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Visual Resume


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This is the visual resume for Jeff Wright.

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Visual Resume

  1. 1. Who is: Jeff Wright
  2. 2. Born in Berlin, New I moved to Winchester, Kentucky Jersey And decided to learn how to use a computer
  3. 3. And so the journeywent…I armed myself as best I could with the tools of thetradeAnd embarked on an academic adventure
  4. 4. I remain active in the communities that are important to me While still challenging myself in new ways
  5. 5. I have grown andexpanded upon my strengths
  6. 6. I hope to get into game development one day
  7. 7. In the meantime, I’ll be off at graduate school somewhere in 2014
  8. 8. I also hope to expand my experiences globallyAnd, in due time, be myown boss
  9. 9. And that is who Jeff Wright is. Jeff Wright (859)948-7921528 Amberley Drive, Lexington, Kentucky, 40515