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City of Seaside, Oregon Community Survey Summary


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The following is a summary of the open comments field, taken from the Seaside 2034 Vision project's community survey.

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City of Seaside, Oregon Community Survey Summary

  1. 1. When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see  change  or  stay  the  same?       Visioning  Seaside  2034  -­‐  Community  Survey  comments,  April  2014  -­‐  Page  1             Community  Survey  Summary  January-­‐April  2014    Open  responses  to  question:  When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see   change  or  stay  the  same?     Parks  &  Outdoor  Recreation   • Continue  to  improve  parks  and  recreation     • I've  been  frustrated  watching  the  natural  history  park  plan  go  from  a  great  idea  then  stagnating.   Not  sure  why  -­‐-­‐  a  network  of  trails  in  the  lovely  natural  areas  in  and  around  the  city  would  be   such  a  great  asset  and  improvement  to  our  community.  I  dream  of  one  day  being  able  to  walk   on  lovely  natural  trails  through  wetlands,  dunes  and  forests  from  Gearhart  to  Tillamook  head   and  beyond  and  I  know  many  others  from  in  and  out  of  Seaside  would  love  that  as  well.  It's  a   crime  that  we  haven't  taken  better  advantage  of  the  natural  wonders  that  this  area  has  and   instead  concentrate  so  much  on  the  coney-­‐island,  sbring-­‐break  kind  of  stuff.  Sure  those  bring   tourists  and  money,  but  if  we  could  cultivate  Seaside  as  a  center  for  outdoor  coastal  wild  and   natural  experiences  it  would  bring  a  while  different  (and  in  my  mind  more  responsible  and   respectful)  class  of  people  to  our  town.     • More  park  areas  and  better  car  traffic  flow.  Get  the  dock  on  Neawanna  Creek  back  in  Broadway   Park.     • We  should  expand  more  walking,  biking,  and  recreation  areas  paths.    
  2. 2. When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see  change  or  stay  the  same?       Visioning  Seaside  2034  -­‐  Community  Survey  comments,  April  2014  -­‐  Page  2     • Improved  pedestrian  &  bike  facilities  that  will  double  as  emergency  evacuation  routes  where   appropriate.   • Easy  beach  access,  more  bike  trails,  a  clean  and  safe  community  and  more  parking     • More  walking/bike  paths  along  our  waterways  and  ponds.     • More  walking  trails.     • A  dog  park.     • a  well  funded,  thoughtfully  and  uniformly  designed,  and  well  maintained  Park  system   • Better  walking/cycling  infrastructure.     • Natural  History  Park,   • Better  bike  and  pedestrian  trails.  Improve  the  park  system  a  a  whole.  Improve  bridges  and   Highway.     • It's  a  small  request  but  I  would  like  to  see  a  dog  park  in  seaside  for  one.  I  would  like  to  see  more   shopping  as  well.     • I  would  love  to  see  a  more  intricate  system  of  trails  for  both  walking  and  biking  safely  -­‐  maybe   even  extending  up  and  down  coast.   • Estuary,same  Norway  improved  Trails,  parks     • More  walking  places,  trails.   • Natural,  outside,  parks,  trails,  information     • More  natural  areas,  walking  &  biking  trails  off  the  Hwy,  more  greenery,  cleaner  beach.     Public  Safety   • New  Hospital  and  new  school  infrastructure     • A  safe  place  for  our  school!     • Withdraw  the  Seaside  Public  School  System  from  common  core  education  curriculum  mandates,   use  timber  money  to  fund  the  school  system.  Set  up  a  radiation  monitoring  system  in  Seaside  to   monitor  radiation  from  the  Fukushima  Nuclear  Disaster  in  Japan.  Remove  Fluoride  (Hydrofluoric   Acid)  from  the  water  supply  giving  Seaside  the  cleanest  water  in  Oregon.  Use  Nullification  to   bring  government  to  the  local  level.  Mandate  all  government  officials  research  AGENDA  21  so   they  understand  that  global  governance  is  trying  to  control  us  at  a  local  level.     • New  School/Tsunami  Evacuation  site     • Better  evacuation  plan  and  a  new  school  campus.     • New  schools.     • Retain  easy  pedestrian  access  More  public  parking  near  Holladay  Safer  pedestrian  crossing  at   Broadway  and  Roosevelt.     • excellent  schools/community  center  up  on  the  hill  out  of  the  Tsunami  zone     • I  love  the  Beach  at  Seaside!  I'm  a  runner  and  I  really  appreciate  the  prom  where  I  run  up  and   down  on  my  lunch  the  prom  and  the  beach.  So  public  safety  is  importland  to  me,  well  lit  streets,   signs.  I  think  you  do  a  great  job  and  I  like  that  I  feel  pretty  safe  on  my  daily  lunch  time  runs.     • All  of  the  schools  moved  out  of  the  tsunami  inundation  zone.     • That  the  schools  will  be  moved  out  of  the  tsunami  inundation  zone.     • I  would  like  a  new  school  campus  for  K-­‐12.  The  current  buildings  are  no  longer  adequate.     • vast  improvement  of  adequate  school  FACILITIES!  
