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Conferences i/o - Audience Engagement System


Published on is a web-based audience engagement system that allows attendees to interact with presenters in real-time, right from their mobile device. Our features include audience polling, Social Q&A, and Session Evaluations.

Published in: Technology
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Conferences i/o - Audience Engagement System

  1. 1. Participate. Engage. Learn.
  2. 2. Chicago, IL John Pytel CEO Sales + Business Development Scott Cohen CMO Sales + Business Development Dave Mulder CTO Product Development + Technical Support The Team
  3. 3. # of Sessions Created January - July 2014 Americas | 89% Europe | 6% Oceania | 4% Other | 1% Percentage of Usage By Location Organizations across the globe use Conferences i/o to enhance their events & meetings Global Reach
  4. 4. We serve (happy) customers in a variety of different industries & disciplines Happy Customers 93% of customers say that they would definitely recommend Conferences i/o to someone planning an event Recommend 93% Repeat 99% of Customers said that they would use Conferences i/o at a future event 99% 74% of customers said that our customer service & support exceeded or far exceeded their expectations Exceed Expectations 74%
  5. 5. 87% of customers agreed or strongly agreed that Conferences i/o improved audience participation at their event 74% of customers agreed or strongly agreed that Conferences i/o helped them learn more about their audience Participation Engagement Learning We deliver on our promise to improve audience Participation, Engagement, and Learning outcomes Customers reported an average engagement rate of 8 out of 10 when using Conferences i/o at their event. Proven Success 87% 8.0 74%
  6. 6. There are two primary reasons why attendees go to events Networking Knowledge Building & The Problem
  7. 7. Event organizers hire topic experts to present content and knowledge for attendees to learn Content The Problem
  8. 8. …Unfortunately the most effective learning doesn’t happen by simply listening =+ The Problem
  9. 9. Effective learning happens when attendees are participating & engaged   + = Participation Engagement Knowledge Building ? The Problem
  10. 10. The average adult attention span has dropped from 12 minutes to 5 minutes over the past decade AttentionSpan(mins) 1 5 8 12 15 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 Average Attention Span The hard part is keeping attendees engaged 3 out of 4 attendees don’t participate during sessions due to fear of speaking in front of other peers Study: “How Social Media is Ruining Our Minds” via Source: National Institute of Mental Health The Problem
  11. 11. Conferences i/o allows attendees to participate anonymously in real-time, resulting in greater Engagement & Knowledge Building The Solution
  12. 12. Effective Knowledge Building leads to higher ROI, Satisfaction and likelihood of Repeat Attendance Effective
 Knowledge Building Increased Attendee ROI Higher Attendance Satisfaction Repeat Attendance $ R O I The Solution
  13. 13. Real-Time Interaction •Ask questions • Respond to Polls • Feedback Surveys Extended Engagement • 24/7 Access • Engage before and after events Web Based •Any mobile device • Nothing to download or install Product Overview Conferences i/o
  14. 14. How Attendees Participate Conferences i/o The homepage will show a schedule of the sessions using the app & attendees can click on the session they want to join Attendees simply navigate to a unique URL using any internet enabled device Nothing to Download or Install Built in Schedule We make it easy to integrate Conferences i/o into other Event apps so that navigation is streamlined Event App Integration
  15. 15. 3 Core Features Session Evaluations Polling Social Q&A Conferences i/o
  16. 16. Our Social Q&A feature allows attendees to ask questions in real-time during a session. Attendees can also see the questions that other people are asking and up-vote
 the ones they want addressed. So when it’s time for Q&A, the moderator knows which questions are most important to the entire group… not just those willing to raise their hand. Give Every Attendee a Voice Social Q&A
  17. 17. Attendees are able to respond to Poll questions and view the results in real-time on their own device or up on the big screen. We offer a variety of different Polling options... No Expensive Equipment, or Hardware Multiple Choice Open-Ended Numerical Average Real-Time Polling
  18. 18. Hassle-Free Feedback For EVERY Session Conferences i/o makes it easy for attendees to provide real-time feedback, resulting in higher response rates and more accurate data than standard post-event email surveys. It also enables organizers to collect feedback on a per- session basis, not just the overall event. All of the data can be exported to an organized report for convenient analysis. Session Evaluations
