantee the installations and maintenance of more than 3,000 slot machines within a maximum eight hour response time including Saturdays. In European hospitals with ERGOTRON E RGOTRON is a US company specialised in workstation ergonomics. For Benelux, Germany, the United Kingdom and France, ANOVO guarantees the commissioning, preventive maintenance and repairs for mobile computer equipment and displays especially designed for hospitals. More than 65,000 installations each year in Norwegian homes I n Norway, ANOVO has been managing satellite dish installation at customers’ homes for VIASAT and CANAL DIGITAL through our network of 120 approved installers (ANOVO -NETT). It also visits the homes of RIKS TV subscribers to set up the digital television network and homes of ACER customers to install and repair the brand’s computers. These clients chose ANOVO for its ability to provide a single, simple interface combined with effective coverage in terms of territory. Through a direct connection between their systems and ANOVO’s, they can transparently view the status of installations. Finally, the reporting system informs them of the level of satisfaction among end customers and profitability on the service provided.
  19. 19. page 17 ANOVO visits the consumers’ homes on D+1 thanks to dynamic management of their local agents together with spare parts logistics. It’s good for the planet Providing maintenance service at subscribers’ homes avoids travel by consumers as well as transportation of products (costly in terms of CO 2) to repair centres that are sometimes located in the product’s country of origin (South-East Asia or Central At home with BT I Europe). n the United Kingdom, when users of the “BT Broadband System” service have a connection problem at home, they contact a call centre to try to resolve it. If necessary, they receive a visit from an ANOVO technician. Each morning, BT sends a list of these scheduled visits for that same day or week to ANOVO UK. ANOVO also assists BT subscribers with installs and repairs their high-speed modems (the “BT Home Hub”). This service is handled by the Enfield Centre of Excellence in England, which repairs the modems and sends them back to subscribers directly. As a client of the group for more than twelve years, BT relies on ANOVO’s expertise to expand its offering of at-home services.
  20. 20. page 18 A new trend: extended warranty solution When purchased, a digital product is covered by a minimum one-year manufacturer’s warranty. But more and more manufacturers, operators & retailers are offering extended warranties that also cover risks related to product use. this trend creates return flows because it is more cost-effective to repair or furbish a returned product than to replace it with a new one. ANOVO has launched an offering to support extended warranty on behalf of clients and insurers: this solution includes receiving calls on a free-phone number, accepting, repairing or replacing products and then sending them back to the consumer. A “customised” service for UNIEURO and EXPERT I n Italy, ANOVO manages extended warranties for products sold by UNIEURO and EXPERT, two leading electricals retail chains. A broad range of products (flat-screens, game consoles, digital cameras, laptops, mobile phones, etc.) of all brands are offered with extended warranties, the technical support of which is handled entirely by ANOVO. This comprehensive service helps to improve customer relations and enhance the offerings of these two retailers. A “VIP” solution for TELIA’s customers T ELIA SONERA is the historical telephony operator in Sweden. When a subscriber purchases a mobile phone, they can add a “guaranteed replacement” service that is valid for two years. If the phone breaks, the subscriber can request a replacement phone over the Internet. ANOVO, which manages replacement inventory for TELIA, then sends out a replacement telephone that same day. The subscriber receives the replacement mobile phone with a prepaid envelope to return the defective model. The returned phone will be repaired by ANOVO, restored and added to the replacement inventory for a future request. There are two advantages for the TELIA consumer: they don’t need to travel and they are guaranteed a mobile phone in case of emergencies. For TELIA, ANOVO provides a comprehensive, integrated service that can be tracked in real time over the Internet.
  21. 21. page 19 Some clients anticipate and finance a replacement inventory based on an estimate of returns so that the customer is always satisfied. That’s standard for exchanges. SAMSUNG, or the invisible repair I n Sweden, ANOVO manages a replacement inventory of LCD monitors for SAMSUNG. These are repaired products that can be given quickly to consumers in case of equipment failure. So, when a repair request is made, ANOVO supplies the user with a product from its inventory to replace the defective screen. In less than two weeks, ANOVO will repair the screen, which will then be used to resupply the replacement inventory. It’s good for the planet When consumers sign up for an extended warranty, they are paying to prolong the life of their product. Without even realising it, they are helping to reduce electronic waste.
