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Choices we make


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This pdf is about the choices we make.To read this pdf is also a choice.

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Choices we make

  1. 1. “Life  is  partly  what  we  make  it,  and  partly  what  it  is  made  by  the  friends  we   choose.”  ―  Tennessee  Williams  
  2. 2. “It  is  our  choices,  Harry,  that  show  us  what  we  truly  are,  far  more  than  our   abili@es.”  ―  J.K.  Rowling,  Harry  Po(er  and  the  Chamber  of  Secrets  
  3. 3. “Be  careful  of  your  ac@ons.  You  never  know  when  your  crea@ng  a  memory.”  Ricki  Lee  Jones  
  4. 4. “Love  changes  what  is  probable  and  makes  unlikely  things  possible.”  ―   Ally  Condie,  Crossed  
  5. 5. “Its  not  hard  to  make  decisions  when  you  know  what  your  values  are.”  ―   Roy  Disney  
  6. 6. “We  are  free  to  choose  our  paths,  but  we  cant  choose  the  consequences  that  come  with  them.”  ―  Sean  Covey,  The  7  Habits  Of  Highly  Effec=ve  Teens  
  7. 7. “Desires  dictate  our  priori@es,  priori@es  shape  our  choices,  and  choices   determine  our  ac@ons.”  ―  Dallin  H.  Oaks  
  8. 8. “Life  is  not  a  maOer  of  is  a  maOer  of  choice.”  ―  Ka  
  9. 9. “We  all  make  choices,  but  in  the  end  our  choices  make  us.”  ―  Ken  Levine  
  10. 10. “Not  to  decide  is  to  decide.”  ―  Harvey  Cox  
  11. 11. “Happiness  is  a  state  of  mind,  a  choice,  a  way  of  living,  not  a  des@na@on.”     ―  Steve  Maraboli  
  12. 12. “Being  challenged  in  life  is  inevitable,  being  defeated  is  op@onal.”  ―   Roger  Crawford  
  13. 13. “Choose  your  love.  Love  your  choice.”  ―  Thomas  S.  Monson