  3. 3. When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see  change  or  stay  the  same?       Visioning  Seaside  2034  -­‐  Community  Survey  comments,  April  2014  -­‐  Page  3     • (1)  The  public  schools  are  falling  apart.  That  should  change.  (2)  Seaside's  unofficial  slogan   encapsulating  its  attitude  toward  earthquake/tsunami  preparedness  is  "Kiss  Your  Ass  Goodbye."   That  should  also  change.     • New  campus  for  our  schools.   • A  school  out  of  the  tsunami  zone.  And  a  clear  place  for  residents  to  evacuate  to  that  would  have   emergency  amenities.   • Better  school  system,  more  involved  police  department     • Make  all  bridges  earthquake-­‐proof;  add  pedestrian  footbridge  near  Avenue  S  [extremely   important],  have  supplies  ready  for  the  Cascadia  tsunami  [use  Cannon  Beach  method  of   personal  storage  lockers];  REQUIRE  all  motels  to  provide  evacuation  literature  to  clients;   acknowledge  the  hazard,  adopt  a  tsunami  scenario,  and  stick  to  it  for  infrastructure   improvements;  the  wave  will  hit  in  20  years.     • NEW  SCHOOLS,Public  Safety  Buildings,  and  Daycare     • Schools  in  a  safe  zone.   • I  think  the  schools  need  to  be  fixed  up  and  hire  more  people  in  the  schools.     • I  believe  the  school  system  and  programs  are  strong-­‐-­‐the  school  facilities  are  extremely  weak     • People  first.  Excellent  safe  life/family  quality.   • I  would  like  the  school  bldgs  to  improve  as  that  would  attract  more  things  like  PBLs   • Our  area  has  beautiful  natural  features  which  most  people  cannot  or  do  not  take  advantage  of.   We  have  two  beautiful  rivers  with  no  walking  trails.  There  should  be  a  paved  bike  path  that   follows  the  Necanicum  River  through  town   • A  4-­‐lane  hyway  and  more  parking  are  needed,  and  a  larger  all-­‐event  center  would  be  a  plus.     • Hyway  bypass.  Ave  S  widened.  Tsunami  proof  education  facilities     (Public  Safety)Traffic/Roads/Bridges   • Better  traffic  control  &  pedestrian  safety  on  101     • One  way  streets  out  and  one  way  streets  in  Clean  up  eyesores  around  the  city.     • In  20  years  I  would  hope  Seaside  has  a  Truck  Bypass  to  reduce  the  traffic  congestion  on  101  in   the  Summertime.  It  is  already  working  for  Cannon  Beach  and  similar  coastal  towns.  Also  -­‐   Updated  bridges,  able  to  handle  earthquakes  and  natural  disasters.  Bridges  are  vital  to   maintaining  safe  evacuation  routes  for  the  town  in  the  event  of  a  catastrophe.     • Rosevelt  st  becomes  a  Business  Rt  and  a  bypass  is  developed.  We  do  not  benefit  from  logging   and  other  commercial  traffic  rolling  through  town.  A  center  turn  lane  also  needs  developed   through  town  and  pedestrian  crossings  with  lights  in  the  street.  I  can't  believe  you  still  have  to   run  across  the  street  after  shopping  at  Safeway.  Also,  turn  lanes  with  lights  at  Ave  T  and   Roosevelt,  Broadway  and  Roosevelt,  12th  and  Roosevelt.     • Road  improvements  for  the  tourism     • new  schools,  secure  bridges,  alleviate  Hiway  101  congestion  in  summer     • Improved  highway  structure  through  Seaside     • 101  south  fixed  no  more  flooding.     • Better  maintenance  of  the  Prom.  Safer  pedestrian  crossing  of  101  [Roosevelt].  Better   maintenance  of  City  Streets.    
  4. 4. When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see  change  or  stay  the  same?       Visioning  Seaside  2034  -­‐  Community  Survey  comments,  April  2014  -­‐  Page  4     • Improved  traffic  movement.     • Widening  101     • Bypass     • Improved  traffic  flow  at  intersections  along  the  highway  and  cross  streets;   • More  updated  bridges  to  withstand  earthquakes.     • A  By-­‐Pass  around  Seaside  to  lessen  the  impact  of  traffic  on  Roosevelt     • More  sidewalks,  bike  paths  and  increased  vehicle  space  on  Hwy  101  and  other  access  to/from   City  to  reduce  traffic  and  increase  safety.     • Improved  pedestrian  and  vehicle  traffic  patterns  along  HWY  101  to  access  in  and  out  and  around   downtown  Seaside  .  .  .  it's  getting  too  congested.     • Parking  enforcement  and  better  signage  Sidewalks  repaired/Hwy  101  bypass  or  change  or  light   rail  from  Portland  to  Seaside     • More  pedestrian  friendly,  especially  crossing  Hwy.  101.     • A  new  highway,  it's  nuts  here  in  the  summer  time.  Also  very  unsafe  for  pedestrians  crossing  101     • An  alternate  highway  101  around  Seaside  as  done  in  Cannon  Beach     • Better  traffic  patterns  during  the  summer,  but  not  with  a  split  in  Hwy  101  on  the  south  end.   Better  adjustment  of  the  traffic  light  at  Hwy  101  and  Avenue  U  during  the  summer.     • Traffic  control  driving  through  Seaside,  North  -­‐  South.  This  city  needs  a  by-­‐pass.     • Transportation  system  to  bring  more  groups  from  airport  to  Seaside  for  conventions,  etc.   Highway  Bypass  -­‐  Seaside  is  a  destination  and  should  be  a  haven.  Visitors  come  here  and  want   to  be  able  to  walk  or  bike,  often  out  of  necessity.  We  should  be  capitalizing  on  the  beauty  of   nature  that  is  only  offered  in  this  area.     • Traffic  flow,  school  systems,  tsunami  emergency  routes       Arts  &  Culture   • I  hope  it  is  still  a  small  town  but  without  a  "shadow"  population  of  Hispanics   • I'd  like  to  see  a  solution  to  the  deteriorating  schools  in  the  tsunami  zone.  I'd  also  like  to  see   more  people  of  color  and  more  young  people.     • Natural  History  Park   • ,  better  entertainment  at  the  convention  center     • More  Native  Arts  &  Culture.   • An  active  library  and  community  center.   • I  would  like  to  see  a  balance  maintained  between  the  park  like  surroundings  and  the   commercial,  tourist  draw  to  the  area  for  entertainment.     • Keep  the  same  borders  and  update  what  we  have.  Add  more  entertainment  outlets.   • A  year-­‐round  farmers'  market,  or  somewhere  to  get  fresh  local  produce,  or  just  another  option   for  groceries  other  than  Safeway.   • Move  ahead  in  Tourism  increase,  art,  community  appeal  for  visitors  and  locals.   • A  small  movie  theater  downtown  with  independent  movies.  :)     • Circled  (remain  the  same)  Public  Safety,  Environment,  Arts  through  other  Rec  skg,  Our  SS  Library   Rocks  14    