  22. 22. page 20 A requirement: extending the life of digital products By prolonging product life and recycling its components, ANOVO prevents premature obsolescence and contributes to reduced electronic waste. By offering a second life to digital products, ANOVO also creates many economic (contributing to the development of new commercial industries) and social opportunities (access to “second hand” products). finally, by sorting materials at the end of a product life, ANOVO feeds raw materials into the recycling industry so that they do not end up as environmental waste. Recycling A NOVO has developed an online community recycling platform to offer our customers & consumers the opportunity to extend product life and reduce electronic waste. Through the “Love2Recycle” initiative, and similar white-label solutions, mobile phones are collected via a trading website and then recycled. The system is simple – consumers first select their model, find the price and confirm the order – once the phone is received by our technical teams, the product is tested, payment is sent and ANOVO refurbish the phones giving them a new lease of life. ANOVO today runs this type of partnership with operators such as Telefonica in Spain, SFR in France and retailers like, in France and in the United Kingdom. This service represents an advance on future developments of the WEEE DIRECTIVE Sorting/Testing Collection Resale Resale Warranty extension, Computers Love2Recycle Web shop Mobile phones Added value for product traceability and recycling Modifications to the WEEE Directive to promote the reuse of our electronic products. In December 2008 the Baraso Commission proposed revisions to the directive that will be submitted to the European Parliament for debate in September 2009 with application expected in 2011. The primary purpose of this revised draft directive is to reduce the destruction of electronic products at the end of their lifecycle that are often still operational in favour of their reuse. After repairs, the products are then resold as second-hand material, in turn contributing to reducing the digital divide.
  23. 23. page 21 Regeneration T he Group created a consumer facing website to resell second-hand, refurbished digital products. Products collected through the Love2Recycle channel along with DOA* store returns, after being refurbished are resold via this portal together with an appropriate guarantee. An extended warranty option is also offered. ANOVO signs the ORDI 2.0 charter It’s good for the planet T he French government launched a national Originally to support the O2 business, action plan to fight against the digital divide that the Norwich Centre of Excellence raised includes a goal of having all households equipped with its level of environmental compliance by computers as soon as possible before 2012. To this obtaining new labels specific to processing end, ANOVO signed the Ordi 2.0 charter, proving its electronic waste (WEEE). Leading the way commitment to a national effort to recondition computers under for our Centres of Excellence, it obtained a programme for economic solidarity and environmental quality. ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating Under this programme ANOVO supports companies that its high environmental quality in the use would like to donate computer equipment to their employees, and management of rare resources (water, associations and schools through a service that covers testing, energy and waste). data overwriting and reconditioning. The very nature of ANOVO’s business contributes to sustainable development. * Defective On Arrival
  24. 24. page 22 A multi-cultural entrepreneurial team to deliver the highest quality of service directly to its customers, ANOVO is organised by Country and Business unit. The Business Unit Manager at the heart of our organisation All Business Unit Managers act as entrepreneurs, is responsible for proposing and delivering our offerings responsible for deploying ANOVO offerings to meet to local customers. In this task, he or she is assisted by the needs of their customers and develop convincing four corporate functions: commercial propositions to drive ongoing improvements • Sales & Marketing department; in the services provided. All Business Unit Managers • IT department; report to their local CEO, each of which is a member of • Finance department; the ANOVO Group’s Executive Committee. This structure • HR department. results in a multi-cultural and multi-local team focused on customer service performance.
