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Make BIG Money promoting Quick Click Commissions.

We're going to teach you ANOTHER way to make easy money...

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make a web page

  1. 1. Earnings disclaimer:Earnings or profits derived from participating in the followingprogram are entirely generated by the ambitions, motivation,desires, and abilities of the individual reader and nothing isguaranteed. I don’t know you personally and I can’t guaranteeanything in regards of earnings. How much you can earn usingthis system is entirely up to you and your capabilities.Giveaway Rights License:[YES] Cаn sell[YES] Mіght bе offered аѕ bonus tο a paid product[YES] Mіght bе sold fοr аnу price уου want[YES] Mіght bе packaged[YES] Mіght bе added tο PAID membership sites[YES] Mіght bе given away fοr list building[NO] Cаn claim copyright[NO] Cаn be modified/edited 1
  2. 2. Alright guys, lets get straight to the method… Here is what you need for this method to work:  Facebook account(s)  Amazon Associate Account  Keyword Research Tool - Keyword Scout - Recommended).Join Amazon Associate Program Before we start, make sure you have an Amazon AssociateAccount (Affiliate Program account). This is how you will bemaking money. By promoting products from! Sign up here: TIP: When signing up, you will be asked to provide yourwebsite address. Dont panic if you dont have one! You canovercome this problem by simply finding any amateur or blog and entering the URL of thatwebsite. Amazon dont check or ask for a confirmation of yourwebsite. This will get you approved! 2
  3. 3. Finding hot and popular products topromote The next step is finding what’s popular and sells. Amazon hasthousands upon thousands of products to promote, but dont beconfused or overhelmed by that number. There is one simple littletactic that will let you to find the most popular products on Amazon.Im talking about the Bestsellers List.Click here to see the list - 3
  4. 4. This is what people are buying even right this minute when youare reading this guide! You dont need to reinvent the wheel,you want to sell products that sells like crazy! To browse thebestsellers by the Category, simply click on any Categery on the leftside of the Amazon. Ok, now when you have some products to promote, choose anyproduct you like, grab the title and the affiliate link of the product andput it in to the Excel or any other document (we will be using it laterwhen creating our fan page). SUPER TIP: This guide is free, which means a lot of marketerswill be doing the exact same thing promoting the best sellers bycopying the same title name over and over again. That means, theywill compete with each other! So, if you want to take things to thehigher level, I highly recommend to get a Keyword Scout (keywordresearch tool).Heres some advantages you will get by using this tool over yourcompetitors: 1. You will find less competitive and higher volume keywordsfor the product (which results less to none work on SEO and fastertop rankings on Google!) 2. You will find various different keywords for the same product(you wont be competing with others marketers that use the sametitle!) 3. Having more keywords for the same products will let you tocreate as many fan pages you want to completely dominate theniche! 4
  5. 5. Creating a Fan Page for your product I assume you already have an Facebook account (show mewho doesnt ?:). Facebook profile is required in order to create a FanPage.To create a Fan Page:1. Click here: Select Brand or Product3. Choose a category of your product4. Paste the product title from Amazon (or keyword research tool)5. Check "I agree to Facebook Pages terms" and click "Get Started" IMPORTANT: If Facebook will promt you with an error message after clicking on "Get Started", simply click it again and the page should be created. 6. Skip the steps if you are asked to upload your fan page Profile picture, we dont need that for this method. Soon you will realize why. 5
  6. 6. Implementing the HACK to the FanPage Ok, now here’s where everything gets more exciting! Before wemove on, I want to show you what this secret Facebook Fan PageHack is all about.To see it in action, click on the link below and wait for a few seconds:…..aaaand BOOOOM!! What happened? Well, you have been takento my Amazon affiliate link straight away, thats what happened! :) Do you feel the power? With this little trick you can send yourvisitors to any affiliate link you want as soon as they click on yourfacebook fan page link! Thats huge, because the Click Through Ratioand the conversions is much higher with the link than,for example, using some shady .info or .tk domain for redirection.The other great things about this technique is:1. You dont need your own website!2. already has a huge authority in eyes of Google, thatmeans - higher rankings on Google with less, or zero work on SEO!3. People never hesitate clicking on facebook link in Google searchresults!Excited? 6
  7. 7. Now go and get your code before we move on:>> CLICK HERE TO GRAB THE CODE (FB Fan Page Hack) <<Got it? OK, so now when we have the code, let’s continue buildingour Fan Page. Heres what you need to do next:1. Click here: Click on "Add Static HTML to a Page" (see picture below).3. Choose a page and click on "Add Static HTML:iframe tabs"4. Now click on the "Welcome tab" on the left of your fan page: 7
  8. 8. 5. And paste the code as shown below:IMPORTANT: dont forget to change "YourWebsite.Com" to youraffiliate link in the code!5. Click save changes and then click on preview (if you have doneeverything correctly, you will be taken to your affiliate link). One more thing - its very important to set your "Welcome" tabas your landing page, so that anyone who will click on your facebookfan page link will land on your "Welcome" tab. 8
  9. 9. To change the landing page of your fan page:1. Click on "The Wall"2. Click on "Edit info"3. Click on "Manage perimissions" 9
  10. 10. 4. From the drop down menu, set the Default Landing Tab toWelcome. Thats it! Your fan page is now ready to earn you money!P.S. If you want to test your fan page in action, you must sign out ofyour facebook account, or use another facebook account, becauseadmins will be taken to the Wall of their Fan Page. The best thing is that you can set up a fan page like this in just2 minutes! Now create as many fan pages as you can! If you cancreate 10 fan pages a day every day, then you will have 300 workingmoney making fan pages at the end of the month!SUPER TIP: or you can outsource the whole process and simply sitand watch the money rolling in! I do this and it works! :)Getting traffic to your Fan Pages Now, you wont make money if you dont have traffic coming into your facebook link. But as I mentioned before, if you use keywordresearch tool to research your keywords well, before creating yourfan pages, then theres a big chance that your pages will rank in thetop #3 of Google without lifting a finger and creating backlinks to yourpages! 10
  11. 11. But if you decide to go the other way, then heres what I recommendyou to do, as soon as your fan page is ready:1. Post your fan page link on facebook, twitter, myspace, socialbookmarkings sites (digg, delicious, stumbleupon and etc.) or simplyoutsource the whole backlinging process for $5 on Ping it with system is totally set and forget:1. Build a fan page2. Implement the trick3. Build some links and leave it4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.The key of this method is QUANTITY. The more fan pages you have,the more chance for google to be picked up and drive shit load oftraffic to your fan pages.TIP: Dont put your all eggs (fan pages) in one basket (facebookprofile). If you have decided to go BIG, create more than oneFacebook profile and split your fan pages among them. Lets say 10-15 fan pages per profile.I hope you enjoyed this guide! For more money making tips and tricks– visit my blog: http://www.raimundasm.comTo your success,Raimundas M 11