  5. 5. When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see  change  or  stay  the  same?       Visioning  Seaside  2034  -­‐  Community  Survey  comments,  April  2014  -­‐  Page  5     • Progress  with  the  beauty  of  the  city  such  as  nicer  buildings,  landscaping,  attractive  and  clean   city.     • A  focus  on  community  development  for  residents  rather  than  such  a  focus  on  tourism.         Business  Development   • No  more  outside  development.     • Empty  buildings  will  be  filled.  Properties  will  be  updated  and  presentable.  Community  will  take   pride  in  the  appearance  of  our  town  to  others.     • More  hotels  more  people.   • I  would  like  to  see  no  neglected  and  run-­‐down  properties.  I  would  like  to  see  a  cap  on  the   density  of  short-­‐term  rental  properties  in  residential  neighborhoods.  No  more  ocean-­‐front,  high-­‐ rise  condos  or  hotels.  Establish  a  maximum  building  height  restriction  on  new  buildings  between   101  and  the  beach.     • small  town  feel,  technologically  advanced  with  mainstream  technology.     • Economic  development  infrastructure     • Affordable  prices  in  stores  during  off  seasonal  times  for  locals.     • More  shopping  such  as  another  grocery  store  and  more  shops  for  the  residents  rather  than  for   tourists.  I  do  my  shopping  either  in  Warrenton  or  online.     • It  would  be  nice  for  the  restaurants  to  do  more  local  discounts  in  slow  seasons,  for  instance  the   pizza  places  do  a  20%  local  discount,  McKeown's  has  steak  night  but  no  other  local  discounts   they  offer,  Doogers  does  Senior  night,  80's  night,  Norma's  does  Senior  night.  Restaurants  cater   to  the  Visitors  but  not  locals  and  local  business  is  what  keeps  them  open  during  the  winter.   Safeway  needs  to  go  or  another  grocery  store  added  to  this  City.  Safeway  prices  are  rediculous   and  during  the  summer  they  raise  the  prices  even  more  and  that  is  sad  because  people  who  do   not  have  the  ability  to  shop  elsewhere  have  to  pay  those  prices.  My  favorite  event  is  Hood  to   Coast  and  the  City  should  NEVER  get  rid  of  the  event.     • Better  quality  restaurants  and  shopping;  better  traffic  management  on  101;  a  decent  gym     • Better  housing  options  for  people  in  service  industry.  Some  type  of  industry  that  would  not  be   seasonal.     • More  affordable  housing  to  keep  young  people  around  Some  form  of  manufacturing  to  keep   young  people  and  families  around  More  focus  on  keeping  small  business  successful  by   increasing  year  round  population  somewhat  New  college  (Clatsop  County)  Would  love  to  see   Broadway  as  a  walking  street  with  outdoor  sidewalk  dining,  music,  SATURDAY  OR  SUNDAY   MARKET....things  for  people  to  do  other  than  just  going  to  the  beach...     • excellent  schools/community  center  up  on  the  hill  out  of  the  Tsunami  zone     • A  Target.  Update  all  the  old  areas.  Keep  small  city  feel.  Keep  control  of  the  city  locally  in  the   local  government.  Develop  Seaside  as  the  clean  drinking  water  capital  of  Oregon.  Develop  more   community  space  for  greenhouses  and  gardening.     • Limit  building    
  6. 6. When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see  change  or  stay  the  same?       Visioning  Seaside  2034  -­‐  Community  Survey  comments,  April  2014  -­‐  Page  6     • While  tourism  is  our  (only)  industry,  we  need  better  pay  for  locals.  I've  worked  as  many  as  3  jobs   during  the  winter  but  still  had  fewer  than  30  hes/week.  Affordable  housing  is  scarce  &  much  of   that  is  subpar.  We  need  to  make  Seaside  a  place  where  the  working  locals  can  do  more  than  live   paycheck  to  paycheck.     • More  jobs  or  more  pay  for  the  jobs  that  exist.  Keep  the  beach  the  same-­‐-­‐no  pier,  no  cars  or   commercial  clutter.     • less  empty  store  fronts  and  better  traffic/roads  for  getting  into/around/out  of  seaside.  better   cell  service     • Less  drugs  and  unkempt  housing  in  the  community     • More  diversified  economy  with  family  wage  jobs.     • More  community  building  activities  (not  centered  on  school  children)     • Monitor  vacation  rentals  -­‐  need  to  follow  the  rules  and  they  need  to  be  enforced.     • Begin  to  open  up  new  development  lands  in  the  foothills  east  of  town.  Continue  to  see   improvements  to  Roosevelt  (Hwy  101),  Holladay,  &  Wahanna  Road.  Improve  public  water  access   points  along  Neawanna  Cr.  &  Necanicum  R.     • Less  visual  blight.     • Strong  economic  base  with  affordable  housing  and  excellent  educational  facilities  and   employment  opportunities.     • New  schools,  underground  power,  emergency  center     • Extended  business  presence  along  the  promenade,  but  no  more  high-­‐rise  buildings  on  the   beachfront,  at  least  not  in  the  downtown/Broadway  core.  