  25. 25. page 23 A Board of Directors comprised of Independent Directors and Shareholders. Pierre Hessler, Independent Director and Chairman of the Compensation Committee: Formally Vice President and Managing Director of marketing, services and operations, for IBM Europe, he then joined Capgemini where he was notably responsible for managing consulting operations. Today he is a non-voting member (censeur) of the Board of Directors of Capgemini and a member of the Board of Directors of Bureau Veritas. Jean-François Prevost, Independent Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee: Formally, Deputy Managing Director with Natexis Banque Populaire, responsible for the trading bank. Career highlights include notably founding and directing the US operations of the Banque Française de Commerce Extérieur (French international trade bank) in New York. Jean-Jacques Damlamian, Independent Director and Chairman of the Strategic Committee: Independent Consultant. Previously, he held several key positions with in France Telecom until 2004: Director of Industrial and International Affairs, Group Sales, Executive Director of the Development Division and Executive Director of Technology and Innovation for the Group. He serves on the Board of Directors of several companies in the development phase. Pascal Wagner, Independent Director: Joining CGM in 1985 where he became responsible for Financière de l’Atlantique, subsequently becoming the STEF-TFE Group. He became Secretary General in 1998 until his departure in 2009. He has since established his own consultancy company. Jean de la Villardière, Independent Director: He began his career as a Sales Engineer with RANK XEROX, subsequently becoming an IT broker with ÉCONOCOM. He established IRIS COMPUTER in May 1993, then in October 2007, following its sale, continued to serve as Chairman of GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIE and it subsidiaries. He resigned from this position in March 2008. Emmanuel Brossard-Ruffey, Independent Director: He began his career in 1992 as a member of the management team of Systèmes d’Informations of the SUEz ENVIRONNEMENT Group. He obtained a Masters degree in 2008 in management finance strategy from IFG/ICG. He created the ANOVO shareholders Association (AAAN) in early 2008 to provide a vehicle whereby individual shareholders could be represented and is currently contributing to enterprise transformation and information system expertise missions for the Areva. IT subsidiary. Christophe Liénard, Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Graduate of the school of «Arts et métiers» (Ensam). After ten years with Atlas Copco as Chief Logistics and Production Officer, he joined ANOVO as Chief Industrial Officer in 1999, subsequently Managing Director of ANOVO of the Beauvais site in 2000 and Deputy Managing Director of the ANOVO Group in 2003. Gilbert Weill, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: He joined ANOVO in April 2002. Previously he was responsible for two regions (Nordic Countries and the United Kingdom). The larger part of his career has been in the automation and telecommunication industry. He joined and managed from 1966 to 1981 CAMP (automatic fare collection equipment), sold to Alcatel for whom he subsequently served as Executive Vice President of CGA Alcatel. From 1990 to 1998 he joined Dassault Electronique where he was Vice Chairman and CEO of Dassault AT. From 1998 and 2002, he was the CEO of CS-Security, a subsidiary of CS-Communication and Systemes.
  26. 26. page 24 Aurélien Ducroz: World Freeride Champion in 2009 for the last five years, Aurélien ducroz has represented the values of ANOVO with conviction at the major international freeride competitions. A successful sponsorship, ANOVO believed 110% in his potential. After two years in which Aurélien finished third and second, this result is the consecration, symbolised by the first world championship title. A series of remarkable successes by an exceptional figure without a doubt capable of meeting every challenge. Aurélien was initiated to the world of skiing at a very early After becoming a champion so young, further surprises age. Born in 1982 in Chamonix, son of a mountain guide are no doubt on the horizon. It is therefore no surprise and a ski monitor, he was naturally drawn towards alpine that this sportsman with a taste for adventure has taken sports. This began with competitive ski jumping that on new challenges. First, becoming the father of his child would lead to his qualification for the French national Marius who still has not reached his first year and then to team and two junior French championship titles. However, participate in the “Transatlantic 6.50”, a solo transatlantic driven by a quest for new sensations, more freedom and race! Targeted for 2011: Latitude Snow, Longitude Sea. more rugged terrains, he developed his techniques in snowboarding and high mountain skiing, very quickly attaining a world-class level. During this atypical itinerary, he was selected, notably for the fluidity of his downhill style and jumps. These • 1996-2002: Selected for the French Ski Jumping Team: qualities resulted in a selection to serve as the double for 3 French junior championship titles. the lead actor (Nicolas Duvauchelle) in the feature film • 2003-2004: Joins the World Cup circuit: 3rd in the final Snowboarder (2003). World Cup ranking. He then decided to become a freerider, joining the World • 2004-2005: Freeride worldwide vice-champion. Cup circuit where he won prestigious titles (Engadine snow, • 2005-2006: Winner of Engadine Snow (Switzerland), Xtrême de Verbier, Snowbird World Cup in the US). Winner of Xtrême de Verbier (Switzerland). In March 2009 after a partnership of four years, Aurélien • 2006-2007: Winner of the Snowboard World Cup (US) won the ultimate prize… and not just anywhere! At the and 3rd in the final World Cup ranking. Xtreme de Verbier, “The” competition of reference, in • 2008: 3rd place in the 2008 World Freeride Tour. the company of the world’s best riders, Aurélien won his • 2009: Winner of the Xtrême de Verbier. first World Championship title. After a performance that • 2009: World Ski Freeride Champion (Freeride World will remain remembered and on a 55° slope, Aurélien Tour 2009). established his position new leader of his field.
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