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Melbourne jr


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Melbourne jr

  1. 1. Melbourne By jack
  2. 2. Melbourne map
  3. 3. Melbourne flag• The City of Melbournes flag features a white background divided into four quadrants by a red cross, which is the cross of St. George, the patron saint of England and taken from the English flag. In the centre, a crown is visible, signifying the Australian citys links to the British Monarchy. Other items featured are, going from top left clockwise, fleece hanging from a red ring, a bull, a ship and a whale. The four cantons (flag) represent the main activities of which the economy of the City of Melbourne was based in the mid 19th century. They were wool growing, cattle raising, shipping and whaling.• The flag of the City of Melbourne is identical to the arms of
  4. 4. The Erika sky deck• The Erika sky deck is 90 stores and is the biggest in the summon fear and is the most populist in Melbourne and it has a edge were you stand out and look at Melbourne.
  5. 5. Melbourne GaolHome to Melbournes oldest prison, historic MagistratesCourt and former Police City Watch House, Russell Street hasbeen the heart of crime, law and order in Melbourne sincethe 1840s.most of Australias infamous characters, including the iconicbushranger Ned Kelly and notorious gangster Squizzy Taylorhave spent time within the walls of this amazing precinct.Today the award-winning tourism attraction is an opportunityto step back in time and walk the road to the gallows in a 19thcentury prison; or be arrested in a modern-day Police Stationand put yourself on trial in court.
  6. 6. Melbourne MCG• The Melbourne MCG stands for Melbourne cricket ground they play cricket, football, soccer, ruby and the Olympic games and the common wealth games.
  7. 7. Melbourne zoo• The Melbourne zoo has 350 animals at the zoo like the monkeys, elephants, lions, emus and lots more other animals.
  8. 8. Melbourne library• The Melbourne library is a quiet place and it has a games room Xbox 360 a Wii and lots more and it is big.
  9. 9. Melbourne aquarium• The Melbourne aquarium has lots of fish and sharks, stingrays, and more sea animals divers usually go in there to feed the sea animals and show other people and show other people how aggressive they can be.
  10. 10. Melbourne zoo• The Melbourne zoo has 350 animals like elephants, tigers, monkeys, lions and more and my most favourite animal is baboons because they are a endangered animals there are about 96 left and that is why like baboons.
  11. 11. Melbourne crown casino• The Melbourne crown casino is a place were you drink and gambol and you have to be 18 and no kids aloud