Pedestrian  only  zone  in  the   downtown  core  from  the  Necanicum  river  (e.g.,  at  the  bridge)  to  the  Promenade  along   Broadway;  there  is  little  parking  on  Broadway  anyway  and  there  is  seemingly  no  point  in   allowing  cars  down  Broadway,  despite  the  wonderful  monument/turnaround.  I  do  think  that  the   parade  route  should  remain  the  same,  however  despite  the  pedestrian  only  zone  idea.     • Continued  support  for  events  bringing  visitors  to  Seaside.  A  more  diversified  work  force,   manufacturing  jobs/timber  jobs  in  addition  to  tourism.     • Keep  small  town  feel  but  since  tourism  is  main  source  of  revenue,  Seaside  needs  to  constantly   update  and  upgrade.     • 21  century  economy  jobs  for  my  kids     • New  Wastewater  treatment  plant  at  a  safe  location     • Cleaner  entry  into  the  City  from  the  South     • Create  a  Port  District  in  South  County  where  funds  are  used  for  Tsunami  awareness  and  other   Tsunami  type  preparation.  This  would  keep  the  current  funds  going  to  Astoria  here  in  south   county  as  well.     • More  huge  hotel/timeshare  buildings     • Hwy  101  corridor  as  you  leave  hwy  26  and  get  into  the  city  is  awful.  Buildings  in  disrepair,   vehicles  parked  that  do  how  run  and  is  a  poor  entrance/  impression  for  our  city.     • Downtown  less  expensive  shops  more  family  recreations  expand  land     • Higher  wage  jobs  via  new  business  growth  that  doesn't  just  focus  on  tourism.   • Keep  the  small  quirky  town  feel,  but  incorporate  more  tourist  activities  and  attractions  for  year   round  enjoyment.    
  7. 7. When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see  change  or  stay  the  same?       Visioning  Seaside  2034  -­‐  Community  Survey  comments,  April  2014  -­‐  Page  7     • Family  friendly  atmosphere  w/more  cultural  available  and  recreation.     • Continue  to  improve  infrastructure  to  accommodate  our  citizens     • Redemption  of  the  older  buildings  in  town,  downtown  area,  south  side  of  town  on  101.     • I  think  the  walkability  of  the  city  west  of  101  is  excellent.  The  sidewalks,  promenade,  and  many   crosswalks  on  the  west  side  of  101  are  all  pedestrian  friendly.  This  is  good  for  residents  and   visitors.  I  think  that  there  should  be  more  pedestrian  points  to  cross  101.  I  don't  think  101   between  U  Street  and  12th  street  is  very  safe  for  pedestrians  at  this  point.  I  would  also  like  to   see  a  better  pedestrian  connection  between  Seaside  and  Gearhart.  If  I  want  to  job  or  ride  my   bike  from  home  to  Seaside  I  have  to  ride  along  the  highway  and  the  bridge.  This  feels  unsafe   during  dark  days  and  bad  weather.  I  drive  and  we  own  vehicles,  but  outdoor  recreation  is  one  of   the  best  aspects  of  our  community  and  I  try  to  take  advantage  as  much  as  possible.     • fewer  run  down  properties     • Incorporate  vital  services  between  Gearhart  and  Arch  Cape.  Police,  Fire     • More  housing     • I  would  like  to  see  the  Cove  and  Tillamook  head  stay  the  same  as  it  is  with  the  wonderful  forest   and  Ken's  Market  and  the  U  Street  Pub.  We  love  those  2  businesses!  Also,  I  filled  out  this  survey   because  although  we  live  in  Portland,  we  have  a  home  in  Seaside  and  we  spend  at  least  2  days   every  week  down  here...  sometimes  more.     • I  feel  it's  important  to  keep  the  mixture  of  homes/neighborhoods  and  the  larger  "living"   complexes  in  balance.  Also,  appreciate  the  city's  interest  in  the  beauty  of  the  downtown  with  its   plantings.     • A  small  population  that  lives  a  sustainable  life  without  an  emphasis  on  more,  more,  more.  We   should  have  a  goal  of  what  our  quality  of  life  looks  like  and  work  to  maintain  it  at  a  healthy  level.     • I  would  like  to  see  Seaside  remain  a  vital  coastal  destination  for  all  visitors.     • MORE  EVENTS  LIKE  HOOD  TO  COAST;  MORE  CARNIVAL  ATMOSPHERE.  A  FERRIS  WHEEL.  MORE   SURREYS  AND  BIKE  RENTALS     • Some  restraint  on  the  vacation  home  rentals,  not  every  block,  every  neighborhood  should  be  a   commercial  enterprise.  We  are  selling  the  livability  of  communities  to  serve  the  interests  of  the   wealthy     • Increase  tourism     • Small-­‐town  feel  Can  walk  or  bike  around  town  Less  problems  with  traffic     • Keep  downtown  "walkability"  with  maybe  more  parking  away  from  core.     • I  would  like  to  see  new  leading  edge  opportunities  for  employment   • Skyscrapers  and  Casinos...     • If  Seaside  wants  to  conitue  to  host  events  and  utilize  the  convention  center  they  need  to  expand   the  hotels,  and  maybe  bring  in  some  larger,  nicer  hotels.  Why  are  we  not  expanding  the  and   upgrading  along  the  rivers?  We  continue  to  watch  all  these  fishermen  drive  their  boats  from  all   over  the  Northwest  (including  idaho)  to  watch  them  launch  from  hammond  to  get  out  to  the   Ocean.  We  should  capitalize  in  boat  launches  and  marinas  for  them  to  launch  here  and  head   strait  out  to  the  ocean.  People  come  here  from  Portland,  Seattle,  and  other  big  cities.  What  are   these  cities  doing  for  their  people  that  we  aren't  doing?  outdoor  activities,  disk  goolf,  soccer,   etc.  restruarnts  and  food  they  enjoy,  (we  can  only  have  so  many  local  seafood  joints)  Currently   Seaside  is  a  great  place  to  come  visit  once  every  couple  of  years  or  so,  we  should  look  at  
