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  2. 2. General Emergency Preparedness ØCity of Seaside Emergency Prep Meetings Ø4th Thursday of every month ØAll Seaside department heads Ø Topics covered include: Social Response Scenarios, Map Development, Emergency Exercises, Awareness Campaigns and Debriefs. ØCity of Seaside Emergency Operations Meetings Ø2nd Tuesday of every month ØAll Seaside department heads Ø Topics covered include scenarios and response situations for severe weather flooding, fires, hazardous materials, terrorism, earthquakes, tsunamis an even volcanic activity scenarios.
  3. 3. Major events over the past year in Seaside Ø4th of July Power Outage ØHood to Coast Storm and Shutdown of Seaside Beach ØThree-Alarm Fire, destroying three homes and threatening a hotel on December 6, 2015 ØLine of duty death of Seaside Police Sergeant Jason Goodding on February 5, 2016 ØIn three of these scenarios, the city deployed its emergency operations teams Ø Active fact gathering Ø Alerting media and posting to social media Ø Preparing statements, speaking to the media and drafting press releases Ø Hosting press conferences when necessary
  4. 4. Tourism and Emergency Awareness 1. Development of a Hotel Keycard Envelope Program | Use of Fire Marshall to Distribute 2. New branding, new visitor guide and the implementation of Tsunami Evacuation Map in all 100,000 copies of our Annual Visitor Guide 3. “You are here” maps throughout Seaside at prominent location 4. Emergency Preparedness Runs in Seaside 5. New website with feature that enables us to quickly post updates that takeover our homepage and can assist with awareness for people searching for news on our community.
  5. 5. Material Examples #1. Hotel Key Card Program Program Facts 1. 52,000 Printed via OEM Grant 2. Distributed to all area properties wishing to participate in the program. 3. Utilized Fire Marshall to distribute and help spread the word 4. Included FAQs for visitors and front-line staff.
  6. 6. Material Examples #2. Seaside Visitor Guide Program Facts 1. 100,000 Annual Guides Printed 2. Inclusion of Tsunami Evacuation Map using new branding versus typical government map. 3. Goal to be more up front with facts as opposed to try and hide from potential event. OFFICIAL 2016 VISITOR GUIDE #seasideOR 888.306.2326 NORTHPROM SOUTHPROMBEACH FRANKLIN HOLLADAY AVE L AVE K AVE N CO LUMBIA EDGEWOO D GROVE AVE U D O W N IN G OCEA NVISTA SUNSET 101 101 2ND 3RD 4TH 5TH 12TH AVE. 11TH 10TH 9TH 8TH 7TH 6TH NECANICU M HO LLADAY BROADWAY AVE B AVE Q AVE S SWAHANNA COOPER ROOSEVELTDR 15TH 17TH 18TH 16TH COLUMBIA WAHANNA LEWIS & CLARKRD 24TH 26TH 13TH 9TH 5TH 2ND 4TH 2ND 8TH SHO RE TERRACE WAHANNA SKYLIN E HILLTOP BEERMAN CREEK LANE BAYVIEW 101 BROADWAY 1ST AVE. AVE A AVE G 12TH AVE. AlderDR Spruce AVE M AVE I AVE J LINCOLN 2 3 4 5 1 EVACUATION ZONE 1 1 EVACUATION ZONE 2 2 EVACUATION ZONE 3 3 4 EVACUATION ZONE 4 5 EVACUATION ZONE 5 ASSEMBLY AREA ASSEMBLY AREA ASSEMBLY AREA ASSEMBLY AREA ASSEMBLY AREA BRIDGE ESTIMATED LARGE TSUNAMI INUNDATION LINE EVACUATION ROUTE Miles 0 .1 .2 .3 .4 Kilometers 0 .1 .2 .3 .4 PACIFICOCEAN N S EW seaside tsunami evacuation map 1 If you feel an earthquake Drop, cover and hold. After the earthquake, don’t wait for an official warning, head immediately ON FOOT out of the tsunami inundation zone. (It is estimated you’ll have 20 minutes to reach higher ground.) 2 Where to go? Locate which zone you’re in on the map, and follow that evacuation route to the designated assembly area. (Note: some of the bridges highlighted on the map may be difficult to cross after an earthquake, but these are the recommended routes at this time.) 3 Stay in the assembly area Remain in the assembly area until you’re instructed otherwise. Aftershocks and tsunami waves are expected to continue for hours after the initial event.
  7. 7. Material Examples #3. “You are Here” signs Program Facts 1. 14 signs places around town 2. State/County/City cooperation to fund the project. 3. Worked with City Planner to review placement through eyes of visitors and where they could best serve the individual that may not know their way around town. 4. We’ve had no negative comments about these signs. They’ve been well received.
  8. 8. Material Examples #4. Seaside Dash to Safety, Saturday April 30th Program Facts 1. First 5K Run/Walk centered on the idea of emergency preparedness 2. Using emergency warning system to serve as a “starter” for the race. A second shorter race will run concurrently with 5K from different location. 3. Day is culminating with a four-hour safety fair at the location of the race finish line.
  9. 9. Material Examples #5. Takeover Option on New Website Program Facts 1. Allows us to post advisory message in a matter of moments in case of emergency or need. 2. Will appear on home page but can be closed by user. 3. Option to also include photos and web links as necessary. 4. Recognized need because of our visibility on search for anything Seaside.
  10. 10. Thank you! Jon Rahl City of Seaside Visitors Bureau and Convention Center (503) 738-3097