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Week 10 welcome


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Published in: Education
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Week 10 welcome

  1. 1. eportfolio WEEK 10
  2. 2. Overview This assignment will be with you over the course of your studies Students will be independently responsible for adding required elements each semester. This semester, the elements you will be working on: Welcome/ All About Me A Digital Story (Animoto) 2 Written Refelections
  3. 3. Welcome /All About Me Grade Value: 15% The “Welcome/All About Me” section will serve as your Introduction Page. This will give the viewer an understanding of who your are, as well as be the main navigational area of your eportfolio. Mandatory Elements • Introductory Paragraph that clearly identifies the Purpose of your e- portfolio • A memorable experience, which related to your chosen career path in ECE. • A favourite quote, that speaks to who you are or desire to become • A list of other sections to be developed in your e-Portfolio.
  4. 4. As you begin… Who am I and what makes me unique? What/who were my motivations to become an ECE? What professional aspirations do I have or how do I plan on achieving them? What type of learner am I and how do I solve problems? Creatively present the above information about yourself, using written text, copyright free images and the digital too Animoto.
  5. 5. Embedding your Video 1. Choose your Animoto video 2. Click on embed 3. Copy embed code 4. Log on to ecentennial 5. Go to your eportfolio 6. Click on my items 7. Click on ADD-Web Document 8. Click on top left icon (Insert Stuff) 9. Click on enter Embed Code 10. Paste Code 11. Click Next, insert, next and Save and Close 12. Go to your eportfolio 13. Go to content/layout section 14. Click Add Component 15. Choose Artifact 16. Select your Animoto and Add