  8. 8. When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see  change  or  stay  the  same?       Visioning  Seaside  2034  -­‐  Community  Survey  comments,  April  2014  -­‐  Page  8     sustainable  activities  poeple  will  wnat  to  come  back  here  to  enjoy  more  often,  expand  on  the   day  trippers.     • Shopping  is  a  poor  site  here.  Tourists  want  to  come  spend  money,  bring  in  stores  people  are   already  spending  money  at  or  want  to  spend  moeny  at  in  other  areas.   • Better  capabilities  for  handling  the  great  amounts  of  people  who  come  for  the  big  events:  4th  of   July,  Hood  to  Coast  etc.     • Less  arcade  and  bumper  car  type  activities  and  more  cultural  and  personal  enrichment   opportunities  and  activities.  Would  love  to  get  a  young,  single/couple,  outdoor  adventure  type   crowd.  Less  focused  on  families  and  more  on  the  Young,  hip,  PDX  demographic.     • A  bigger  town  with  more  fun  things  to  do.     • More  things  to  do  for  adults  besides  bars!!!!!     • More  parking     • I  will  like  us  to  maintain  the  small  beach  town  feel,  that  continues  to  allow  families  affordable   housing.     • I  would  like  to  see  the  town  cleaned  up.  I  would  like  to  see  safer  streets  for  all  types  of  traffic.     • I  hope  Seaside  will  become  a  more  popular  destination  (year  Round)  to  help  the  local  economy.     • Smaller,  intimate  less  timeshare  on  the  beach     • I  would  hope  Seaside  would  retain  it's  quaintness  and  small  town  atmosphere.     Family  Features   • Additional  family  activities  -­‐  if  the  kids  have  a  good  time  they  will  come  back  for  a  lifetime  and   the  parents  will  bring  them     • Focus  on  family  activities     • More  arts  and  culture     • A  new  museum     • More  activities  for  families  and  children.     • we  need  to  do  more  for  family  business  they  are  the  future  business  customers  to  seaside.     • More  activities/facilities  for  teens     • more  indoor  family  activity  places.   • Keep  it  family  friendly  for  all  ages.   • More  cultural  events   • Small  town  feel,  paid  fire  department,  decreased  social  problems,  increase  programs  for  kids  to   get  them  out  doors.     • Lastly  I  see  Seaside  becoming  a  family  fun  recreation  area  again  that  families  want  to  come  to   time  and  time  again..   Environment   • I  would  like  to  see  more  activities  in  the  natural  environment     • More  emphasis  on  environmental  sensitivity  and  less  on  rinky  dink  go  carts,  etc.     • protection  of  natural  areas;  improved  infrastructure.     • The  Core  business  confined  with  more  access  to  natural  areas.     • Clean  water,  clean  air,  clean  town    
  9. 9. When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see  change  or  stay  the  same?       Visioning  Seaside  2034  -­‐  Community  Survey  comments,  April  2014  -­‐  Page  9     • Better  commitment  to  the  environment     • protect  the  coast  and  natural  areas     • The  climate.     • Moving  on  to  #10:  I  would  like  to  see  us  enjoying,  living  easily  with,  and  conserving  our  beautiful   area.   • Same:  Beautiful  natural  environment,  importance  of  being  stewards  of  the  land  and  waters,   clean  water  system   • More  concern  for  the  natural  environment,  perhaps  as  part  of  education   • I  would  like  to  see  a  community  taking  better  advantage  of  its  great  assets,  especially   capitalizing  on  a  clean,  attractive  natural  environment  to  draw  professional-­‐level  employment   and  visitors  with  strong  attachments  to  the  local  community  -­‐  in  the  process,  reducing  poverty   and  low-­‐wage  work,  crime,  the  neglect  and  abuse  of  the  natural  environment,  and  businesses   geared  toward  people  who  simply  pass  through  the  community  without  enduring  interest  or   concern.     • Enhanced  sense  of  community  in  balance  with  its  unique  natural  history  and  environment-­‐an   exemplar  of  an  ecological  community     • A  cleaner  city.  Especially  the  Prom  and  the  streets.     • I  hope  the  city  wide  natural  resources  concept  is  developed.  I'd  like  to  see  river  activities  for  the   visitors  continue.   • A  great  appreciation  at  the  level  of  city  leadership  for  the  natural  world.   Multiple  Topics   • Better  quality  restaurants  and  shopping;  better  traffic  management  on  101;  a  decent  gym     • Bypass  actually  started  Schools  and  hospital  above  the  inundation  zone  Residents  and  locals   actively  shop  and  recreate  in  downtown  -­‐  keeping  money  local  Clean  beaches  Strong  sense  of   community     • Better  graduation  rates,  more  diversity  in  population  and  restaurants,  more  non-­‐seasonal  jobs     • Schools  safe  from  tsunami.  Adequate  low  income  housing.  Good  traffic  flow  with  bike  trails.   Preservation  of  wetlands  and  beaches.     • I  would  like  to  see  dense  development  and  expansion  of  the  dowtown  core;  a  resolution  of   traffic  congestion  on  Highway  101  (via  a  bypass  or  addition  of  lanes);  new  school  facilites   constructed  outside  of  the  tsunami  inundation  zone;  stricter  building  code  enforcement   (including  ordinances  aimed  at  curbing  blighted/abandonded  homes  and  properties  particularly   along  Highway  101  an  expansion  of  the  South  County  Clatsop  Community  College  campus.  I   would  like  Seaside  to  remain  a  small,  family  friendly  community,  with  a  thriving  downtown  core   that  relies  on  small,  family  owned  businesses.     • I  hope  the  convention  center  continues  to  attract  year-­‐round  activities.  I'm  fairly  new  here  but  I   like  the  town.  I  wish  it  were  more  supportive  of  its  schools.     • The  schools  moved  outside  tsunami  zone.  More  vibrant  downtown.  Adequate  low-­‐income   housing.     • When  I  invision  Seaside  in  20  years  the  things  I  would  like  to  change  are:  Ensure  a  sustainable   economy,  good  land  use  planning  and  have  the  quality  of  life  for  the  environment  long  term.  
