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  1. 1. Jon  Rahl  |  |  503.738.3097   Partnering  locally  to  deliver   Seaside’s  Brand  Promise  to  Visitors  
  2. 2. THE  PROBLEM   TO…  Create  recrea+onal  awareness  beyond   Seaside’s  famous  beach.  
  3. 3. TO:  Create  recrea+onal  awareness  beyond   Seaside’s  famous  beach.     BY:  Building  non-­‐tradi+onal  rela+onships  and   deepening  our  knowledge  base  of  area  product.     HOW  TO  SOLVE  OUR  PROBLEM?  
  4. 4. TRADITIONAL  +  NON-­‐TRADITIONAL   PARTNERS   •  Necanicum  Watershed  Council   •  City  of  Seaside  Public  Works  Department   •  City  of  Seaside  Police  Department   •  Seaside  Fire  &  Rescue   •  Sunset  Empire  Park  &  Recrea+on  District   •  Our  neighbors,  our  compe+tors  (i.e.  Astoria  to   our  north,  Cannon  Beach  to  our  south)  
  5. 5. INSPIRATION   •  A  story  about  our  water  system  /flood  mi+ga+on   •  Classes  for  locals  =  possibili+es  for  visitors   •  Thinking  about  our  aging  popula+on  with  thirst  for  adventure  
  6. 6. INSIGHTS   •  Seaside  2034  –  “Building  a  bridge  to  our  future”  
  7. 7. SEASIDE’S  BRAND  TRUTH   Seaside  IS  “More  than  just  a  day  at  the  beach!”   We  know  it,  but  how  can  we  help  our  visitors  discover  it?  
  8. 8. CREATIVE  INSPIRATION   Diving  into  the  story  of  water  in  Seaside.  The  impacts  and  uses.    
  9. 9. EXPRESSING  THE  IDEA   A  short,  how-­‐to  video  showing  off  Seaside’s  new  kayak  launch  
  10. 10. EXPRESSING  THE  IDEA   •  Immediately  posted  to  all  partner  social   channels.  (Four  Facebook  Accounts)   – Generated  11K  views     •  Outreach  to  tradi+onal  state  partner   – Specifically  to  seek  larger  media  story     •  Included  in  local  business  mee+ngs  &  news   – Local  knowledge  =  more  ambassador  power  
  11. 11. CHALLENGES   •  Is  this  the  best  use  of  my  +me?  S+cking  to  our   guns  by  visi+ng  a  watershed  and  an  area  that   has  been  mi+gated  for  flooding.  Does  this   really  equal  daily  produc+on?         •  ADA  Accessible,  but  are  we  promo+ng  it   through  the  eyes  of  those  with  mobility   limita+ons?     •  Measurement  (how  do  you  measure  free?)  
  12. 12. THE  RESULTS  (SO  FAR)   •  One  story:   Weekenders,  who  are   making  a  transi+on  to   Seaside  as  full-­‐+me   residents,  bought   kayaks  BECAUSE  of   this  new  launch.   •  Strict  observa+on  is   something  we’ve  used   to  measure  success.  
  13. 13. THE  RESULTS  (SO  FAR)  
  14. 14. THE  RESULTS  (SO  FAR)  
  15. 15. LESSONS  +  THE  BIGGER  PICTURE   Just  one  of  many  steps  towards  development  of  Seaside’s  Natural  History  Park!