  19. 19. Embed Organization or Event Logos Add custom announcements Customize color scheme & fonts Additional spaces for sponsor logos Customization to Match Your Brand Flexible Branding
  20. 20. Participate In-Person or Online Attendees can access Conferences i/o from anywhere in the world. If you’re hosting a hybrid event, your virtual attendees are no longer limited to only seeing & hearing the content. Conferences i/o allows virtual attendees to interact & participate right alongside the live group. Virtual / Hybrid Events
  21. 21. Pricing Models All Purchases Include 24/7 Application Access Reports & Data Exporting Custom URL & Branding Moderator Training Session Best for smaller scale meetings & trainings that happen on a recurring basis ‣ Annual Subscriptions ‣ Up to 250 concurrent users ‣ Unlimited use Subscription Best for large, infrequent, events & conferences ‣ One time purchase ‣ Price based on event size & length ‣ Access to app 30 days prior Per Event Best for large scale events & conferences that happen frequently ‣ Annual licenses ‣ Multi-event purchase ‣ Pricing on a custom basis Licensing
  22. 22. Pre Event ‣ Sessions Created ‣ Moderator Training ‣ Polls & Evals Created ‣ Branding Finalized Event ‣ Application is used during event ‣ Support available if needed Post Event ‣ Q&A Followup ‣ Data Exported Per-Event Engagement Timeline - 45 Days Event +30 Days
  23. 23. Customer Testimonials
  24. 24. Interview With Reggie Henry ASAE Chief Information Officer 
 ASAE represents more than 21,000 association executives and industry partners representing 10,000 organizations. ASAE hosts multiple large, 2000 to 5000 attendee, annual conferences and meetings each year. Conferences i/o has been used at a number of previous ASAE conferences and is consistently used at smaller scale meetings and presentations. A: We receive great feedback from the attendees and speakers alike. The speakers are extremely appreciative that the most relevant questions bubble their way to the top. The attendees enjoy the social aspects of the Q&A and knowing what others are thinking throughout the entire session. What value does Conferences i/o provide for ASAE events? A: The major value Conferences i/o provides is greatly increased audience participation. Being able to see what is on each others’ minds during the presentations really stimulates conversation and make for a very spirited Q&A period! During our Town Hall meetings, the ability to do on-the-spot polling really adds value to the discussions and overall engagement with the material. Do your attendees enjoy using the app? Past ASAE Events That Used Conferences i/o
  25. 25. Crain’s Chicago Forum is a series of expert panels and presentations covering topics from Technology to Real Estate Previous forum events Interview With Amy Shivvers Director of Events at Crain’s Chicago How has Conferences i/o effectively solved those problems for you? A: Conferences i/o enables our attendees to ask questions without disturbing the flow of the event or panelists. It also allows the moderator to pick and choose questions that fit the conversation best. Why Did You Decide To Use Conferences i/o? A: We wanted to make the Q&A portions of our events more efficient and organized. Sometimes in large ballrooms, questions from the audience can often go unnoticed or be unheard. We also wanted a way to manage the quality of our questions, ie, eliminate repeat questions and increase the diversity of questions.
  26. 26. MCON14 was a hybrid event with 20+ speakers, 350 attendees in-person and over 10,000 online. Conferences i/o was used as a means to encourage attendee participation both online and in-person. What were your initial goals when you decided to use Conferences i/o? A: Our goals were to have a seamless, user-friendly platform that would allow participants both online and in-person too engage with speakers. We needed something that would work in real-time and be easy for participants and moderators. Interview With Lara Banker Creative Director of MCON14 Did the product effectively achieve those goals? A: Conferences i/o was great because it made it so easy for all 3 parties— live attendees, virtual attendees, and moderators — to participate. We were able to embed the application underneath the live video stream on our virtual attendee website and the folks that attended in-person simply navigated to a URL on their mobile device. What kind of feedback did you hear about the product? A: All of our feedback was very positive on the experience, from moderators, speakers and attendees! Both verbally and in our post event survey.
  27. 27. Contact Us John Pytel 847.922.1554 Phone Email Scott Cohen 310.709.4936 Phone Email @Conferencesio www.conferences.ioConferences i/o 222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza Suite #1212 Chicago, IL 60654