  10. 10. When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see  change  or  stay  the  same?       Visioning  Seaside  2034  -­‐  Community  Survey  comments,  April  2014  -­‐  Page  10     Continue  updating  emergency  preparations  and  notifying  public  Have  strategic  planning  in  place   and  a  unified  vision  for  population  and  economic  growth  and  the  increase  demand  for  services   and  programs  in  education,  employment,  transportation,  affordable  housing,  homeless,  low   income,  youth  and  senior  friendly  elements.  Continue  to  strengthen  tourists  attractions  through   arts,  culture,  parks,  beach  events,  shopping,  outdoor  recreation.  Better  technology!  the  things  I   would  like  to  remain  the  same  are:  the  quality  of  life  and  'small  town'  feel  of  Seaside  where  the   community  comes  together  and  tourists  feel  safe  and  want  to  come.     • A  bypass  highway,  more  parks,  an  economy  not  entirely  tourist  based     • 1)  Higher  quality  city  planning  that  make  Seaside  a  place  i'm  proud  to  live  adjacent  to.  The   downtown  is  a  dark  tourist  trap  (thanks  Wyndham  and  the  city  planners  who  let  them  take  over   the  turnaround)  .  2)  a  bike/  walking  path/  trail  along  highway  101  from  gearhart  to  tillamook   head  with  improved  greenery.  Highway  101  is  a  bit  of  a  dismal  concrete  strip  mall  jungle  with   very  little  curb  appeal  .  3)  The  high  school  is  a  derelict  building  that  needs  to  be  solved.  4)  power   lines  underground.  5)  better  zoning  that  doesn't  let  pot  stores  and  rehab  centers  be  the  first   thing  visitors  see  when  they  come  to  town.     • Would  like  the  grass  off  the  beach.  Would  like  downtown  upgraded  to  look  more  beachy  like   C.B.     • New  schools.  More  and  steady  businesses     • New  schools  better  road  system  better  job  opportunities     • The  (current  education)  facilities  need  moving,  updating,  and  repair-­‐so  that's  poor.  The   (educational)  system  is  good  to  excellent  given  the  funds  available.  It's  a  very  capable  staff.  I   would  like  to  see  a  person  with  the  job  of  keeping  tabs  of  all  the  terrific  outdoor  groups  working   in  our  area,one  who  could  have  the  time  to  facilitate  cross  germination  of  ideas  and  projects  to   help  visitors  and  locals  to  have  even  better  experiences  outdoors.  I  would  like  to  see  our  schools   and  public  buildings  moved  out  of  the  tsunami  zone-­‐a  similar  project  to  the  ideas  they're   pursuing  in  Cannon  Beach.  I  would  like  to  see  a  good  mix/variety  of  shops,  restaurants,  and   indoor  activities  (for  those  rainy  days  for  tourists  and  locals.  Part  of  what  made  the  Hawthorne   phenomena  in  Portland  was  a  hired  project  manager  who  tried  to  get  a  good  mix,  so  there   weren't  all  Mexican  restaurants,  clothing  stores,  and  antique  places...     • Preserve  natural  spaces,  offer  shopping  for  basic  needs,  have  schools  not  in  the  tsunami  zone,   have  a  healthy  economy  with  jobs  for  those  who  want  to  live  here.     • More  easy-­‐to-­‐walk  trails;  more  cohesive  land  use  along  the  highway  to  improve  the  city's   appearance;  a  solution  to  the  school  district's  tsunami/deteriorating  building  problem;  a   specialty  foods  grocery  store  (such  as  Trader  Joe's,  New  Seasons  or  Whole  Foods).     • new  schools,  the  homes  and  businesses  abutting  the  highway  cleaned  up,  better  maintenance   of  streets  and  sidewalks  and  city  buildings     • I  would  like  Seaside  to  have  a  focus  on  sustainability  and  livability.  I  would  like  to  focus  on  youth   and  support  for  mental  health  issues.     • Clean  up  property,  fix  roads,  fix  the  schools,  find  more  areas  for  kids  and  families  to  be  involved   in  recreational  activities.     • Schools  outside  inundation.  Earthquake  safe  pedestrian  bridges.  Better  tsunami  Assembly  areas.     • -­‐-­‐bypass  for  traffic  -­‐-­‐need  emergency  management  system  and  coordinator    
  11. 11. When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see  change  or  stay  the  same?       Visioning  Seaside  2034  -­‐  Community  Survey  comments,  April  2014  -­‐  Page  11     • I  see  a  new  safe  and  environmentally  friendly  and  self  sustaining  schools  on  the  hill.  I  see  the   parks  and  rec  and  public  facilities  improving  and  expanding.  I  see  the  area  being  a  destination   for  LARGE  youth  sports  events.  Events  like  ball  tournaments,  camps,  wrestling  events  and  much   more.  We  just  need  a  facility  to  hold  the  events     • Hwy  101  traffic  improvement;  places  sit/dine  and  enjoy  the  spectacular  ocean  and  river  views   (inside  and  outside  seating  for  old  folks  like  me!);  more  cultural  events     • Hwy  101  should  look  nice,  sidewalks,  storefronts,  planters  etc..A  new  school  campus  should  be   up  the  hill  that  has  an  auditorium,  sports  facilities,  and  an  emergency  relief  area  for  after  the   tsunami.  