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Seaside 2034 Vision Update


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The following presentation was given at the August 25, 2014 Seaside City Council meeting to report on the 10-month progress of the Seaside 2034 Visioning project. It includes information contained within the Seaside Community Town Hall recap.

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Seaside 2034 Vision Update

  1. 1. SEASIDE 2034 Building a bridge to our Future VISIONING SEASIDE IN 20 YEARS
  2. 2. Tonight’s Update 1. WHERE WE’VE BEEN! 2. WHERE WE ARE! 3. WHERE WE’RE GOING! EM
  3. 3. WHERE WE’VE BEEN! What is Visioning? vi sion ing noun: the development of a plan, goal, or vision for the future. Visioning is a dream for the future that takes the expectations, hopes and dreams of a community and distills them into one voice or vision statement within a designated period of time. SEASIDE 2034 EM
  4. 4. WHERE WE’VE BEEN! Seaside 2034: The process so far 1) Assignment given by City Manager (Sept, 2013)# 2) Meetings and LOC Workshop in Salem (Oct, 2013) # 3) Post workshop development (Oct/Nov, 2013) # 4) Environmental Scan (Dec, 2013 - Feb, 2014)# 5) Council & Community Interaction (throughout)# 6) Surveys (Feb-April, 2014)# 7) Teen Summit (May, 2014)# 8) Community Meetings (May/June, 2014)# 9) Town Hall (August, 2014) SEASIDE 2034 EM
  5. 5. WHERE WE’VE BEEN! Environmental Scan JG
  6. 6. WHERE WE’VE BEEN! Community Interaction From the beginning, one extremely important element to this process has been continual promotion & community interaction. JG
  7. 7. WHERE WE’VE BEEN! Surveys • Five (5) surveys# • Close to 700 total responses (between all five)# • Many comments and feedback that’s driven the entire process. How do you see Seaside? Participating stakeholders included visitors, residents, and community members that live, work and play here! JG
  8. 8. WHERE WE’VE BEEN! Teen Summit A partnership with the Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District helped us put together a Teen Summit in May that drew around 50 teens. JR
  9. 9. WHERE WE’VE BEEN! Teen Summit In addition to real-time polling, we also captured notes, photos (via a photo contest) and a few videos where teens told us what they liked and didn’t like. #SeasideOR4ME Contest-winning photo JR
  10. 10. WHERE WE’VE BEEN! Teen Summit A Seaside “confessional” also captured a few thoughts JR
  11. 11. WHERE WE’VE BEEN! Community Meetings Five community meetings, led by councilors and a handful of community leaders kept the process going. JG
  12. 12. WHERE WE’VE BEEN! Town Hall Meeting EM
  13. 13. WHERE WE ARE! Town Hall Report EM
  14. 14. WHERE WE ARE! Town Hall Report JR
  15. 15. WHERE WE ARE! Town Hall Report JR
  16. 16. WHERE WE ARE! Town Hall Perspectives Perspective 1 Unlike any other coastal community in Oregon, Seaside # is different because it provides both residents and # visitors with abundant opportunities to nurture families # and enjoy nature in a safe community atmosphere. Perspective 2 Unlike any other community in Oregon, Seaside is # different because vacation feels like home. For people # who value an authentic small-town feel, Seaside is an # ideal place to relax, renew, enjoy nature and create # memories. EM & JR
  17. 17. WHERE WE ARE! Town Hall in a few words! Perspective 1 Perspective 2 Happy, Healthy & Inspired. A safe, livable community. Remember: Our vision is a guiding light, not a long list of actionable steps. EM & JR
  18. 18. WHERE WE ARE! Project team’s perspective It’s not an “us-versus-them-community” we live in. The young, mature and everyone in between all want to work together. If anything, this evening said that if we do more of JUST THAT, we’ll be very successful between now and 2034! EM
  19. 19. WHERE WE’RE GOING! Next steps • Bring BACK the Coraggio Group# • One workshop, in late September, to finalize the vision process# • Publicity of reports and Seaside Vision Statement# • Final report in October# • Action! JR