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Gaming: Blurring Lines Between Casual and Hardcore


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Casual and hardcore games...are they really two separate markets? Or simply two outdated ways of siloing gamers? This also contains some really great heatmaps showing the type of games people are talking about on Twitter.

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Gaming: Blurring Lines Between Casual and Hardcore

  2. Emerging Trends in Gameplay: The Blurring Lines Between Casual and Hardcore Jon Radoff, CEO, GamerDNA GDC Austin 2009
  3. Agenda What is changing about players? What is an online game? Are there better ways to Segment audiences? Casual vs. Hardcore?
  4. history quizzes stories
  5. Gamer Stereotypes of the past…
  6. Games are not a media category. Games are played by everyone!
  11. Couples play games
  12. Families play games
  13. People of all ages play games
  14. What Twitter can tell us about gamers Almost 1 million tweets/month tracked by TweetMyGaming about games
  15. Heatmap of Game Twitter Conversations
  16. Rock Band overwhelming game conversations 9/9/09 – at Wow’s expense
  17. Casual games vs. (Hard)core games
  18. Casual games vs. (Hard)core games (AKA, The Most Stupid Dichotomy Ever Created in the Game Industry)
  19. A core game from 1978 A “casual” Flash game from 2009
  20. What are better ways of categorizing the market?
  21. What is an online game?
  22. World of Warcraft
  23. Madden NFL 09 World of Warcraft
  24. Guitar Hero III Madden NFL 09
  25. Web-based, easy-to-play, collectible Duels, Warstorm, Planet Storm Browser based Strategy Game In May 2009, the Travian website is more popular than the World of Warcraft website (430 vs. 540 on Alexa) Web-based and iPhone 30 million daily active players in Sept 2009
  26. Social gamers vs. Experience Gamers
  28. But it isn’t just guilds – games with any social components are more successful
  30. Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero 3 Daily Players of Rock Band vs. GH3 Why did Rock Band command high daily attention levels? Q:
  31. Grand Theft Auto IV Daily attention from launch day
  32. Call of Duty IV Daily attention from launch day
  35. Segmentation based on thematic (rather than gameplay-type) genres
  36. Bioshock – What are they also playing?
  37. Every game has its own distinct segmentation
  38. “ Heroic” Map Pack - 42% Increase “ Legendary” Map Pack – 46% Increase “ Bungie Day” Free Map - 65% Increase Title Update – 95% Increase “ Mythic” Map Pack – 62% Increase Concurrent Halo 3 Players GTA IV Released - 59% Drop
  39. Halo 3 Audience Segmentation Initial Market Genre Loyal Brand Loyal
  41. Initial Market Genre Loyal Brand Loyal
  42. Competitive Set Analysis
  43. Top 10 other games played by World of Warcraft Players
  44. Top 8 Games played by MMO Players
  45. Since 5/31, 7.6% weekly compound growth in tweets about games
  46. Conclusions Larger, more diverse audience than ever The definition of “online game” has evolved Don’t get caught in “casual vs. hardcore” More helpful segmentations: social vs. less social players, thematic tastes, brand-loyal vs. genre-loyal, competitive sets
  47. Thanks! Jon Radoff, CEO, GamerDNA [email_address] GamerDNA: Twitter: jradoff