No  more  high  rises  in  Seaside.  Better  zoning  of  residential/commercial  land  uses.     • Traffic  pattern  changes  More  walkable  areas,  city  and  recreational  More  oversite  of  the   appearance  of  buildings  along  thoroughfares,  both  business  and  residential.  More  affordable   housing  for  service  industry  workers,  already  there  is  a  shortage  of  people  to  do  the  work   necessary  in  a  resort  town.     • New/improve  Schools,  local  facilities(movie  theater,  aquarium,  restaurants,  etc.)     • Keep  old  buildings  and  history!  Maintain  boardwalk  and  all  the  family  friendly  offerings.     • Less  crime,  More  variety  in  shopping,  dining,  etc.,  Less  blight,  Better  road  conditions,  better   enforcement  of  smoking  regulations,  better  parks  and  trails,  wilderness  conservation     • I  hope  to  see  the  empty  stores  (places  that  have  closed  business)  filled  again.  Seaside  REALLY   needs  other  fast  food  options.  McD's  and  Taco  Bell  get  REALLY  old.  The  tsunami  practice  drill   needs  to  be  louder.  I  work  at  an  ocean  front  inn  and  cannot  hear  the  drill  with  door  and   windows  closed.  If  I  have  doors  and  windows  open  on  a  sunny  day  I  can  barely  make  out  what   it's  saying.  For  questions  9  &  10  I  selected  moderate  because  there  was  no  option  for  those  who   have  kids  in  other  districts.     • Change:  New,  safer  school  for  the  children,  bigger/better  convention  center  for  economic   stability,  more  events  for  visitors  and  residents.     • A  sports  and  entertainment  complex,  a  movie  theater  complex,  an  overpass  foot  bridge,  another   grocery  store.     • Replace  aging  school  buildings  and  facilities  A  strong  pool  and  rec  center.  Sidewalks  and  lighting   along  Hwy  101.     • Change  to  public  education  and  recreation     • Same  beach  front  with  limited  high  rise  condos.  Four  lane  road  thru  seaside  as  planned   previously   • Enhanced  convention  center  with  an  indoor  recreation  facility  to  host  sporting  events  and   activities.  Parking  structure  for  downtown.  Continual  improvement  on  current  services.  Remain   the  same  =  family  friendly,  clean,  positive  community  involvement  &  services,  as  well  as  keeping   the  small  town  feel.     • Change:  more  family  wage  jobs,  safe  zone,  safe  zone  for  schools,  more  grocery  shopping  options   Stay  the  same:  beach,  green  space,  livability,  safety,  family  friendly,  community  support     • Strong  economic  base,  well  maintained  infrastructure,  livability(good  parks  &  open  spaces)   Family  wage  jobs.better  maintained  school  buildings.     • Prom  remain  the  same.  Property  crime  and  drug  use  decrease.     • -­‐-­‐schools  moved  to  new  location  -­‐-­‐public  safety  (police  and  fire  out  of  flood  zone  and  keep   growing  -­‐-­‐more  nice  affordable  housing  for  the  working  class    
  12. 12. When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see  change  or  stay  the  same?       Visioning  Seaside  2034  -­‐  Community  Survey  comments,  April  2014  -­‐  Page  12     • Get  a  better  handle  on  traffic.  Relocated  post  office.     • i  would  like  to  stop  big  development  in  the  core  west  side  of  101  and  start  moving  the  city  to   focus  on  101  bypass  to  basically  preserve  broadway  and  seaside  as  an  "old  town"  that  is   dominantly  pedestrian  and  start  building  furthur  east  from  the  beach  and  increase  livability  in   that  zone  so  that  more  residents  arent  living  in  the  tsunami  zone.  Seaside  is  too  dangerous  to   escape  in  the  aftermath  of  an  earthquake  tsunami.  The  sewage  plant  needs  to  go  to  high   ground.  Trendwest  needs  to  be  torn  down.  Entering  seaside  should  not  look  dilapidated.  We   should  be  the  greenest  and  cleanest  town  on  the  coast.     • An  extra  elementary  school.  Class  numbers  are  wayyyyy  to  high.  More  housing,  more  parking,   easier  access  to  the  beach  at  the  Cove  (the  rocks  are  dangerous  and  since  that  is  a  popular   parking  spot,  a  permanent  walkway  down  to  the  beach  would  be  great  for  disabled  people),   more  library  drop  boxes,  a  discount  program  from  area  businesses  for  people  who  live  here  at   least  6  months  out  of  the  year     • Highway  bypass  and  family  wage  jobs  needed.   • More  diversity  in  business.  Better  transportation  and  travel  in  and  out  of  town     • Safe  school  out  of  tsunami  zone.  More  reinforced  bridges,  pedestrian  bridges,     • Same:  Prom,  beach,  west  of  101.  Change:  Network  infrastructure,  school's  location,  expand   sunset  empire  offerings  to  include  infrastructure.     • Change:  Highway  101  bi-­‐pass,  something  more  than  tourism.  Remain  the  same:  the  Prom,  and   the  beach       • More  businesses  and  better  schools     • Better  infrastructure  (roads,  bridges,  etc.)  Better  and  more  diversified  jobs.  Better  schools.  More   help  for  the  indigent  and  homeless  More  diversified  shopping  (another  grocery  store)  Stop  or   change  our  involvement  with  the  Port  of  Astoria     • 1.  An  ever  increasing  tourist  draw  through  community  events  and  through  the  convention   center.  2.  An  increase  in  activities  geared  towards  youth,  especially  indoor  activity  options   (though  this  matters  to  me  now,  my  kids  will  be  grown  and  gone  in  20  years)  3.  More  ethnic   restaurant  options  4.  Increased  retail  variety.  5.  Same  clean  beach!     • Better  streets  without  potholes,  Section  Line  paved   Other  comments   • I'd  like  to  see  the  petty,  bad  mouthing  and  selfish  behaviors  around  major  projects  stop.     • I  would  like  seaside  come  together  as  a  whole  and  think  as  a  whole,  rather  that  what  benefits   the  few.  It  could  be  a  great  city     • SPD  needs  serious  staff  changing  very  uneducated  and  trained.     • I  would  like  to  see  the  city  manager  be  forced  to  be  neighbors  with  the  people  who  are  affected   by  the  decisions  he  makes.  It  is  ridiculous  he  be  allowed  to  live  in  Gearhart.     • One  thing  that  needs  to  be  gotten  rid  of  right  away  is  the  convenience  store  across  from  Seaside   High.  Convenience  stores  can  be  included  in  the  list  of  things  that  have  led  to  the  decline  of   American  society.  The  store  should  be  zoned  OUT  of  the  school  area.  It  is  dangerous  for   students  crossing  101  and  it  is  not  a  healthy  environment  in  terms  of  food,  nutrition,  or  a   gathering  place  or  "hang  out."     • Visioning  processes    
  13. 13. When  you  picture  Seaside  in  20  years,  what  would  you  like  to  see  change  or  stay  the  same?       Visioning  Seaside  2034  -­‐  Community  Survey  comments,  April  2014  -­‐  Page  13     • The  top  priority  should  be  to  make  Seaside  a  cleaner,  more  family  friendly  and  community   involved  city.  Helping  Hands  (Thugs  off  Drugs)  MUST  GO.  Seaside  is  too  small  of  a  city-­‐  it  does   not  have  the  proper  facilities  or  economic  environment  to  actually  help  these  people  succeed  in   life.  If  anything,  it  is  only  hurting  local  businesses  and  families,  making  them  feel  uncomfortable   and  threatened.  Seaside's  homeless  and  drug  junkie  population  has  never  been  as  saturated  as   it  is  now-­‐  thanks  to  the  truck  loads  of  drug  addicts  that  Helping  Hands  bring  in.  The  majority  of   people  who  find  this  organization  a  worthy  cause,  live  work  no  where  in  sight  of  the  problem   they  are  funding,  leaving  the  majority  of  average  families  and  workers  in  Seaside  to  deal  with   the  problem  first  hand.  Working  in  retail  I  have  seen  and  heard  first  hand  that  tourists  are  tired   of  the  "carnival-­‐town"  "ghetto"  "trashy"  "crack  head"  feel  that  has  been  created  in  Seaside   (these  are  actual  comments  that  I  have  heard  numerous  times).  Being  born  and  raised  on  the   coast  I  love  the  sleepy,  coastal  town  feeling-­‐  but  this  feeling  should  be  upheld  in  a  manner  that   provides  locals  and  visitors  with  a  safe,  supportive,  and  active  place  to  live  in  and  visit..  The   highway  which  visitors  go  through  town  on  travels  through  the  least  attractive  part  of  town-­‐  no   sidewalks,  no  landscaping  or  maintenance  and  lots  of  run-­‐down  and  abandoned  buildings  and   lots.  Looking  past  these  flaws,  Seaside  harbors  so  much  potential  which  most  locals  are  aware   of.  However,  the  people  who  visit,  spend  money  and  economically  support  the  city  do  not  see   that,  and  in  order  for  them  to  keep  returning-­‐  they  need  to.     • Change  with  regard  to  drug  users  and  sexual  offenders  who  live  in  our  city.     • Behind  the  state  in  support  of  education     • Do  the  things  we  decided  to  do  the  last  Visioning  20/20  plan.  We  never  seem  to  do  the  things   we  decided  to  do,  with  a  few  small  exceptions     • Help  those  less  fortunate  and  not  always  revolve  its  decisions  base  in  the  tourism  industry     • Remain  the  same  (or  go  back  to  a  kinder-­‐gentler  time)     • More  to  control  the  homeless  on  the  prom     • Twenty  yrs  is  ridiculously  out  there.  A  2  yr/  5  yr  &  10  &  15  &  20  yr  plan  is  more  engaging  &   allows  for  chg  to  be  seen  &  embraced  &  promoted  across  the  country     • More  input  from  community  before  major  expenditures  are  done.  We  need  a  food  bank  not  a   football  field.  Park  and  Rec  is  out  of  control  -­‐  thinking  globally  while  tax  money  is  coming  from   Seaside  only.     • Do  more  for  the  locals.  They  are  here  year  'round  and  pay  your  wages.